Law of irrationality

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God in Gucci??? It might well be in Levis or the stitched trousers or Salwar manufactured by the tailor sitting in a small shack, in the corner of the road near the busy railways station. Nowadays, we have made God so glamorous that he or she must shudder at the idea of what we are making of them. We don't have any qualms of bribing God with money, expensive sarees, gold, ornaments and fruits. We could have easily fed so many people people, street urchins. If God could jump straight of the statues and eat, I wonder what would've been the reaction..Not ours but God itself. I know our reaction since we are the most irrational when it comes to God. We are an emotional nation and this is what make Indians distinct from others. But, it is also our biggest strength since no matter how much we crib about the state of things or blind religious beliefs we will never allow an outsider criticizes our country just for the sake of it. Let's screw the bastard. That's our mantra and it makes me a proud Indian as express sheer delight at our patriotism.
I am a living example. There was a point where I was so fed up of staying in Mumbai and was constantly cribbing about the traffic, getting bored like shit, fucked up infrastructure,getting crowded every day and no space for everyone. Now, I realize that I miss the place like hell. Fine the place suffers from a dearth of greenery, breathing space, choking at some point, traffic woes, there's no denying that it is a great city, our amazing life line,local trains. Mumbai, I know what I am missing as I long for the long evening walk at Marine drive, sitting and feeling the sea breath, chilling out Bandra bandstand,long drives on bikes at midnight. One thing I truly miss is the local trains and my favourite spots Andheri, Bandra and of course SoBo(for those you don't know, its a short form for South Bombay). I constantly fight with people, telling them Mumbai or Bombay is one of the most amazing place on earth and of course, SoBo where me was staying. Been a resident of Churchgate and nothing beats the place.
In Economics, we have learned that the consumer is never rational. We end up shed up a large amount of money we would probably use once ans imply forget it. Well,some of us would never use half of the stuffs we buy. Then, why do we indulge in waste shopping? To boost our impulsive ego, follow the crowd, beat stress. It is indeed therapy of an othewise sane individual getting carried away by the in-built psychology by big brands and shops. Ahem! Now I realise that I am brand conscious though I don't religiously follow a brand for its own sake. Money has intrinsic value just like shopping. We don't trade money because we have to but for its use value.
Why I am writing this piece on blog? Coz it gives me satisfaction, am so used to it and really wanna people to read about it. A case can be made for sex as well. We are humans and we have needs like clothing, shopping and hunger. We desire food and we eat to fill our stomachs. We have the natural desire for sex to fulfill of needs and desires and we indulge on physical pursuit of pleasures. Sex is similar to oxygen, hunger not necessarily for human survival but it fulfill one of our basic and intrinsic human needs...desires. Man is never rational.
Have a great day, irrational mortals


Book fest, intrinsic joy of reading

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Over the last two months, there's been several book fests to celebrate the World Book Day which took place sometimes back. The idea is to encourage more people to take interest in reading since many of the young minds are too much stuck in their academic books in a bid to score high marks and become toppers. It's an irony considering the definition of an educated person is that he is someone who learn about intellectual, spiritual and physical development and the learned soul has a fair amount of knowledge about culture. Books is an answer to the cultural part of education. It's a sad fact that the last book someone read was at the time they were doing their graduation. It is a sad fact.
It doesn't apply to countries like India where people are exposed to reading books, novels and non novels where books are sold like like peanuts. There is the hunger to read and learn and new budding authors are coming and trying to connect with the new generation. I am speaking of Mauritius where I am currently based. True it is a small market and people are not exposed to the reading culture so much. The education system has been built in a manner where emphasis is being laid too much on academic education and there is no real effort on the part of the government to promote reading. There are timid efforts. In some places, books are overpriced and it is one particular bookshop which is spearheading all efforts towards reading. Sad! They need many more bookshop like this one who sell books at an affordable price to encourage reading. Reading is bliss.
They held two such book fairs and I bought some books on my first visit. Decided that I will not buy any next time I visit but boy, I ended up buying books worth Rs 1,500. Boy!! The temptation is too luring to resist. A book exhibition is being held today at a place call the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre. Thought that I will skip this one. Later, realized that I love books too much to give it a miss. It is very attractive since there will be international authors and publishers attending the event as I look forward to meet some of them and click some pictures A book lover like em cannot afford to miss the event. Hopefully, I shall meet some publishing houses and discuss about mu collection of short stories that I am currently writing.
I know that I have been slacking with my writing and I need a desperate push to renew with my writing. I am looking forward to the month of June since I have quite a few interesting off days.Lotsa Sundays and Friday and it's boon to pen my stories. I shall rush to the event now and will let you guys know how it was. With photos of course.
Enjoy the ride and read beautiful books. Next week, I shall start with RK Narayan's Bachelor of Arts and Shobha at 60.


