2011, the year in review

Just how I was complaining how the year started slowly and whether it's gonna end in beauty and prose. Here, we are at the end of 2011. Indeed, it started at a slow patch and how much I vented on the blog. It's been a great year professionally, set backs there were but not much. 2011 was quite a departure from 2010 and I wonder how things changed positively for my own state of being. The setbacks gradually waned away towards the end of June and I am indeed finishing 2011 in beauty and stepping in the new golden era,2012 in beauty. Two days of work for 2011 and as from 20, holidays and Mumbai, Pune, Lavasa and Goa, here I come.
January hit on a slow note and quite badly as I had a conflict with one of my relative. He is a bloody loser and was acting so stupid perhaps because he has money and gave the impression of being quite arrogant on that matter. I choose to ignore him and could have replied to him. Neways! He's a cheapo. On the professional front, I was struggling and was counting till June so that I finish one year at work. I was planning to leave after that. However, things took a u-turn and drastically improved for me. Relations and bonds were not only strengthened but cemented after that gestation period. The relationship with my boss improved and all of a sudden I was on the upswing. Conflicts lessened. The icing on the cake: I embraced a new challenge and ventured into reported and towards the year end I turned into a film critic and a full-fledged reporter. It was a large improvement and suddenly, I was enjoying my job. From sub-editor to report, I must admit that I find the desk job quite boring. However, I found true fulfilment as a news reporter and must admit that credit goes to boss who not only pushed me but encouraged me in what she thinks I am good at. She tapped the potential in me. It's been a new challenge and learned so much in the media business. Finally, I am happy doing my job. It shot up my self-confidence and gave me the upper hand.
I must admit that prior to that I was actually counting days till June arrives. I am happy that I took the decision to stay on the job. It was a great decision. On the personal side, I remained and stayed single. Not a happy scene though coz I am looking and longing for a relationship. Hmm! Let's hope for a change as 2011 comes to an end and as we usher in 2012. I am hopeful coz 13 days remains and the table may turn in my favour. One brownie point: I struggled to reduce smoking and so far successfully failed to do so. Once I was able to reduce smoking but in general, it was such a disaster. Better luck next time!! Guess, I am not psychologically prepared.
Read lotsa stuffs and books like Twilight, 40 rules of Love, Time's Traveller's Wife, Grisham, Harry Potter as well as self-help books such as Stephen Covey's 7 rules of Highly Effective People made my joy. Wrote some short stories which was clearly not enough and need to stick myself to the plans of writing. I need to put some discipline in my life.This is what is lacking in life.
new kid on the block celebrated one year on November 20  and stay tune and a brand new post will be exclusive devoted to the post which has more than 100 posts, some comments and around 600 views. Not bad as the slow and steady wins the race.
Finally, I will be able to afford holidays and indeed my year end leave was approved. I will go back to my home town, Pune and my adopted hometown Mumbai and will visit Lavasa, Goa and perhaps Gujerat. In less than 72 hours I will be officially on holidays as I look set to board Emirates plane where I will stop at Dubai airport for three hours before landing in the city that never sleeps Mumbai on Wednesday. Simply Mumbai!!!! What better way to end the year and kick start 2012 in beauty and style. I took the decision to travel out of the blue and stick to it. There was nothing on earth that could have stopped me and thank the Great Almighty for that. A prayer that was never unheard and fulfilled.I am already making plans for 2014 world cup in Brazil and have every reason to save and manage my money. I will drop and shop towards the year end as 2012 will have very less scope for shopping. See! I gotta save my money for world cup 2014. I look forward for a great career in 2012 and where I shall cross the seas and oceans so that I am back home.
Have a great year end 2011 and a rocking start to 2012.
Will update on travel.

"And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

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