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I'm not driving at the odd hours,oblivious of the fact to drive towards Mumbai or Delhi. It sounds odd, I know to blog of a career shift at the wee hours..it's almost 2 in the morning. Been contemplating on some topic to write,had a look at the Gladrags mag on the table..Here I am career shift.Ok idea picked and let's begin.
I believe we do get signs as to when the time is ripe to leave the job..Things doesn't seem to work, office clashes, productivity take a dip, lack of communication with co-workers, dialogue is not passing between you and your boss. Most importantly as it stands, one need a big, huge break and should look out for new opportunities and challenges in an increasingly globalised and ever changing competitive world.
Let put it in this way. Times have changed and and it's no longer exciting to be stuck in a rut for 15 years..too bad..extremely mechanical..10 years..dude, take a chill pill..5 years..plain boring. It makes economic sense to change one job every 2 years or so every three years as we long to meet new people and look for something far more exciting and creative. Job for life time is passe as there is no signs of growth. Unless, you wanna look like this typical old, frustrated guy or gal sitting in a corner and smoking throughout the day.
But, for that to happen or you wanna make it happen, it's wise and intelligent to have a clear cut plan. What do you intend to do and which field you want to enter and make a killing. Planning to join wall street and predict the stocks..Do you have it in you, in terms of Economics/MBA or knack for predicting stocks and be ready to sacrifice leisure. Two makes for company, isn't it? In a work place, it is important to be surrounded with like minded people and souls with which you share good vibes. Being with frustrating and negative people send bad vibes in the atmosphere. So, start working on a plane NOW.Draft as much job resumes as possible in sectors targetted and make a planning over a year as to how much you expect to earn and whether your prospective company is ready to give you a month off during the time you work there so that you can go on holidays and visit some exotic parts of the world.
Plan on whether you will be able to adjust to the new work place and whether you will be ready to adjust with the people. This is very important to set in a new job. Moreover, what is the future plan? Are you planning to take a new course which will enable you to get a pay raise or promotion and that too by continuing to working. For example, Law or MBA. Will it be possible to earn and study at the same time?
If you planning to quit your job and stay at home for some time, start working out your finances and plan your expenses. Will you be able to sustain yourself over a period of say, three months? One option is to start saving in order to have a reserve in the bank. On what stuffs do you normally spend on, food,clothing,luxury items, start cutting down your expenses on the less important stuffs and keep on eye on your future, that is, career, finances and have a long term vision of things. In my case, I have a certain life style to maintain and I can't afford to leave my job as will be deprived of so many things.
Indeed, I am looking forward for a new challenge of sort and something exciting in the future. Plus, the privilege to hang out with people who share the same philosophy and values at the work place coz dunno wanna be with people having negative vibes. I'll play the wait and see games and apply in some companies and try to see what they will offer so that I mat take the plunge. The day I feel that I am not doing anything worthwhile, I shall leave the job and look for new possible arenas for self growth and development.
Till then good bye and me shall be at..errr office tomorrow..meaning on a Sunday.
Bye 4 now
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