100 and beyond

Woohoo! Tis the 131st post. The blog celebrated one year on November 20, 2010 and this should have been posted at that time only. Apologies, it escaped the A-Z of my mind and it's coming after one year and one month.It couldn't have come at a better day and time. Yesterday..read a few hours back I wrapped this year's work and I am officially on holiday. What a relief! One cannot express the feeling that you will no longer run under stress to meet deadlines or rush to office early. What better time to enjoy the festive season.
When I started the blog I didn't expect it to gain visibility so fast and today I can proudly say that there are visitors from all over the world. It is an Indian blog and is written with reference to India and very often you will see stories with a strong reference to Mumbai and Pune. It is jazzy, youthful and targeted at the young generation, teenagers, young adults and any one who wanna feel youthful and uber cool. You might be a 60-year-old and if you are young inside, that's the place for you. Today when I check the traffic I am delighted to see that there are visitors not only from India but also from US of A, UK, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, Mauritius and many more. It feels nice. I extend my warmest gratitude to Sneha who commented on and off on the space as well as many others who checked the blog but haven't commented. Till now. Guys ans gals! What are you waiting for? There is also Asha and another follower. Thank you, people!
Ok, I wanna be honest on this space. For more than one year, there are some 600 viewers and still counting. True, it's not a three digit or four digit figure but any start is a good start and therefore slowly but surely I shall arrive. Aim was to have some 100 posts but it went beyond them. More important is the love received on this space and that I can express my creative freedom without any form of hindrance. It's icing on the cake.Looking forward to welcome more and more followers and let's make blog spot one big family. The world is truly a global village.
This post makes immense sense as in less than 24 hours I gotta catch a flight to Dubai and then to Mumbai, my adopted home. Friday, I shall be at home in Mumbai. I shall call it homecoming as I shall visit home after 3 years. Could you believe that? Indeed, it's true and time to do lotsa catch up with friends, teachers and visit my alma mater, the one and only Fergusson College. It's holiday times and finally I will be in Goa for new year. It's a holiday I badly needed and was contemplating for holiday since a helluva long time.
I shall not blog for a very long time since I will be busy enjoying moi holiday but I should be here on and off giving updates on my travel. Now time for some light reading and crash. Gotta catch a flight tomorrow.
A big thank you and big hug to blog dosts.
Merry X-mas and Happy New year 2012.
M off for a very long time.