Munching on Life

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Life is like a kite. Hold the string of life properly you will enjoy its flight. Once you lose the hold, the whole meaning of life get lost in translation.
Holier than true. It is very true as to what we make of life and what it becomes. In life, we faces several ups and downs, disapointment, joy and going from one relationship to another. If one relationship brings joy on the onset and the next moment there are disapointment. We do fall short of each other's expectations and we find the love is lost. We try harder and enter new relationships, hoping that this one will work for us. Unfortunately, it doesn't as we crib,Yet, another relationship sucks. We are caught in the web of life. We might start questioning the essence of life and relationships and try to solve the jig, what's in store and what's not working. In the process, we tend to forget one simple rule of life: Good or bad, every single relationship teaches us something valuable and make is grow as whole individuals. Rather than ending up hating our partner, don't you think it's better to think of the wonderful times spent together, the innocent kiss, cute smile? My whole point is why focus on the bad, evil side rather on the good things which made us smile at the relationship. 
If I look at my life, I may not be having the happiest and rosy stuffs right now. As a person, I am very hyper and often end up frustrated with my salary and lament that I am not able to save money for a holiday, travel to my adopted home land, Pune and Mumbai. But, I know deep inside me that I must be patient and try to rechannel my subconscious thoughts which makes me happy. Indeed, I am not a so-so unhappy person in life. I strive to be grateful to the Almighty for giving me a job, earning an okay salary so that I am able to foot my bills, sometimes indulge in shopping, buying my branded jeans and T-shirt. It gives me an inner happiness, though it's materialistic. My birthday is coming and I know that I get quite a few wishes via SMS, Facebook and a call. It may not be the maximum wishes on Facebook like many of my very popular friends whom girls think are sexy and hunk. But. I am grateful.
"Count your blessings, not your sorrows"

Life is a beautiful canvas and we need to pick up the brush and charter our dreams. Life is beautiful and let make it rocking. It is a simple mantra which many of us know, but unfortunately in the fast lane of life we tend to forget. We live in a make believe world that we are the only souls who are affected by sorrow. Think of the crippled guy, the slum dwellers who manage to smile. Next time you travel in the local trains in Mumbai, just peep out in the poor neighbourhood, just watch the poor kids playing among themselves and how they laugh joyfully. We need to learn a lesson or two from them on the essence of beauty.
Coming back to me, I shall tell you my dreams or my dream list.
No 1: Owning a flat at Bandra band stand, sea facing
It is a dream to own a flat at Bandra band stand sea facing and dream of opening my door and facing the sea. Bless those souls who are having coffee in the comfort of their sky crapers and watching the still waters in Mumbai.

No.2:owning a bungalow at Goa
Goa..the dream land. Who doesn't wanna own a Bungalow there. I don't lose heart and I know when I will get the moolah, I shall become a proud Goan.Or, perhaps in my retirement days..Goa, I love you

No.3: Being an actor or director in the film industry
This is a dream which I have cherished since long. I blame myself that I didn't properly worked on it. chances I had to be in films and even assisted some people in their short films diploma. But, I didn't worked properly on them. Should that make me unhappy? No, why blame circumstances but myself. My biggest problem is my laziness. It's never too late I can still make a short film and work my way.

