A story of Denims =Puraani Jeans

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We love our jeans and it's a piece wrapped round the waist,covering the arse which neva goes out of fashion.It makes its time and it goes straight into vintage collection.Me been jeans crazy for years coz it never goes out of fashion. My Levis boot cut has worn out,teared and is sporting the distressed look. At the risk of wearing it,I may sound like an out of place junkie,hippie..How much I love this weird look!!!! I shall never do away with my favourite denims.
I always face the scathing criticisms.Dude,how many pair of jeans do u buy? Here it is,the stuff which covers my fanny doesn't stop here. An extra pair of denims is not too much and it doesn't matter if I already own a dozen denims in my wardrobe.Jeans crazy. Yeah!I confess I am one.
Favourite denim:
Levis-always and ever coz it never runs out of style and comfort.It gives me this extra confidence.It's sexy zanny.

My prized collections
Me own a black Spykar, a green Pepe Jeans London which has grown too tight on me.It hurts that I can't wear it.It's lying somewhere but can't image getting rid of it.PJL is another awesome brand and the quality of clothing is smooth.Don't believe, then gently and affectionately touch with your hand.It feels like you are stroking or caressing the hair or hands of your babe. My newly acquired Lee Cooper.It's a cool one but nothin like Levis or my Pepe.I shall very soon own a new Levis or Flying Machine.I love experimenting with Denims and gotta Fly with my Machine.

My first Denim
I cannot recollect since as a child I was given a pair of jeans by Mom and Dad.At that time,I wasn't brand conscious like I'm now.It wasn't a branded one. I vividly remember a cool grey jeans which I've been wearing for years and Mom got it for 75 bucks in a fair. Would you believe that.I also had a wacky White jeans.My personal collection when I was in 10th standard. As I joined college,I chose branded jeans not just because of the name but a true blue original branded jeans stand for quality,comfort and last for a very long time.Levis is awesome and I vouch for that.

Favourite color
There is nothing like blue denims.It neva goes out of fashion and I'm a compulsive,obsessive buyer and the risk of making a hole in my pocket is palatable.It raise the stocks of one's sex appeal like old wine which taste better. So,is a pair of blue denims.

A story of denims,date,happiness,first kiss.The memories summed in Purani jeans which is always associated with a life long memory. A reason for celebrations,aha moments of life to be cherished forever and ever.Like old music which transport us into a trance of sorts so are our Purani Jeans.Lying somewhere in some soft corner of life coz it's been a part of our beautiful lives. So galzzz N Guyzzzz, ne story hidden with the history of your jeans vent it out here or a romance starting with your purani jeans.I wanna hear all.
Good Night.
Our Purani jeans and Denims rock:)


National Anthem India Jana Gana Mana by Lata Mangeshkar

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Hi guys let's bow to Mother India and celebrate our Republic.62 years and we are still a young and vibrant republic.Our national anthem is something to be proud of and every time I listen to it,my eyes are filled with tears and I strongly believe that India's national anthem is the most beautiful throughout the world.
let's join hand and pay respect to our national anthem.

Date with time

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Jai Ho!Happy Independence to all Indians across the globe.26 years at midnight India became a free country and we pledged to correct all anomalies so that each and every Indians can breathe free. Did we?We shall keep it for another day and I'm sure there are lots to talk on India as a nation.
Here we go as the nation had a date with time. So,we have ours. As humans, we all have the habit of postponing things giving flat excuses that we are not ready to get the plunge.But,one day we have to face the music. As truth hold it, we are often thrust to face it.Our date with time.Better face it rather than bearing the wrath of time.The opportunities just knock us down and if we fail to keep with our date,we may lament.Oh!Man!I had the opportunity to make it big.Why didn't i?Better fail than not doing it all.Very often, we become adept in letting go of the wonderful occasion.Date with time doesn't come often and if it does,it may not necessarily jibe in our favour.
We are smitten by this beautiful girl. We get the opportunity to ask her out but we end up fooling ourselves that this isn't the ripe time.Then,one fine day we see her walking hand in hand with her shining armour.It could have been us. Well,we didn't hit the bull's eye but the dude did.No point in cursing him.
The greatest authors,actors and everyone associated with creativity kept their date with time and entered the trance and were swayed by passion.They were not concerned by failure or rejection and took the train.Do we still want to wait by the station and 1.40 a.m is the last train.Lest, we keep on repeating it's not the proper time, we will end up sleeping at the railway station.Just hop on the train.The world offers us endless opportunities to make it happen.
Ours is a generation full of potential and there isn't anything that we can't do.All what we need is some confidence and slowly but surely walk towards our goals.We wanna become a film actor.No problem,let's work slowly towards it.Once we'll fail,twice we will fail,third time no problem but ultimately,we will nail it.End result glamour,moolah and all the perks associated.The time to enjoy the fruits of our success will come and we shall sit and reap our treat like tasting mint-choco ice cream.
Let's keep our date with time.
Good Morning


