Never Say Rip to the amazing Dev Anand

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I am guilty of putting this on my facebook R.I.P Dev Anand. I tender my apology to this great man coz someone like Dev Saab can never rest in peace without thinking of making a new film. A man whose passion for cinema is undaunting and who always seek to make something new no matter what. Right now, he must be working on a new script, thinking in mind God and the angels. A real hero never dies and craves for eternity.
Dev Saab must be romancing the angel singing, Yeh dil na hotaa bechara kadam na hota awaraa, jo khoobsoorat humsafar hota". The great and eternal Dev Anand on reaching heaven will tell God, "Oh!Almighty! Where is the film crew? My script is ready and let me take a detour, rope the paris and make a film. On meeting Shammi-ji, he will say, "Oh! Yahoo boy! Let's make a big and big blockbuster, me and you as the heroes."
Personally, I am finding it difficult to accept that Dev Saab is no more. Not that he is not invincible but he is the hero to whom nothing can happen and cannot happen. He had such kind of effect on people. Irrespective of the fate of his movies, what transpired is the 88 young and vibrant man exuding amazing charm and passion for his movies. He lived through his movies till the last as one wonders, what next Dev Saab? We would never know when he would burst our with the next offering to the audience and his shadow at the Filmfare awards. Unfortunately, his next offing is not reserved for us, ordinary mortals but to god, angels and the ones in his new world.
I'm sure someone like Dev Saab is continuing his amazing journey and writing a beautiful script for his next film designed for the Gods and Godesses up in the sky.
Never Say RIP
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