Grace is gone

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There is a lack of good women in my surroundings..hot women, intelligent women, fun women, graceful women. By my surrounding, I mean my neighbourhood as well as the work place. In short, they suck to the core. The few beautiful ones are already taken or married. So,it leaves me sitting and biting my nails. At least, in places like Mumbai and Pune, women rock and have a difficult choice to make..hot women. cool women, fierce and independent women, they are almost every where and may get confused who to propose. No wonder, I love women in these cities.
Right now, I am working in Mauritius. This place sucks to the core and I'm actually praying for one year to elapse so that I leave the place and go back to India. In my work place, the women are just plain stupid and hmm..better not say anything coz sometimes it's no good to speak the truth..Forget a relationship, I can't even think of a one night sex..plain sex..poor me..A man without sex is a poor man on earth. I'm poor.
Yeah, I was speaking bout women. There is this stupid woman whom I met and she casually asked me where I'm going, I just replied that I am going to US. It was mean but to shed off evil coz she is so..so....not hot..fine you can deduce..Once was chatting with her and she was asking whether I find her beautiful and hot and I was like..Mummy bhaag.Ho!There are many instances of such gals which one should never ever date and if you had, you should wish that it doesn't happen to your worst enemies. Or, the kind of women who would call you every now and then and asking you whether you love them and how much do you...errr...love them. Then, for small things they be like..im not feeling well im meeting you at 5 and why you so late you lost my time..Hell, you lost my time, not the other way round..I was doing something important.Now, can't you be independent like other women..why on earth do you want your boyfriend to be with you and accompany you for some mundane stuffs which 5 year olds can do on their own.
These are instances of some women who are absolute NO and fits the bill of Grace is Gone. Terrible pain they are in the ass.I am not saying that guys well guys are better. Noo!There are lotsa guys who are pain in the ass and of course, it's not women or men here, but the individuals..i am just whining on a phase of life which many guys goes through: Where are the women? Hell, they are..errr!The dateable I mean with some intellect and grace..sometimes,it feels empty.
Anyways, hope you guys and of course, gals like the tips of people whom you should not ever date.
Hope you find someone today and on that note I say Cheers! Have a rocking Friday.
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