All that I want

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All that I want from Life.
It's all bout me,me and me.
I wanna some love N fun in life.
It is my life and wanna live on my own terms.
I dunno to be judged on what I do.
All that I want,.
The Moolah,to buy by branded stuffs,travel.
Wanna treat myself with mint-choco icecream.
All that I want.
I want affection,respect,requited love.
I want to drive a nice car.
A BMW will do,
A Porsche will be on the top of the list.
A bungalow by the seaface.
All that I want.
A beautiful girlfriend.
All that I want.
Travelling to an exotic place in the world.
People not saying no to me.
A home theatre to feel the movies.
My novel published.
Make a movie.
Become world famous.
Win the filmfare award.
Walk and sizzle on ramp.
Act in a movie.
Be in the same frame as Amitabh Bachchan.
Being lost in thoughts.
All that I want.
To dream a lot.
To be myself.
All that I want,
Is very less than the whole world want.
I just want and want.


Love is not enough

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Rajveer and Sunaina were childhood lovers and madly in love with each other. Rajveer worked as an assistant film director in Mumbai and Sunaina worked worked for a PR firm. They were in a live in relationship since both feel that with their career,they were not ready to take a plunge with marriage and kids.
One fine day, the film company spoke to Rajveer that they are downsize their staff and he had to look for work else where. Their last film didn't do well at the box office and with the recession hitting the film industry financers were less willing to invest in their major productions. He tried to looking for jobs with other producers but failed to get any break. Sunaina was willing to help him since they couldn't do without each other.Over time,Rajveer grew more frustrated since his girl friend was feeding him. He withdrew from everyone and eventually met some guys and gals. He came home late,drunked. They started fighting a lot in the house and it would raise an alarm among neighbours.Sunaina became so fed up that one fine day he asked him to leave the house since she was the one who earns and pay the bills,including the rent. Bas!This was the end of it. During the night,she started crying and trying to understand who cast an evil spell on their beautiful live and why things had to be so cruel.
Enter the new Managing Director, Piyush Shah and Sunaina was made the head of PR and they started meeting each other and she found a good listener in him.Once after the party, it was raining heavily and to avoid the heavy lash of rains,Sunaina invited Piyush to stay over. Something brought them together and they couldn't stop together on the moment. They kissed and made love to each other. Rajveer was to be forgotten,she reasoned with herself. she had to erase him from her mind. She wished him well in life. She knows it hurts.Two years later,Sunaina married Piyush.
The big question is:Is love enough for a couple to be with each other. In the start, everything seems so beautiful,flowers,chocolates,kissing and sex. And as in Turning 30,Gul Panaag rightly says,Just because I am sleeping with you that doesn't mean that we will marry.The point here is not that Sex and marriage or live-in are complements to each other. What I mean to say there are many factors which comes in play in a couple relationship. There are career clashes,the choice to have children or not,professional clashes and of course,the money factor. By professional clash I mean,in fields such as films,ad world or media, sometimes one or both of them will come home very late or is the other person willing to accept it.Very few will and I'm happy to be among the few. Or, when you spend the major part of your life with colleagues at work,there are obviously some spark and you might end up falling in love.Fatal attraction!Of course, we cannot provide a generalisation to the picture.
An important factor in a relation is money.The M-Thing,big bucks or simply moolah.No matter how much you love each other,the differences will crop and many times it comes in the form of the necessary evil. For how long,can one of the partner afford to give his or her better half the hard-earned money.It crops up especially when one of the partner is not working or is struggling to find a job.It requires a lot of understanding and patience. A wise couple should not let the moolah factor affect a relationship and both must pool money together to run the house.If one partner is footing the electricity,food bills,the shopping and rent stuffs must be managed by the other one.Or,as we used to do in college paying half for almost everything,including the rent.
Love itself is not enough for a relationship to work out. The couple should not think that everything is rosy with romance,sex and flowers.Especially when you guys stay together,better speak about the money factor and I would advice that try taking very less money from each other for personal uses such as going out,cigarettes or shopping.If you,it makes sense to give the money back and keep your relationship going. A relationship requires a lot of understanding and compromise on many things that matter such as career,friends and even sex. It's way beyond love and more than the L-factor, the U-understanding factor stands out.Indeed,Love is not enough.
Wish you all an awesum friday


