One liners and words! Come and play!

Words fascinate me endlessly.  I am in awe of creative folks who can come with the zaniest tags, smart poetry in the form of humor or concocting stories in one or two lines and get swayed by the liquor of thoughts. Of late, been trying my wordplay on Facebook to post as my status and shall try some quirky fun on this blog but unsure it would have the desired impact on super creative minds. Let's go:

1. Coffee was steered to perfection till I realize the grains were coalesced in the sink's water stream.

2. You told me to stop loving you because there was someone better than the best.

3. During the climax, we practised foreplay that fizzled and popped like the balloon bursting like gum.

4. The hapless goal keeper looked for the ball inside his pocket when it lay inside the net.

5. The time she took to smile at me, my love letter was already inside the bin.

6. I sweated and trudged to reach the top of the tree to pluck the last apple only to realize Adam and Eve wolfed it to bliss.

7. They were spared for loving passionately and now counting stars in the sky.

8. There was no one before and after you till I found your bestie.

9. A kiss melted the lips for there was no ice cream to quench the thirst.

10. I wasn't a virgin till I flew in Virgin Atlantic.

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