2011, the year in review

Just how I was complaining how the year started slowly and whether it's gonna end in beauty and prose. Here, we are at the end of 2011. Indeed, it started at a slow patch and how much I vented on the blog. It's been a great year professionally, set backs there were but not much. 2011 was quite a departure from 2010 and I wonder how things changed positively for my own state of being. The setbacks gradually waned away towards the end of June and I am indeed finishing 2011 in beauty and stepping in the new golden era,2012 in beauty. Two days of work for 2011 and as from 20, holidays and Mumbai, Pune, Lavasa and Goa, here I come.
January hit on a slow note and quite badly as I had a conflict with one of my relative. He is a bloody loser and was acting so stupid perhaps because he has money and gave the impression of being quite arrogant on that matter. I choose to ignore him and could have replied to him. Neways! He's a cheapo. On the professional front, I was struggling and was counting till June so that I finish one year at work. I was planning to leave after that. However, things took a u-turn and drastically improved for me. Relations and bonds were not only strengthened but cemented after that gestation period. The relationship with my boss improved and all of a sudden I was on the upswing. Conflicts lessened. The icing on the cake: I embraced a new challenge and ventured into reported and towards the year end I turned into a film critic and a full-fledged reporter. It was a large improvement and suddenly, I was enjoying my job. From sub-editor to report, I must admit that I find the desk job quite boring. However, I found true fulfilment as a news reporter and must admit that credit goes to boss who not only pushed me but encouraged me in what she thinks I am good at. She tapped the potential in me. It's been a new challenge and learned so much in the media business. Finally, I am happy doing my job. It shot up my self-confidence and gave me the upper hand.
I must admit that prior to that I was actually counting days till June arrives. I am happy that I took the decision to stay on the job. It was a great decision. On the personal side, I remained and stayed single. Not a happy scene though coz I am looking and longing for a relationship. Hmm! Let's hope for a change as 2011 comes to an end and as we usher in 2012. I am hopeful coz 13 days remains and the table may turn in my favour. One brownie point: I struggled to reduce smoking and so far successfully failed to do so. Once I was able to reduce smoking but in general, it was such a disaster. Better luck next time!! Guess, I am not psychologically prepared.
Read lotsa stuffs and books like Twilight, 40 rules of Love, Time's Traveller's Wife, Grisham, Harry Potter as well as self-help books such as Stephen Covey's 7 rules of Highly Effective People made my joy. Wrote some short stories which was clearly not enough and need to stick myself to the plans of writing. I need to put some discipline in my life.This is what is lacking in life.
new kid on the block celebrated one year on November 20  and stay tune and a brand new post will be exclusive devoted to the post which has more than 100 posts, some comments and around 600 views. Not bad as the slow and steady wins the race.
Finally, I will be able to afford holidays and indeed my year end leave was approved. I will go back to my home town, Pune and my adopted hometown Mumbai and will visit Lavasa, Goa and perhaps Gujerat. In less than 72 hours I will be officially on holidays as I look set to board Emirates plane where I will stop at Dubai airport for three hours before landing in the city that never sleeps Mumbai on Wednesday. Simply Mumbai!!!! What better way to end the year and kick start 2012 in beauty and style. I took the decision to travel out of the blue and stick to it. There was nothing on earth that could have stopped me and thank the Great Almighty for that. A prayer that was never unheard and fulfilled.I am already making plans for 2014 world cup in Brazil and have every reason to save and manage my money. I will drop and shop towards the year end as 2012 will have very less scope for shopping. See! I gotta save my money for world cup 2014. I look forward for a great career in 2012 and where I shall cross the seas and oceans so that I am back home.
Have a great year end 2011 and a rocking start to 2012.
Will update on travel.

"And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."


Dating, marrying......a divorcee

We live in dangerous times. It’s even worse when men are bound by in-built prejudices and one class of people who face their wrath are divorcees. I am not a divorcee and I am not married for that matter. What pains me is how some self-claimed moralists proclaim that you should never marry a divorcee. I mean this is not only revolting but smacks of extremism and prejudice.
I don’t see any problem dating or even marrying a divorcee if we are compatible and fall in love with each other. In today’s time there is no guarantee for marriage and differences crop up among couples. Fine relationship may not have worked out in the first instance but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work out you manage to find your soul mate who understand you.
Now the question is should you take a plunge: My take is why not and make sure to make your partner understand your priorities. If you have kids, will he or she be interested to take care of them and understand that the kids form part of your life. The partner must also speak to his or her parents and make them understand that he loves you and it is him and him only who has to stay with you and not them. If they are not willing to accept the matter and if he really loves you then you guys should move on in a new apartment.
Problem may arise if the partner has had a bad marriage experience may have doubts in his or her heads. Insecurity is often natural in a relationship. When the guy or girl gets late at work, the other partner may have doubts in his or head. If the jealousy pang continues it may lead to friction in the relationship. The best thing is that you guys need to sit and talk of the possible worst scenario that may arise in a relationship. You can play a game where both of you can act in an imaginary conflict and do the exercise often. This will help you guys to better face the crisis that may arise in the relationship. It would be better to do the act before marriage.
If it comes to plain dating, remember that it’s your life and there is nothing wrong to date a divorced woman. Make your friends understand that just like you guys are looking out for harmless date so is your lady love. We are all human beings and there is nothing wrong in dating someone who had faced a bad and turbulent relationship. While dating a divorcee though we should be a bit cautious and make sure that we don’t make some jokes that may hurt your women.
However, the bottom line is just be yourself and be adventurous with your woman. She shouldn’t be made to feel that because she is divorcee you are restraining yourself. Rather make her feel as if she’s in her 18s. In fact make some silly, immature jokes and during the sex act, play naughty and tease her. As a lover, you must make her feel so sexually desirable so that she will feel that the past is behind her. However, never badmouth her ex coz no matter how much she may hate her ex she may feel that the joke is being directed at her choice of partner. Never ever do that and it’s an absolute no-no coz a relationship with someone who has been past a break-up is quite delicate.
 Marrying or dating a divorcee is indeed a tough proposition in the same way as marrying someone from a different community.There is the unfair labeling like second hair merchandise which is not only revolting but shocking. There are some people who are still to come to terms with their 70s mindset. But, whenever such problems arise you should either placate them or gently put them off by telling them to mind their own business. As it is you don't owe anything to such kind of people, albeit society and its your life. They don't pay for your credit cards or fund your travel or rent expenses.It takes a while to adjust and the partner should be given her time in the new set up. How about staying in a new place for two to three years? It's good for a change. Where newly married couples can stay in complete freedom far way from the glance of acquaintances, relatives and friends. For such a marriage to succeed, we need space from the moral preachers.
Even if you have fallen in love, are you taking a plunge or dating on an utilitarian basis? One shouldn't go for it because you feel something is missing in your life or you need a partner to look after you. We are living in an equal society where both men and women are equal partners in decision-making process.A partner should not be treated as a a furniture in the house nor as a servant who will cook food, clean the house or arrange your bed or for that matter a 'legitimate fuck'. Every person has his or her own identity and the most important thing is that both spouses should let their individuality flourish. Any relationship based on the utilitarian character is a recipe for failure.
Every relationship is based on trust and dating or staying with a divorcee is a delicate issue. If you have decided to go it, then tread with care and make sure that the building blocks of the relationship is strong so that it last for a long time. The secret: Communication, Trust and Love. What is important is to nurture positive throughts and rejects any kind of societal;s influence be it parents or those moralists who seems to know everything and feel that they have the monopolistic right to decide for others.