Straight from the heart

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This post comes straight from the heart. There is no concept behind the mind as so many post have nor do I have any clear picture running madly on the nature of the post. Frustrated!bah!I am for having less time on my platter to pick up stuffs,materials to read and I am unable to watch DvD's.Tired like shit from work.
But truly blessed I am.Yesterday,wrapped up work at 10.40 p.m and in a flick of 5 minutes, the transport left me and spent three and a half hours in office waiting for the next transport. I slept in the reception room. But,as I was travellling during the night, I feel a felt a gush of fresh air,opportunities running down my spine. Someone from the farther world was telling me,dude no worries better things are coming your way.It was an aha moment in life and sometimes one feel the blessings. Came home a lil bit earlier and met 2 friends online.Who?My college mates. Vandana was a class mate and she's now settled and married in London.It feels good to connect with classmates and as I look back,it felt like yesterday only. Time is a real bitch and it never had the decency to tell that it had reached and so many stuffs can happen in life nor does it tell that it left us.
Mobzz another mate of mine in college with whom I had the best of times in College.Damn cool dude and been telling me to come back to Pune.I will,I promised.Life is moving and we are beckoned to to come to terms with it.I've been a bitch as well.Everyday been saying that I will write to my Philosophy teacher but time been failing me. Sorry Sir.I shall try my best this week.I'm frustrated and I'm intellectually,physically,emotionally drained,not necessarily in that order.Im loking forward to a big break from work and there is a need to spend time with myself. At least,dat d mental state right now.My Mama came to visit us from London and I couldn't met him since I had to report to work.Wow!The word report to work sound so-ooo-soo huge and complex a word to use. Hopefully,things hould tirn out to be better.It's just a matter of time.Arrg!Time yet again!No time for a harmless fling,casual encounter with a beautiful lady.Time!Indeed!By the way who invented the buzz word time???I wanna fire the guy or gal right now.
Things can get bigger and better. True!Very true! i've started writing in a diary bout stuffs I wanna do in life and the approach to make things sound right. Dream list and how to make it happen.The trick is list 1000 of your dreams and be completely wild,like dating Deepika padukone or britney Spears or perhaps becoming a billionaure,owning a space craft.What those souls who were there before us did and how.Then,eliminate the less imporatant ones if you fail to write why you have the passion and how to proceed.Concentrate on better stuffs.I've yet to do this part.i shall soon reach out to it .
Unleash the passion or shall I say and let not be wary of people.Go and embrace the world and I shall embrace ma bed in a few minutes.Time to catch up with sleep.
Adios Amigos.
Comments gals and guys needed here.Who's gonna be the first one coz a surprise shall be waiting for u.
Good nite.Young minds rulzzzzzzzz


Single speaks

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The perk of being back to blogspot.I'm loving it like lovers of Donalds. Me enjoying the benefits of being a bachelor,an unmarried young men.No live-in partner in ma room who constantly driving me nuts to jump with her on the bed.Or,the common female antics,will you stop typing at this odd hour.I need to sleep.Stop being blog obsessed.
Blog obsessed.I confess to be one.Blog spot happens to be one of the bestest,cutest and smartest things that can happen to an otherwise,not so exciting life.Lull seemed to set in but was offset by a kick-ass conversation with a Dear friend who lifted me out of pessisim,negativity. Words always carry a potent meaning to life. In any case,if you seem to be confused with this post,just plain ignore coz God alone knows what I'm getting into. Got no clues on the final outcome of this otherwise non-sensical post.
What to call myself?Bachelor in need of cuddling,single dude needing a chick.Ha!Just joking. This man clearly seemed bored in the early m'nin. Ma God!Yet another week of slogging the ass syndrome!I getting all kinds of S-factor nowadays. There is the eye which is demanding rest,there is the fingers who wanna type on the key board. What is that yaar?Confused bout life,women,career and almost anything to everything.Guess,the brains need help. An intellectual stimulation and space between cells to think.I wanna yell,space out.From gentle soul to naughty one. Am I sounding like those despo TV channels in need of TRP..read stats here.Blogspot!How I love you!U my muse,ma gal friend,wanna make love to..Hell bent to love and love making. Something,something must be wrong and been getting to my brains.Oh!Watched Koffee with Karan today and the mad caper,crazy stuffs celebs do must be getting on my mind. Another syndrome leaps forward.
I sit,I think,I observe,I write. But, no following guidelines and norms.I jus hate such stuffs and all. Do I need a crash course in morality?Don't ever do that coz I may end up discussing sex,porn stuffs with the great master.I shall be banned forever and guilty of making the guy suffering from a massive cardiac arrest.Me turning his dutiful,right life into a mess and he shall invoke the Gods to spit their anger on me. I'm mortified at the time of the day and at least,I think so.
I know..me been an asshole right now. At least,this post says so and an ode to blog lovers...comments..see I know u guys are lazy since you visit the blog and don't wanna coment.Make ur silly minds work,it's a mental ejaculation drop a few words and no one shall stop you from making it big.
Chees to the m'nin.