No:4 Becoming a full time author
I started two years back with a collection of short stories. Got stuck as a result of laziness,graveyard shift at work and it got lost in translation. Need to apply myself consistently and reach the end product. I know I Can. Yes, I Can. I must push myself towards it. Right now, I am blogging and it gives me inner happiness.

No.5: Own a BMW
Who doesn't want some luxuries in life. But, the money,money,money..apna Sapna Money Money. A lil bit of hard work and it takes time to reach the top. I shall some day and till now I am eternally grateful with what I have and happy for the proud owners of lxury cars.
"True contentment lies for others"

No.6: Shift back permanently to Pune
My land, my life lies in the beautiful jewel of Maharashtra, Pune. My city, m y beautiful city is within my reach. It's just a matter of time and decision. A place where I received the best of education at Fergusson college, and wonderful teachers and made simply awesome friends. A place where there is warmth,love and life. Not to mention Mumbai.

Lets be happy with what we have in life, friends. Think Big, Dream Big and Spend Big. Zindagi Na Milega Doobara. Life is a dream and we should never shy away from and the biggest thing is believe, chase our dreams and achieve them. It may take a very long time and ultimately that what will cut us from the rest. Hard work, consistency and we are here. Almost.
Gosh!Did I wrote all that? Din't knew I am so good. I need the advice first before giving to others.Cookies! Just had one and that too chocolate..


Life z good

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Hey gals and guyzzzz, wots up? It's an early morning and have 20 minutes to blog, then get ready for work and here I am reaching out to my truly global audience on the blog. I have started reading V S Naipaul's India-A million mutinies now. Early, I was hesitating to read Naipual because I have heard that he can be quite crazy describing India with prejudices and all. But, till now he has been fair in his approach unlike the countless Non Resident Indians with their prejudices. In fact, if you are interested in travel blog, decribing a particular landscape or city, Naipaul is your man. He got a knack of description.Post that, planning to jump on with Shobha@60 and me got also Rushdie's Fury. So, good going till next month. I have got plenty to read.
In three weeks, I am going to celebrate one year in my job as a sub-editor. So far, it was not easy as I had a tough time adapting at the workplace. It took me a while to understand people and get used to them since they were not really my kind of crowd. Plus, I had problems with the production of pages. I struggled with the software since I am very bad with all these computer softwares. I learned it on the spot, with no formal induction or training. I mean I still struggle since I don't know everything related to the technicalities. So, on a positive note, I learned stuffs which I would not otherwise learn. 
There was a time when I was fed up of working in the environment and that I was surrounded by lotsa negative people. I really wanted to leave the job and to be on a sabbatical for a few months. I was in fact counting days on calendars as I was planning to leave in April, then May and June. Thank God, things have stabilized and I am on.Me planning to stay on the job perhaps for a few more months and learn something new. The job of a sub-editor is hell lot stressful and it actually teaches you to manage stress and there were time where I would freak out. I still do it. Freaking out comes naturally to me and it's in my genes since Dad was like that. It's not that I am planning to stay on the job for long but till I get something interesting I shall stay. As it is by nature, I cannot stay in a place for a very long time and I believe in shifting between new jobs and places. 
If on one hand, there are manipulators, liars , frustrated beings on the other hand there are also cool people who give out good vibes and positive energy on the floor. It is one of the reason that I am still on the job and of course, the salary. Till something new crops up and of course,looking forward to go back to India for a month or two towards the year end. The trip to homeland has been eluding me and it's terrible.
On Sunday, I watched Sex and the City-2 and the second half of the movie is quite cool and it moves at a fast pace. Though I find the first half so and so. I particular love the Abu Dhabi location which has been marvellously shot. It's been long that I haven't watched a movie at the Theatre. It's so unlike me and the last flick I watched was Game.So,June I shall make an effort to watch at least 2 flicks. Till then, bye bye, taa-taaa
Have a wonderful Tuesday.
Angel wish and make a Wish.
Lotsa Love.


