One liners and words! Come and play!

Words fascinate me endlessly.  I am in awe of creative folks who can come with the zaniest tags, smart poetry in the form of humor or concocting stories in one or two lines and get swayed by the liquor of thoughts. Of late, been trying my wordplay on Facebook to post as my status and shall try some quirky fun on this blog but unsure it would have the desired impact on super creative minds. Let's go:

1. Coffee was steered to perfection till I realize the grains were coalesced in the sink's water stream.

2. You told me to stop loving you because there was someone better than the best.

3. During the climax, we practised foreplay that fizzled and popped like the balloon bursting like gum.

4. The hapless goal keeper looked for the ball inside his pocket when it lay inside the net.

5. The time she took to smile at me, my love letter was already inside the bin.

6. I sweated and trudged to reach the top of the tree to pluck the last apple only to realize Adam and Eve wolfed it to bliss.

7. They were spared for loving passionately and now counting stars in the sky.

8. There was no one before and after you till I found your bestie.

9. A kiss melted the lips for there was no ice cream to quench the thirst.

10. I wasn't a virgin till I flew in Virgin Atlantic.

Shake it off

There is no time...

to fall in love,

start all over again,

chase away fears,

conquer dreams,

climb mountains.


it's NOW,

live in the moment,

never been kissed,

a lover pushing you to the wall,

making raw love,

just do it,

scream on the top of the voice,

move mountains,

shake off the rooted trees,

release the energy and hidden emotions,

flirt with danger,

tread on the scary boulders,

jump in the cold waters,

conquer and fly high,

tell the thoughts not to disturb,

for there is no whys!



Fiction: The girl selling toys and the coloring book

The dust flickered in the thick summer weather and the innocence in the peachy eyes, hardened cheek, and shabby dress followed the wind swirling and ruffling the hair knotted together. She squatted on the ground and the shrilled voice couldn't reach to the people storming in a hurry.  The cheap Chinese toys and Indian made handkerchief spread on the newspaper on the stairs.  "Five rupees saheb, buy one handkerchief and a toy please please," the child implored.

The eyes darted towards the commuters scampering on the dirty and muddy railway stairs to catch the latest train. Children like her were not allowed to dream yet the eyes bobbed to the colored books spread on a mat by a hawker, sitting inches away from her. A feeble smile surfaced on her face at the sight of the colored crayons. The tiny hands pressed the forehead and wiped the sweat on her cheap flowery dress.

A halo moment struck and she started prancing, doing one, two, three one steps at a time trotting on the stairs, leaving her toys and handkerchiefs unattended. She took steps away from the railway station and wandered towards the chai walla, keenly watching the expert hands fiddling with a huge spoon steering the tea leaves, pouring milk and placing a cloth doubling as a strainer to fill dozens cups with hot beverage. She was perspiring yet craving for a cup of tea, tendered few coins tinkling on the small wooden table. The tea hawker smiled at her, "Pinky! You cannot buy tea with scattered coins.” The tea seller expertly counted the chillar that made almost a rupaiya.  "A glass of tea costs five rupees," he was amused and placed the cup of tea on the palm that almost burned her skin. Pinky gulped the tea and a bright smile shone on her face.

Pinky placed her on the cheek on the empty glass to feel the steam and winked at herself. She repeated the exercise twice and thrice, running away with bated breath as if she has committed a crime. The entire toys and handkerchiefs have disappeared. Joy turned into sadness. She was trembling with fear. After all, Baba will whip me now after making me clean all my cheap toys to sell, she thought. Pinky ran to the hawker selling coloring books who rudely shun her off, "I am a troubled man myself and just go away."

Dejected, she slowly walked to the newspaper spread on the floor that bore an empty look and a stone was pressed on them to prevent from flying. She sat down with stream of tears flowing on her cheek, fidgeting with the newspapers when her palm felt something thick. It piqued the curious mind of the child who gently unfolded the white paper that wrapped a bundle, hundred rupees notes was hidden inside with a message, 'Everything sold today." Pinky pranced with seamless joy and cupped her tiny finger to her lip blowing a kiss, like how the sahebs and memsaab do every day in the city.
The child removed a ten rupee note and flung it on the hawker before grabbing a coloring book and pencil as she walked away and fearlessly from the railway bridge.


Chilled company at night fall

Breeze stroking the face,
a balm to the parched lip,
noises lost to the stormy weather,
chilled wind wielding might,
at nightfall,
aliens for company,
guests unfazed by nature’s beauty,
sentiment of nothingness,
blank thought,
lifeless and inert,
 swayed to the expensive wine,
percolated on silver glasses,
the loner stands alone forever,
grain of rain,
dark sky,
tiny speck of stars,
drilled company,
fluid mind,
ballooned thoughts,
wandering aimlessly,
flitting between cities and the skies,
abhorring the human touch,
ghouls masquerading to offer solace,
made that way,
bred in the city of evil,
longing for this voice,
to roar like a wounded tiger.


