Flash Mob Mumbai - CST Official Video

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As a city Mumbai never cease to amaze me. I am so proud of the youth of my country who are ordinary citizens just like me and on one sunny day just gyrate to the tune of Rang de Basanti at the crowded CST station.wow! super sexy! Amazing! words fail me. I salute the indomitable spirit of the Indian youth.
I mean it's just amazing as to how a group of Indian boys and girls start dancing at the station to be later joined by citizens of all aged. yes, even our senior citizens joined it. It's an amazing moment of unity where people irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex became one. What an awesome concept the flash mob is. I hope all cities and villages in India will follow suit, if they haven't till now. I believe it is the best way to fight corruption and communalism. What a fitting reply of the Indian youth and Mumbaikars to politicians and people with vested interests.
Mumbai is not called maximum city for nothing. This is an example of the spirit of Mumbai, a spirit that never cease to die in the face of adversity in life. It makes sense coz we live in a time of extreme anxiety and stress. one just need to see the huge crowd at CST and Churchgate station who flock in locals to reach their workplace. A city which is constantly on the move and the pace of life in Mumbai will give jitters to any average citizen. The flash mob is meaningful as it help to spread cheers an happiness in people's life and what a better place to break in ajig-railway station where the average commuters converge. Me think it should be a daily affair. How I wish I was able to perform.
I salute the indomitable spirit of India's young generation and the awesome energy displayed.wow! It looks so professional. It makes me proud to be on Indian and a Mumbaikar. I wanna get back soon in the city life. I miss Mumbai and this is enough reason to be back in the city.
Long Live India's Gen X
Long Live Mumbaikars
Who says the spirit of Mumbai and India is dead?
No terror atatck can break us when we have such lively citizens.
Spread the love N cheers.

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