Paint the Town Red

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I have a wish to make.
I wanna paint the town red with your name all over.
I wanna compose and sing a song for you.
O! Baby! Sing and dance for me. Be my muse for ever.
You were the mysterious girl till we met and danced till the wee hours of the morning.
Be my lyrics. Be my music till my breath.
You are my oxygen, my heart beat.
You are the one coz you only makes the music click in my heart. 
Let's paint the town red with your name.
It shall be all over the place as you see the town with my eyes.
Together we shall! Shall we dance in the town!
Let's shed our inhibitions and make love in the town.
It is our own. Why should we be afraid of the world.
The town shall bow to us as they see Red in their faces.
Moral policing shall see red all over as they forget their politicking.
let's set an example for all lovers to follow.
We shall be fearless as we take on the world.
Adam and Eve did it.
We shall make history as lovers.
What do we fear? Society!! We are society and we lay down our rules.
Let's screw them, their crass moral rules.
It's time to change the laws, moral crass. We will create our own rules as we shall follow them.
Let's paint the town red.
Red is the colour of love, romance and sex.
We've been told never be shy to fall in love.
Indeed, love is the most beautiful and natural feeling.
It happens when we least expect it.
Love, the most powerful emotion and feeling in the world.
Imagine, we win hearts and conquer the world.
Still, it's just four letter words, L O V E.
Yet, there is so much power in these beautiful words.
We didn't shy to fall in love.
We just need to embrace love and tell the world,
Yes, we are in love.
Let's paint the town Red.
The time has come.

Happy Saturday.Spread Love N cheers 


Grace is gone

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There is a lack of good women in my surroundings..hot women, intelligent women, fun women, graceful women. By my surrounding, I mean my neighbourhood as well as the work place. In short, they suck to the core. The few beautiful ones are already taken or married. So,it leaves me sitting and biting my nails. At least, in places like Mumbai and Pune, women rock and have a difficult choice to make..hot women. cool women, fierce and independent women, they are almost every where and may get confused who to propose. No wonder, I love women in these cities.
Right now, I am working in Mauritius. This place sucks to the core and I'm actually praying for one year to elapse so that I leave the place and go back to India. In my work place, the women are just plain stupid and hmm..better not say anything coz sometimes it's no good to speak the truth..Forget a relationship, I can't even think of a one night sex..plain sex..poor me..A man without sex is a poor man on earth. I'm poor.
Yeah, I was speaking bout women. There is this stupid woman whom I met and she casually asked me where I'm going, I just replied that I am going to US. It was mean but to shed off evil coz she is so..so....not hot..fine you can deduce..Once was chatting with her and she was asking whether I find her beautiful and hot and I was like..Mummy bhaag.Ho!There are many instances of such gals which one should never ever date and if you had, you should wish that it doesn't happen to your worst enemies. Or, the kind of women who would call you every now and then and asking you whether you love them and how much do you...errr...love them. Then, for small things they be like..im not feeling well im meeting you at 5 and why you so late you lost my time..Hell, you lost my time, not the other way round..I was doing something important.Now, can't you be independent like other women..why on earth do you want your boyfriend to be with you and accompany you for some mundane stuffs which 5 year olds can do on their own.
These are instances of some women who are absolute NO and fits the bill of Grace is Gone. Terrible pain they are in the ass.I am not saying that guys well guys are better. Noo!There are lotsa guys who are pain in the ass and of course, it's not women or men here, but the individuals..i am just whining on a phase of life which many guys goes through: Where are the women? Hell, they are..errr!The dateable I mean with some intellect and grace..sometimes,it feels empty.
Anyways, hope you guys and of course, gals like the tips of people whom you should not ever date.
Hope you find someone today and on that note I say Cheers! Have a rocking Friday.


