Inveigled by the perks of writing and cashing on it for an intellectual ejaculation. Been toying with a brand new post on blog spot,I'm given a reminder on love,mating and daties.We are species and by definition Man is a social animal. Now,will that raise eyebrows.I'm cocksure that it shall.
Man or let's put it that way humans=Men+Women before the feminist fire me for discrimination. We have always longed for and looked for love. Doesn't matter we suffered a break up and we constantly long for a partner to nurse up our love wound.It's only natural to lean our head on a shoulder.It's an energy just like sex. A very natural urge to make love,kiss and indulge in some physical intimacies. Completely harmless.
Am I drawing an inspiration to type on something as beautiful and appealing as love?Fire the computer. Tis season,come and fall in love.Now,isn't it some direct lifting from some Yash Chopra mushy romance. As Yash uncle says,come,fall in love.I put my stamp of approval on that,right now.Let's put it right here.Enough of dilly-dallying and fidgeting with words as I type.I believe in living life and enjoying every bit of romance with my girl. Altogetehr,it's another matter that there is no gal right now in my life. As humans, we have always been attracted to the opposite sex since there is a certain energy which brings two human beings together. Till,we have emotions,we have always fell in and out of love. We constantly strive for the perfect being. True,in a relation there are some expectations.He expects you to be like this,she has some expectations which she seriously wish you will fulfill.
The day you start hitting off and the way he makes you feel special when he surprise you with a romantic card,red roses and chocolates.Chocolates and roses are lethal combination.You get the lady.She makes your life beautiful when she says cho chweet. Suddenly,you start taking care of your hair style,applying the most expensive gel and pick up the Calvin Klein perfumes,picking up a new levis jeans and tee,doesn't matter if you have thousands of them lying in the cupboard.You leave home,smiling and blushing like a five year old who had birthday cake smudged all over his face.You meet,you hold hands and kiss passionately at Marine Drive.You forgot how ur ex has ditched you and how you wish she or he can witness your smooching session at the drive. It gives you a kick telling bystanders,I don't care a damn.Fuck you and your societal's norms and morals.
The break happen and you lay paradised on bed for a few days.You even hit the bottle for a few days,spoil a one day handkerchief for few minutes.It find its place in the laundry.How I wish it didn't happened,how I wish this and that..No use crying over split milk.You freak out at the idea of he or she making up with the new lucky bloke or babe.Poor,innocent,nameless thing you plot their death.They are inexistent,you are the past and they are the present.
You meet someone else in a brand new setting and here you go and hum the song,the last song of your life.You are the one who makes me alive.You bring the best in me.You are my oxygen.How can I exist without you.
The point is here,baba.No one is perfect and don't shy away from love.Deception happens but don't live in the past.We are humans and need love to survive and a relationship is always welcome coz we need somebody in our life.Till,we exist Love shall not wane way.Adam and Eve didn't consumed the forbidden fruit for nothing.They were humans and we are the descendents.
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