Osama Mil Gaya re!!!!

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The big news..Me waking up as Mom plays reporter..Osama Mar Gaya..Ah!Really! I refuse to believe coz it's a near impossible task..I double check with Mom,did you hear it correctly.I check on TOI.Indeed, Americans said that Osama died in Pakistan. Basatrd! I knew that he was hiding in Pak. No wonder, the terror attacks perpetuated against India. Still can't believe it.
There is some similarity in Sadam's capture and Osama death..I feel like humming the track fom Raavan Ek gaya ek aur gaya..Nopes, I don't have any intention to capture terrorists,please spare me from the horror! Ok back to similarity. It was a Monday, me was in first year and was preparing for lecture when we received news that Saddam has been captured. It made good things to me. It was a topic of converso and this is how I became friends with KumKum, my crush, the woman who still gives me goosebumps. I had wonderful meemories with her. Toh kya hua! She was standing near A7-Anyone who's been to Fergusson college will remember this spot..Acha!Certainly, not the best way to start a romantic conversation. It wasn't and we spoke on politics, bad people and being Indian. She's a muslim and we agreed that we are against the people not the community. It was the start of a long, beautiful friendship. We both knew one thing: I like her and she liked me and both of us knew bout it. Unfortunately, nothing happened and perhaps I should have pushed up things. She used to call me so that we attend lecture together. One day I called her and she was supposed to travel somewhere and that she'll be back in 3 weeks. Since then, there were no phone calls. I guess some friendship reaches an expiry date. I still have wonderful memories about her. KumKum is a dedicated Bharat Natyam dancer and wanted to be in films and she was doing modelling. I hope she cracks it and looking forward to watch her on screen like many of my friends. Cheers lady.
Moving over to other stuffs. Yesterday Maharashtra Day was celebrated as we dedicate the victories of Shivaji Maharaj. He was one of the greatest warrior and patriot the country was known and was instrumental in freeing India from the Mughals. A man who made immense sacrifice for both Maharashtra and India. We should all learn from his legacy and values which still makes sense in today's world. May 1 is also the day to celebrate workers' rights and unfortunately nowadays, the speech lingers too much on politics, caste and then religion. The whole issue is blown out when we should focus on challenges facing workers in terms of training, technology and skills. Anyways, that's politics and one thing I could never understand. Or, Politics could never understand me and will never!!
Osama mil gaya re...how about making a film on this title..He must be Tere Bin Laden and the Americans laid a trap and he was caught. See the power of Hindi movies, Dear Yankees..But, me know you will deny that and show the world how brave your soldiers are and remember it took you more than a decade to nail him and you were searching and searching. No big feat either, Americano..Nopes, I'll prefer a Capuccino. Hope this time, I have a love story and Osama sparks a magic in my love life as Saddam did. I love you, Saddam.
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