Inveigled by the perks of writing and cashing on it for an intellectual ejaculation. Been toying with a brand new post on blog spot,I'm given a reminder on love,mating and daties.We are species and by definition Man is a social animal. Now,will that raise eyebrows.I'm cocksure that it shall.
Man or let's put it that way humans=Men+Women before the feminist fire me for discrimination. We have always longed for and looked for love. Doesn't matter we suffered a break up and we constantly long for a partner to nurse up our love wound.It's only natural to lean our head on a shoulder.It's an energy just like sex. A very natural urge to make love,kiss and indulge in some physical intimacies. Completely harmless.
Am I drawing an inspiration to type on something as beautiful and appealing as love?Fire the computer. Tis season,come and fall in love.Now,isn't it some direct lifting from some Yash Chopra mushy romance. As Yash uncle says,come,fall in love.I put my stamp of approval on that,right now.Let's put it right here.Enough of dilly-dallying and fidgeting with words as I type.I believe in living life and enjoying every bit of romance with my girl. Altogetehr,it's another matter that there is no gal right now in my life. As humans, we have always been attracted to the opposite sex since there is a certain energy which brings two human beings together. Till,we have emotions,we have always fell in and out of love. We constantly strive for the perfect being. True,in a relation there are some expectations.He expects you to be like this,she has some expectations which she seriously wish you will fulfill.
The day you start hitting off and the way he makes you feel special when he surprise you with a romantic card,red roses and chocolates.Chocolates and roses are lethal combination.You get the lady.She makes your life beautiful when she says cho chweet. Suddenly,you start taking care of your hair style,applying the most expensive gel and pick up the Calvin Klein perfumes,picking up a new levis jeans and tee,doesn't matter if you have thousands of them lying in the cupboard.You leave home,smiling and blushing like a five year old who had birthday cake smudged all over his face.You meet,you hold hands and kiss passionately at Marine Drive.You forgot how ur ex has ditched you and how you wish she or he can witness your smooching session at the drive. It gives you a kick telling bystanders,I don't care a damn.Fuck you and your societal's norms and morals.
The break happen and you lay paradised on bed for a few days.You even hit the bottle for a few days,spoil a one day handkerchief for few minutes.It find its place in the laundry.How I wish it didn't happened,how I wish this and that..No use crying over split milk.You freak out at the idea of he or she making up with the new lucky bloke or babe.Poor,innocent,nameless thing you plot their death.They are inexistent,you are the past and they are the present.
You meet someone else in a brand new setting and here you go and hum the song,the last song of your life.You are the one who makes me alive.You bring the best in me.You are my oxygen.How can I exist without you.
The point is here,baba.No one is perfect and don't shy away from love.Deception happens but don't live in the past.We are humans and need love to survive and a relationship is always welcome coz we need somebody in our life.Till,we exist Love shall not wane way.Adam and Eve didn't consumed the forbidden fruit for nothing.They were humans and we are the descendents.