Citizen watch: Razing of promenade at Marine Drive-Let's Act

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Imitation is the best form of flattery-

Or is it? In the name of development, we've been hell bent in destroying our greeneries, fauna and hills and that too for crores as we aspire to become the new Shanghai. Well, our dear friends and friends, policy makers, Shanghai is well... Shanghai. Nothing wrong with development. But, it must be done taken into consideration the specification of the people, culture, habits and the environment.
Going through a not so old copy of Mumbai Mirror dated April 10, I was horrified on see the picture of Marine Drive where a coastal road of 2.3 kms is proposed along the Queen's necklace.
The effect of such a proposal:The promenade where hundred thousands walk and sit will be razed. I believe it is shockingly absurd. Marine Drive is a place which holds immense value not to the residents and that of Churchgate. It is an evening gate way and recreation to families who loves spending a nice evening their and looking at the still sea. In a place of Mumbai, where there is hardly anyplace to go as a result of the crazy construction of buildings, it is one of the few places to sit in solace. Not just residents but the average Mumbaikars and non-Mumbaikars as well who take a train to the city of dreams to be there and go back to their cities. It is a jewel in our Mumbai filled with bottle necks. A place we are extremely proud of. It represents a way of life of the average Mumbaikars.
The promenade regularly sees the likes of many celebrities and business men like Anil Ambani jogging regularly in the early morning. I have often seen Anil, followed by his Black Cats commando running on the track. Not just him, but the average city goers does their jogging, exercise and reading the newspapers there. It is and I strong feel, it should be made a historical heritage as when we think of Mumbai, Marine Drive is one of the places which comes to our mind. Moreover, it is a popular tourist attraction and so many tourists visit the place. It is one place where many of us have grown, gone for a date, stealing a kiss, made meaningful conversation with a complete stranger and admiring the beauty of life.
It is really sad that when the government think of something, the residents of the vicinity is not even consulted. It is cheating. The residents of Churchgate as well as the regulars must start a petition and shoot it to the concerned authorities. Let's all hope their plan fail. There are other ways and means to undertake developmental projects. It is because of this attitude that the city is choking with buildings and there is hardly any space the breath fresh air in the city. We, the citizens, should take the plunge and perhaps Shri Anna Hazare must lead us. Time to Act citizens of India, Mumbaikars and lovers of beauty and recreation.
Let's do it.
Link:mumbaimirror.com/sunday april 10, 2011(page 6)


memories, movies and thumbs down for blogger

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So what did you do on Saturday,Partied!!huh! I'm quizzed several times on dat line..nopes, didn't party like an animal, neither I do that. But, I'm longing to party since I haven't done that for a very long time. Unbelievable!!last time I did party was during Adi's buday in 2005..would you believe? Or, the Saturday night gateway in Savera with my Fergusson pals. That was last dated in 2008 till the everyone in the group went its respective ways. Differences cropped up among pals! I miss those days.
How I wish that in every corner of the world there was a city like Pune. This was written by a dear friend on its wall yesterday. Holier than truth! As you contemplate on the wonderful memories of life spent at Fergusson college, FC, MG road and how time has flickered out. Thanx God! There is something called Facebook where you meet with college pals and recount the wonderful times spent together. Memorablia unfolds itself. Btw! I still have to pen the memories of my college days in book form.I've been lazy and the project started 4 years back, wrote a few chapters and it went Kaput!

Moving on to movies released this year.It was so and so year with good movies like No One Killed Jessica, Dil to bachcha hai Ji, Tanu weds Manu and of course Kiran Rao's Dhobi Ghaat and there were major disappointment like Yamla Pagla Deewana, Game while haven't watched Dum Maaro Dum. heard that Ragini MMS and Stanley ka Dhabba is a good one. I'm banking heavily on Buddha hoga tera Baap which marks the comeback of Amitabh Bachchan. The original young man back in action and the truest superstar which fits the bill of a superstar.Longevity, humility, consistence and acting.  Then, Amir will bring a very special movie to us, Delhi Belly which I'm sure will live to expectations.
Me personally feel that the time for high budget movies are gone, except that one is making an epic or historical movie a la Devdas and Jodha Akbar,just to name a few. In today 's time, one need a good concept and work on it and roll on talented actors and make a good product with honest intention. Work on a shoe string budget and one shall recover your costs at the BO. Case in point:movies like No One Killed Jessica, Udaan, Tere Bin Laden and even Paa for that matter. Plus, there are movies like DasVidaniya and Bheja Fry which was shot in an appartment. I have started writing a script for a short film which will be shot in a bungalow or a room for that matter. The concept is here and it's time to develop the story idea.
One brownie point: Blogger was down on Friday and that too for 24 hours and it deprived millions of users, including me of blogging.It's been restored. But, me hope it doesn't happen again.
Feel the love N Happy Sunday:)