Never Say Rip to the amazing Dev Anand

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I am guilty of putting this on my facebook R.I.P Dev Anand. I tender my apology to this great man coz someone like Dev Saab can never rest in peace without thinking of making a new film. A man whose passion for cinema is undaunting and who always seek to make something new no matter what. Right now, he must be working on a new script, thinking in mind God and the angels. A real hero never dies and craves for eternity.
Dev Saab must be romancing the angel singing, Yeh dil na hotaa bechara kadam na hota awaraa, jo khoobsoorat humsafar hota". The great and eternal Dev Anand on reaching heaven will tell God, "Oh!Almighty! Where is the film crew? My script is ready and let me take a detour, rope the paris and make a film. On meeting Shammi-ji, he will say, "Oh! Yahoo boy! Let's make a big and big blockbuster, me and you as the heroes."
Personally, I am finding it difficult to accept that Dev Saab is no more. Not that he is not invincible but he is the hero to whom nothing can happen and cannot happen. He had such kind of effect on people. Irrespective of the fate of his movies, what transpired is the 88 young and vibrant man exuding amazing charm and passion for his movies. He lived through his movies till the last as one wonders, what next Dev Saab? We would never know when he would burst our with the next offering to the audience and his shadow at the Filmfare awards. Unfortunately, his next offing is not reserved for us, ordinary mortals but to god, angels and the ones in his new world.
I'm sure someone like Dev Saab is continuing his amazing journey and writing a beautiful script for his next film designed for the Gods and Godesses up in the sky.
Never Say RIP


Flash Mob Mumbai - CST Official Video

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As a city Mumbai never cease to amaze me. I am so proud of the youth of my country who are ordinary citizens just like me and on one sunny day just gyrate to the tune of Rang de Basanti at the crowded CST station.wow! super sexy! Amazing! words fail me. I salute the indomitable spirit of the Indian youth.
I mean it's just amazing as to how a group of Indian boys and girls start dancing at the station to be later joined by citizens of all aged. yes, even our senior citizens joined it. It's an amazing moment of unity where people irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex became one. What an awesome concept the flash mob is. I hope all cities and villages in India will follow suit, if they haven't till now. I believe it is the best way to fight corruption and communalism. What a fitting reply of the Indian youth and Mumbaikars to politicians and people with vested interests.
Mumbai is not called maximum city for nothing. This is an example of the spirit of Mumbai, a spirit that never cease to die in the face of adversity in life. It makes sense coz we live in a time of extreme anxiety and stress. one just need to see the huge crowd at CST and Churchgate station who flock in locals to reach their workplace. A city which is constantly on the move and the pace of life in Mumbai will give jitters to any average citizen. The flash mob is meaningful as it help to spread cheers an happiness in people's life and what a better place to break in ajig-railway station where the average commuters converge. Me think it should be a daily affair. How I wish I was able to perform.
I salute the indomitable spirit of India's young generation and the awesome energy displayed.wow! It looks so professional. It makes me proud to be on Indian and a Mumbaikar. I wanna get back soon in the city life. I miss Mumbai and this is enough reason to be back in the city.
Long Live India's Gen X
Long Live Mumbaikars
Who says the spirit of Mumbai and India is dead?
No terror atatck can break us when we have such lively citizens.
Spread the love N cheers.