Gifts wrapped with love and affection

Great Goals Require Great Passion.
I received this small gift from aunty. I have placed it near to my desktop so that everyday when I wake up it's right in front of me and I am reminded of my dreams and goals in life. Caught in the humdrum of our life and when our odd hours of work start taking a toll on us, we tend to forget that we exist together with our aspirations. It's a gift that I shall cherish throughout my life. A great gesture which speaks volumes as to how much your loved ones care for your well-being.
A gift must not be something very expensive. What matters is the intention with with a person offers you something. A small action which speak volumes and shows the person hold a special place for you in their matter.
I have observed that so many people shower expensive goodies for birthdays, Diwali, X-mas or New Celebrations. It's a blatant and arrogant display of money. Or, when someone is conferred a gift, he or she is not satisfied since it doesn't carry huge monetary value. You don't have the bucks and your girl friend birthday is coming. No problem. Save bucks and surprise her with flowers and chocolates.Inside the cadbury wrap, write a small poem. Say it with flowers and chocolates and you win the lady's heart. She'll know how much you love and care for her and she will say, "so sweet,my poochie po."
The theory of gift nowadays has heightened to a materialistic level and represents a huge source of revenue for advertisers and shops alike. I am not saying that I am against expensive gifts but rather, mo matter what gift one chose to offer to someone it should be given with pure attention, warmth and love. The time the person unwrap the gift, he or she should feel your love and warmth in it and as if you are inside the gift smiling.
Spread love and cheers


Dreams in wonderland....

As the cute,pretty teacher turns her back to write a Mathematical sum on the board, the kids followed her trying to decode the equation. Some of the boys are having a fun time,peeking at her short, white skirts,admiring her sexy legs. At the far bench, sat an 10 year old who is neither interested in the equation nor Miss Jenny's sex appeal which is already causing an erection in 10 year olds....
He spend the whole day,looking outside the window, day dreaming. He dreams of becoming am actor when he grows up. He dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer or pilot. That's me. The small boy who was never interested in following classes or being chided by teachers. I love dreaming and day dreaming. Nothing has change. Going nuts is the state of being.
When I was a kid, I was day dreaming of becoming a bus driver so that I can travel through the country side for the whole day,hanging at bus stations like a vagabond. Or, becoming lawyer, the black coat fascinated me a lot as I saw Dan uncle coming home from office in his black trousers, white shirt  and long,black coat. It was sexy. Imagining myself as lawyer or barrister Vishal. Then, I moved on. I wanna be an accountant and the high end salary and working for a private company with car and flat,thought,held the key to happiness. Later, wanna become an Economist. Well, I'm one and taught Economics at Junior school level.Teaching was another job which I longed to do. I've done it for one year.
Last but not least, I dreamt of becoming a film actor and all the glamour associated with being an actor,killing 25 goons at one go and dancing like Amitabh Bachchan.He is my inspiration and was my childhood idol. He still is. I dreamed of smooching Deepika Padukone,well, I still do it. Or, Bipasha, Sushmita. How, I still dream of acting in the remake of The Graduate opposite Padma Lakshmi, the sultry chick from Boom. Looks like the dream of becoming an actor is eluding me. yeah, dis my dream I wanna act in front of the camera or calling the shots. I shall one day,doesn't matter how long it takes.
Don't kill the dreams or you'll lose the child within. That's my mantra. Age wise, I have grown up but I'm still a child inside, who refuse to grow up. I know, I am confused about life and what I wanna do. But, that's me and the sneak-peek of moi childhood dreams. I am still a day dreamer,imagining fairy stuffs like Alice in Wonderland.
Keep the dreams going

Passion player

Ignite the fire within.
The passion unleashed.
Be the undertaker of dreams.
It only require a small idea which germinate through the soul.
Be consistent and start dreaming from now.
Be Passionate.
Life is boring without passion.
Dreams without passions are the by-product of an unfulfilled life.
It requires a degree of honest to start with.
Be gutsy and dare to dream to go to places where others fear to.
The reality of achievers were just like your dreams.
Yet, their dreams did not remained plain dreams.
They consistently worked towards making them real.
If they can, why can't you.
They dare to dream and pushed the enveloppe further.
They have ignited the fire of passion in their belly.
They are the passion players.
Be the passion players.
Savour the fruit of passion.


Rockstar year 2011

Jan 2,2011: Wow!Incredible!Isn't it? We all waited for the day to come and it smoothly crept in as the crackers split,wishes for a brilliant new year poured in. A brand new decade with promises to be fulfilled. As I look back at the decade that was and how life changed with the kind of people we've met and the masti we had in college.
This year I've decided to make things happen and not gonna rely on destiny to change my passion. As Chanda told me yesterday when I've called him to extend my New Year Wishes, the passion must burn inside our heart so that we can achieve our dreams. Indeed, I'll be penning a script for my short film, my memoir on my wonderful college days and the publication of my short stories in novel form. It gonna happen and me gonna work on it religiously.
The time has started to work out on things and stick to it. It's a brilliant year 2011 and a year of achievemnts. Have fun gals n guys.