Benefits of working from home

 1. You are your own boss, a call away from the boss, chasing people or companies that you are making a pitch from home.

2. Flexibility in calling people, organizing meetings and juggling work for various clients.

3. Organizing the day through effective and smart planning to manage the personal plus professional life.

4. Discretionary approach to work either during the day or night, trying to get free time for personal matters.

Image credit: Google/http://static6.uk.businessinsider.com

5. Accountable to the self and motivation to earn more by doubling productivity and efficiency. It's all about living to the adage, the more the merrier.

6. Reduce time and costs in traveling unlike a 9 to 5 job and makes you sorted out in the ability to concentrate on things to do in a day's work.

7.  Running errands, exercising the body, sitting for a healthy break by making quality time with family or taking an afternoon nap.

8. Cutting on unhealthy or junk food, save on unnecessary food items or avoiding unwanted arguments with weird co-workers.

9. There is no space for office politics and your mental sanity is saved from assholes.

10. Deadlines and stress will always be there working from home or not but at least it helps to manage stress level at a normal level, unlike pollution.

11. You can afford to take not only time off but travel across cities, states or countries since you don't need to file leave applications. That way, you can be a globe trotter minting money during travel cum free wifi facilities. A tale of mixing work with pleasure.

12. You are not labeled with the tag of late comer at the office or losing on appraisal cum bonus. You can shoot the messenger!


Forevers and evergreen in relationships

Relationships, romance and sex may mean several things to the various generations of people.  The vibes minus load matters and holds true for many us, doesn't matter which generation we may belong to. There is a truth to relationships that we are still unwilling coming to terms with, Forever doesn't exist. Unfortunately, many of us have obsessively held on to relationships that injure our health as human beings and face it, there is no permanence in life.

Image credit: Pinterest

 Every relationship bears its own time limit or expiry date. We cannot go against the force of nature and one mistake many people do is giving a name to an unhappy relationship, marriage. Now, I am not saying that all marriage are fuck-ups but often we end up grieving for the rest of our lives in connecting the dots or making things happen. Many people find themselves lonely in marriage and try to find quick-fix solutions like having children to save the day. But, it doesn't happen that way. Unfortunately, we are trying to prove the world wrong that our relationships can sustain and we suffer from illusion, delusion or the lack of realism.

We need a reality check for there is no reason to prove something when it comes to our personal lives. Nobody has the right to tell us what to do or not and how to lead our lives. When it comes to relationships, there should be no accountability as wrongly demanded by society. The worst thing is that as humans, we live a stifled sexual life from a moral standpoint and walk the false moral ground that lust should have no place in the so-called pure existence. The biggest mistake that we again make is not going easy on sex or a one-night stand, expectations shoot up in the sky. The moment expectations or one side love is not returned to us....answer the question honestly!

Love doesn't exist forever and living in a la-la land seems to be an art that we have perfected over time. The moment we do that and which has been internalized for too long makes it the defined reality or the creation of uncalled parameters.  Love is stifled in a match in haven where there is no room for the flower to bloom and closing the door on future partners that thwart us from going in relationships.
One of the things that I admire about millennials is that they are a chilled out generation despite the criticisms, right at times, in the way relations are approached. But, at least the super cool kids approach relationships, be it sex or relationships, in a therapeutic manner. For our generations, expectations have always hurt us when we don't get things right or flowing back to us. I have made that mistake and paid a huge price for that!

Love or relationships are all about reinvented for everything lie in our mindset. I strongly believe that being with someone should remove this shit load of hanging on obsessively to something that doesn't reflect the reality. Screw up this mushy mushy thing or glamor of m for marriage for it's the vibes of being together that matters. Feeling should gel. Don't get into a relationship just for the heck of it. A relationship must be defined by daily bliss and not what tomorrow holds or oft-repeated bored classic argument, where do we stand!

Bloom, stay beautiful and empower each other with moments to be shared, capture them if you may wish but delete it when the memory storage becomes full. Explore and meet new people since forever never exist in relationships but make it an evergreen moment.


Fashionista Sonam ki Shaadi and Masakali getting no Anand

Masakali is nursing her wounds alone, shattered and heartbroken. The fashionista got hitched in true fairy tale style. Poor pigeon got to do the dance steps alone.  Our Sonama wore the bridal attire when the bearded Prince Ahuja took her with him. Anand hi Anand for the dude with his bride Sonam Kapoor.

 The wedding broke the hearts of the princess' millions admirers nurturing bruise in the hearts. A tale of the celebrity biting the Shaadi ka ladoo not at Cannes but at home in Amchi Mumbai to make a bridal statement, mehendi pasted on the hand that could have passed for black forest choco. Save the world, oops, Hindi cinema and Cannes from Sonam. Veere did come not in June but early May in this Sonam di Wedding. The camera lenses and Paparazzi were in for this blockbuster wedding to grace Page 3 with the Salmans, Shah Rukhs, Arjun Kapoor and Papa Anil Kapoor jigging on the dance floor. Veere di Wedding couldn’t get a more live promotion that Sooraj Barjatya Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun are sounding like lost gramophone records.