Shifting Gear

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I'm not driving at the odd hours,oblivious of the fact to drive towards Mumbai or Delhi. It sounds odd, I know to blog of a career shift at the wee hours..it's almost 2 in the morning. Been contemplating on some topic to write,had a look at the Gladrags mag on the table..Here I am career shift.Ok idea picked and let's begin.
I believe we do get signs as to when the time is ripe to leave the job..Things doesn't seem to work, office clashes, productivity take a dip, lack of communication with co-workers, dialogue is not passing between you and your boss. Most importantly as it stands, one need a big, huge break and should look out for new opportunities and challenges in an increasingly globalised and ever changing competitive world.
Let put it in this way. Times have changed and and it's no longer exciting to be stuck in a rut for 15 years..too bad..extremely mechanical..10 years..dude, take a chill pill..5 years..plain boring. It makes economic sense to change one job every 2 years or so every three years as we long to meet new people and look for something far more exciting and creative. Job for life time is passe as there is no signs of growth. Unless, you wanna look like this typical old, frustrated guy or gal sitting in a corner and smoking throughout the day.
But, for that to happen or you wanna make it happen, it's wise and intelligent to have a clear cut plan. What do you intend to do and which field you want to enter and make a killing. Planning to join wall street and predict the stocks..Do you have it in you, in terms of Economics/MBA or knack for predicting stocks and be ready to sacrifice leisure. Two makes for company, isn't it? In a work place, it is important to be surrounded with like minded people and souls with which you share good vibes. Being with frustrating and negative people send bad vibes in the atmosphere. So, start working on a plane NOW.Draft as much job resumes as possible in sectors targetted and make a planning over a year as to how much you expect to earn and whether your prospective company is ready to give you a month off during the time you work there so that you can go on holidays and visit some exotic parts of the world.
Plan on whether you will be able to adjust to the new work place and whether you will be ready to adjust with the people. This is very important to set in a new job. Moreover, what is the future plan? Are you planning to take a new course which will enable you to get a pay raise or promotion and that too by continuing to working. For example, Law or MBA. Will it be possible to earn and study at the same time?
If you planning to quit your job and stay at home for some time, start working out your finances and plan your expenses. Will you be able to sustain yourself over a period of say, three months? One option is to start saving in order to have a reserve in the bank. On what stuffs do you normally spend on, food,clothing,luxury items, start cutting down your expenses on the less important stuffs and keep on eye on your future, that is, career, finances and have a long term vision of things. In my case, I have a certain life style to maintain and I can't afford to leave my job as will be deprived of so many things.
Indeed, I am looking forward for a new challenge of sort and something exciting in the future. Plus, the privilege to hang out with people who share the same philosophy and values at the work place coz dunno wanna be with people having negative vibes. I'll play the wait and see games and apply in some companies and try to see what they will offer so that I mat take the plunge. The day I feel that I am not doing anything worthwhile, I shall leave the job and look for new possible arenas for self growth and development.
Till then good bye and me shall be at..errr office tomorrow..meaning on a Sunday.
Bye 4 now