Identity, triumph and love

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In the small town of Ravijain there lived a small boy Prakash whose parents were labourers. Despite advice from relatives the illiterate parents believed in education and toiled hard to educate their only son. Sometimes, they would sacrifice their food so that little Prakash can have a proper meal and that he is properly educated. They belived in him as the rest of the villagers laughed on the parents."They are losing their time educating him while he should have helped them ploughing their cultivation. In this village nobody attend school. Can't they see that they are wasting money educating."
Prakash grew up and won a scholarship to study in Bombay-the city of dreams that villagers have only dreamed of all. After all, it is a scholarship offered by the government of India. His father would proudly tell everyone that his son is going to study at the famous Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai, the city of dreams. It lead to envy in many of them whose sons and daughters secretly nurtured the dream of moving to Bombay and earn lots of money.
It's been six years now and Prakash has graduated as a civil engineer. He earned an annual placement of 10 lakhs at Tata steel. He is proud of his achievement and even more of the sacrifices made by his parents so that he can make a decent life. Often, he would think of his parents and what they must be doing in the village. Till he met, Ankita who was his classmate at IIT. Ankita moved to Muscat from Shimla when she was 6 and returned to study in Bombay 12 years later when she turned 18. She is the daughter of a rich media baron. Class divide did not came between and soon they fell in love with each other. Class did not matter. After all, they are both education and has landed in plump jobs.
"Prakash, won't you call your parents here?"
"Ankee, you mean here in this flat. I mean we stay together and as it is they are village folks. Do you think they will understand us and our lives?" 
"Mujhe kuch sunna nahin hain. I am dying to meet my future in-laws who educated you and made sacrifice so that one day I was able to meet you. Very few people from the village and that too illiterate people would make an effort to realize the importance of education. By the way, have you realized that they are far away from you and must be longing to see you? I know that you cannot go back to this life. But, sometimes, they can come down to Bombay and we can to Ravijain. "
"Ok let's sort out the things. Ankee do you think your parents will accept our relationship. Your parents are very rich and as it is if they happen to know that you are in a relationship with someone who belong to a modest background."
"Hello dude. Don't worry about this. It's my life. I am independent and earning good money. They can't dictate terms to me. I've got train tickets to Ravijain and we are leaving tomorrow morning to meet your parents.
Prakash and Ankita left early morning for Ravijain and reached the village after 26 hours. From there they took a place and Prakash spotted his house faraway from a distance. The house was made of slab and he can vision the tiny room where the three of them would sleep. The house was surround by rice field which belonged to the villagers. There was hardly any moving soul or the sound of a vehicle zooming unlike Mumbai. 
"Ankee, you must be bothered by the dust, isn't it?"
"Yeah it's quite dusty. But, I'm enjoying it coz it's the village of my baby," she kissed him on the right ear.

As they entered the house, they saw a slim and tall woman drapped in a blue saree sitting on the floor.
"Maa". Like a school boy Prakash leapt towards his maa and she stood straight, tears in her eyes,"Beta, Me and Baba was longing to see you," She hugged her son tightly.
"Maa,where is Baba?"
A feeling of sadness crops the lady and a twinge of tears falls down on her cheek. She maintains a stoic silence.
"What happens Maa?"
"It happened two months back. The entire village was flooded and Baba was in the rice field and the water washed the entire village and he was swayed away. The whole village looked for him and two days later he found his body."
Ankita moved towards Prakash and held the palm of his hand tightly. Both Ankita and Prakash asked Maa to accompany them to Bombay. She flatly refused."This is my village and will die in the village. But, I am happy you came and go back to Bombay and make me and Baba proud. I know he is happy that our sacrifices has not gone in vain. One day you come and make me visit your city. Waise mujhe bahu pasand hai." Ankita and Prakash touched the feet of maa. They left for Bombay on the same day.