Ever wondered what wheel cousin-brother Arjun Kapoor played in this special appearance for all we know he was the third wheel to cover Sonam's date as a kid. From guest appearance to sidekick till the groom’s car! No fashion faux pas wedding for this Kapoor daughter turning into Ahuja overnight changing names faster than one would change into pajamas, nightgowns or partners.  I don't need to get hitched. Nah! Sonama didn't break my heart to run away with Ahuja for you see the Anand is his not mine. I can now convince Maa to have seen all rites, shaadi ka rasam of Sonam for everything is parroted dil se and mind, reciting hymns by heart, watching gorgeous pictures on social media and whatsapp. Forget about finding me a sasta dulhan. Now, that all prospective brides are inspired by Sonam ki Shaadi that we, the groom side, will end up paying Dahej. Mom would be scared for Sonam wedding party is like the bird flu. Itne saare karche ab shaadi ko bhoolja.

The cherry on cake is the satisfaction that I got for pretending to be Ahuja and getting hitched by seeing Sonam's pictures going viral online. Maa! See! I already feel married and getting hitched will make me feel like being into a second marriage without being divorced or married.

 Sonam has just become a national inspiration for stealing the thunder right under the nose of all prospective mothers-in-law and husbands. I just convinced Mom that all prospective brides will ape her and sit adorned in designer sarees and gold at home to call the shots. No matter which broom you use or bhusa, ab dust nahin niklega ghar se! Both of us have accepted my forever Kunwara status at home just because of Sonam. I gotta vote for her at Cannes and the National Awards for being the best woman saving bachelor men like me from barbadi. Sonam is the superwoman and move over Superman!


Seven Things I did this week

1. Over indulged in sweet meats, delicacies, fried stuffs and unhealthy food. I am not allowed too much to foray into oily stuffs but didn't resist the temptation despite the cholesterol issue. I need better will power to say NO.

2. Spent an entire day at a conference, something that I've done not for the first time but this was one occasion where I wasn't worn or torn. The corporate guy that I turned into pulled through the entire day, felt fresh, watched the speeches, wrote poems for the blog and could still manage striking conversations with people post 8 pm during cocktail time. I treated myself with wine.

3. A record of sort broken at the other end of the fence where I kicked my ass into action in doing jogging and walking at the park to reach the magical milestone of 15 km. I now belong to two extremes, setting the bar higher and over indulging into eating stuffs. Gotta better chuck out fats and avoid nullifying the fitness points I am achieving with too much of food that can be harmful to the health.

4. Finally, I am reading well and making good progress with George Orwell's 1984 where I am halfway through just by sitting to read in the coffee shop. There was a decade back while still in India would lap books by sitting at Barista or CCD in Pune and Mumbai.

5. Attended the prayer meet for my bua who was another mom to me and passed away on the first day of the month. I can still see her shadow in front of me and her voice feels alive in my ears. Today, I was feeling sad and missing her on mother's day. Such moments of love shall remain forever with me.

6. On Mother's Day, surprised Maa with an Indian dinner with non-veg chicken, dal makhni and mattar paneer for dinner. Gifts don't need to be in kind but food strengthening the bond, a symbol of love and affection.

7. Some people pissed me off with their attitudes and deciding to placate them at the risk of being arrogant. At times, one need to be diplomatic to avoid negativity and the other, refuse to be taken for a ride. It made me happy, yes!


Tornado of feeling

A flicker of wind,
brush of sand,
shoreless journey,
borderless bond,
gentle kiss at the doorstep,
a peck,
gate flung wide open,
brazen lightning,
no door is closed,
a gate of free will,
chasing the steps of freedom,
embrace the self,
branches sashayed and swayed,
forces of fury,
one such night,
longing for you,
an enigma,
 havoc in my heart and mind,
tornado of feeling,
nerves burning till infinity point reached.


Such is the journey!

Frailty and pebble stones,
joy stanza weaved in the moments,
silly path,
bumpy curve,
an arduous and limitless journey,
chasing stars in the sky,
straggling through smokes and fog,
a dense route,
in the quest for the real,
caught by the shadow,
sword of pain,
soul writhed in blood,
a battle of faith,
conquering the unconquered,
such is the journey,
peace is bartered,
trading sleep for the monies and dimes,
such is the journey,
endless and limitless,
uncluttered happiness
trail of pain and excitement,
such is the journey,
of darkness,
and light!



Half of everything

Voiceless whisper,
blank tone,
sexless souls,
half of everything,
I carry no identity,
not a ghost,
scared by my own shadow,
in the town of godlessness,
waveless shores,
sea of debris,
riding on the crescent wave,
abhorring this woman,
she bears no feminine streak,
forget about making love,
cannot sleep with and impregnate her,
yet she gives me a half son and half daughter,
a child that will claim my everything,
who are you?
Your mother may be a mermaid,
a ghost!