Bond of friendship

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It's a connect we have with like minded souls. It started with some silly bickering in football ground as we were teens..not really!silly me.We moved on with time. Perhaps, there was this innate jealousy in me. He's a smart dude surely loved by gals as I was struggling to be accepted. We met quite a few times, then on Facebook. We connected as we met 2 years back.
Sam..my new found buddy or the brother with whom we both are able to connect. We are like minded as fellow humans. In a nutshell, he's one great guy with whom I am able to connect. We both share the same values, have different ethical perspectives on life. We spoke about the girls who were part of our life. How we connect with each other has surely got god's hand or some invisible power in that. People do connect and when it matters it matters the most. The start of a beautiful friendship among equals and it got to do with our respective education and our unwillingness to accept things in the order it is.
I have always believed in the values of being genuine to fellow human beings. I don't need to jump on a roof to tell you that I care about human values and emotions in life. It shows on one's face. If you are fake with people, giving the impression or being plain diplomatic, the insincerity shows. It's what Stephen Covey calls, the emotional bank account. You gotta invest and you will reap the dividends and the rate of interest.It goes the same with your relationship with people, be it with the family or an organisation. Invest in people and they shall reward you with the dividends in life.
I used to be very unsure about myself and had a myopic view of life at some point. Then,everything changed. For starters, I am a sucker of human emotions and quite stupidly, I wanna be accepted among people and would try to suit the requirements of common accepted goals to fit in. But, realised that it's not the way and being myself is the best way to live life fully. There are so many of us who refuse to see the inner reality. Just be genuine and you will win so many friends for life.
Today I am a happy men with so many genuine people around. Sport a smile and you'll get one in return. Sameer or Sam is one of the few genuine people with whom I can be myself. A friend, a brother who has always been there..giving genuine, mature advice and who understand the intricacies of life. A rare quality which so many of us lack. As I always say, I love being with like minded people and been blessed to have genuine persons in my life. Cheers to that brother and our bonding.


Osama Mil Gaya re!!!!

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The big news..Me waking up as Mom plays reporter..Osama Mar Gaya..Ah!Really! I refuse to believe coz it's a near impossible task..I double check with Mom,did you hear it correctly.I check on TOI.Indeed, Americans said that Osama died in Pakistan. Basatrd! I knew that he was hiding in Pak. No wonder, the terror attacks perpetuated against India. Still can't believe it.
There is some similarity in Sadam's capture and Osama death..I feel like humming the track fom Raavan Ek gaya ek aur gaya..Nopes, I don't have any intention to capture terrorists,please spare me from the horror! Ok back to similarity. It was a Monday, me was in first year and was preparing for lecture when we received news that Saddam has been captured. It made good things to me. It was a topic of converso and this is how I became friends with KumKum, my crush, the woman who still gives me goosebumps. I had wonderful meemories with her. Toh kya hua! She was standing near A7-Anyone who's been to Fergusson college will remember this spot..Acha!Certainly, not the best way to start a romantic conversation. It wasn't and we spoke on politics, bad people and being Indian. She's a muslim and we agreed that we are against the people not the community. It was the start of a long, beautiful friendship. We both knew one thing: I like her and she liked me and both of us knew bout it. Unfortunately, nothing happened and perhaps I should have pushed up things. She used to call me so that we attend lecture together. One day I called her and she was supposed to travel somewhere and that she'll be back in 3 weeks. Since then, there were no phone calls. I guess some friendship reaches an expiry date. I still have wonderful memories about her. KumKum is a dedicated Bharat Natyam dancer and wanted to be in films and she was doing modelling. I hope she cracks it and looking forward to watch her on screen like many of my friends. Cheers lady.
Moving over to other stuffs. Yesterday Maharashtra Day was celebrated as we dedicate the victories of Shivaji Maharaj. He was one of the greatest warrior and patriot the country was known and was instrumental in freeing India from the Mughals. A man who made immense sacrifice for both Maharashtra and India. We should all learn from his legacy and values which still makes sense in today's world. May 1 is also the day to celebrate workers' rights and unfortunately nowadays, the speech lingers too much on politics, caste and then religion. The whole issue is blown out when we should focus on challenges facing workers in terms of training, technology and skills. Anyways, that's politics and one thing I could never understand. Or, Politics could never understand me and will never!!
Osama mil gaya re...how about making a film on this title..He must be Tere Bin Laden and the Americans laid a trap and he was caught. See the power of Hindi movies, Dear Yankees..But, me know you will deny that and show the world how brave your soldiers are and remember it took you more than a decade to nail him and you were searching and searching. No big feat either, Americano..Nopes, I'll prefer a Capuccino. Hope this time, I have a love story and Osama sparks a magic in my love life as Saddam did. I love you, Saddam.