Anyone game to speak about S-E-X

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We belong to the land of Kamasutra and yet why so many of us Indians as well citizens with strong Indian roots shy away from discussing on sex? It's a shame as to how the genius of painting M.F Hussain was shooed away in his own land and was forced to die in exile. Let's face it the ancient Indian approach to sex was more liberal in both approach and outlook.
We live in a repressed world and society is doing everything to repress our sexuality. Mind you, it's the handiwork of religious extremists who choose to live their sex life in private. But, when it comes to commoners, they raise a hue-and-cry brandishing religion, morality and scriptures-whichever religion they belong to. At the end of the day, sacred book emerges as the winner at the altar of the basic needs of human beings. This is one of the reason why there are so many rapes albeit violence happening in society. Unfortunately, many parents shy away from explaining to children the A-Z of sex. By explaining the basic of sex it is important to explain to children the virtues of procreation but it is also important that the children be taught on the need to respect woman and a dignified man must always respect the wishes of a woman.
When something goes wrong in society we should always ask the how and why? On the onset, it's the way society educate us as to how to behave and respond in society. Assume a six year old ask someone a question on a picture of a naked body he or she encountered, if we chose to respond in, avoid it. It's only for pervert, we are labelling a child as a pervert and he will gave more or less the same response. It is a case of self-fulfilling prophesy.
Vatsyayana must be an excited man and he wrote the sex manual to make our lives relatively easy and smooth. Okie, we choose to guard our private lives, our religious practices but at least, we can speak about sex. We are not committing any form of blasphemy or bigotry by speaking about sex. Chill, guys and gals, it's a three letter word S-E-X. The simple words are not implicit and we are not revealing too much. We are not the next Emraan or Malika neither we are flaunting our prized assets. There is nothing wrong in discussing about sex. Nothing abnormal or weird in that. Okie, when was the last time you had sex, 2 weeks back, one hour ago or last night. That's it. You don't need to give an explanation as to what you did or undone..we are not getting there, to say the least.
Even Hindi films have started to depict love-making scenes and we are actually faraway from the time when two rose flowers were depicted movie. Kissing and sex are the most natural thing for a normal human being. India as a country has a huge collection of sex, stamps, postcards, pottery, images and different love-making skills and I think the best way to prove a change in mindset is to have a sex museum. Why not? I may think that I am going too far. No! seriously. The museum may run the risk of being forced in exile and those 200 bucks paid thugs will get an orgasm in destroying it while our TV channels will be only to glad to cover. Post that. everything shall be so peaceful as those thugs will indulge in desi daaru and force their wives to have sex. Those poor women subjected to sexual violence will oblige to the rape advances of dear hubby. Pati parmeshwar.
Sex is a metaphor or is it so? No, we choose not to speak about sex, our text books will not teach kids the basics of sex while those so called defenders of moral rights will slip in at night on the sex market or silently watch porn in their room much to the chagrin of their partners. The partners who have desire which is not being fulfilled. Did someone ever asked why so many have extra-marital affairs.The answer is soo simple. I'm not in any case justifying extra-marital affairs and I will never do so. It's just a simple debate which seeks clarity on the subject-matter.
In the same way we tend to lash at homosexuals and ban alcohol in society. Just imagine a minister waking up on the wrong foot and decide to ban condoms. Just kidding. It can happen coz everything is possible in our small, tiny and beautiful world. It looks like those gentlemen can decide what is good and bad for us. Lumpen elements will only be too happy to enforce the ban through violence as it happens on V-day.
Let's stop be so puritanical about the three letter words. India has a rich sexual and erotic heritage which came into being much before anyone in the west. It is inherent in our culture and let's not shy away from it. Refusing to deal will sex will trigger many problem since our society and frustration of any form in the expression of desire is the worst that can happen to mankind. Let's create the avenue of desire and passion.We should and must not repress our sexuality as it is part of our individuality.