Dreams in wonderland....

As the cute,pretty teacher turns her back to write a Mathematical sum on the board, the kids followed her trying to decode the equation. Some of the boys are having a fun time,peeking at her short, white skirts,admiring her sexy legs. At the far bench, sat an 10 year old who is neither interested in the equation nor Miss Jenny's sex appeal which is already causing an erection in 10 year olds....
He spend the whole day,looking outside the window, day dreaming. He dreams of becoming am actor when he grows up. He dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer or pilot. That's me. The small boy who was never interested in following classes or being chided by teachers. I love dreaming and day dreaming. Nothing has change. Going nuts is the state of being.
When I was a kid, I was day dreaming of becoming a bus driver so that I can travel through the country side for the whole day,hanging at bus stations like a vagabond. Or, becoming lawyer, the black coat fascinated me a lot as I saw Dan uncle coming home from office in his black trousers, white shirt  and long,black coat. It was sexy. Imagining myself as lawyer or barrister Vishal. Then, I moved on. I wanna be an accountant and the high end salary and working for a private company with car and flat,thought,held the key to happiness. Later, wanna become an Economist. Well, I'm one and taught Economics at Junior school level.Teaching was another job which I longed to do. I've done it for one year.
Last but not least, I dreamt of becoming a film actor and all the glamour associated with being an actor,killing 25 goons at one go and dancing like Amitabh Bachchan.He is my inspiration and was my childhood idol. He still is. I dreamed of smooching Deepika Padukone,well, I still do it. Or, Bipasha, Sushmita. How, I still dream of acting in the remake of The Graduate opposite Padma Lakshmi, the sultry chick from Boom. Looks like the dream of becoming an actor is eluding me. yeah, dis my dream I wanna act in front of the camera or calling the shots. I shall one day,doesn't matter how long it takes.
Don't kill the dreams or you'll lose the child within. That's my mantra. Age wise, I have grown up but I'm still a child inside, who refuse to grow up. I know, I am confused about life and what I wanna do. But, that's me and the sneak-peek of moi childhood dreams. I am still a day dreamer,imagining fairy stuffs like Alice in Wonderland.
Keep the dreams going
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