Law of irrationality

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God in Gucci??? It might well be in Levis or the stitched trousers or Salwar manufactured by the tailor sitting in a small shack, in the corner of the road near the busy railways station. Nowadays, we have made God so glamorous that he or she must shudder at the idea of what we are making of them. We don't have any qualms of bribing God with money, expensive sarees, gold, ornaments and fruits. We could have easily fed so many people people, street urchins. If God could jump straight of the statues and eat, I wonder what would've been the reaction..Not ours but God itself. I know our reaction since we are the most irrational when it comes to God. We are an emotional nation and this is what make Indians distinct from others. But, it is also our biggest strength since no matter how much we crib about the state of things or blind religious beliefs we will never allow an outsider criticizes our country just for the sake of it. Let's screw the bastard. That's our mantra and it makes me a proud Indian as express sheer delight at our patriotism.
I am a living example. There was a point where I was so fed up of staying in Mumbai and was constantly cribbing about the traffic, getting bored like shit, fucked up infrastructure,getting crowded every day and no space for everyone. Now, I realize that I miss the place like hell. Fine the place suffers from a dearth of greenery, breathing space, choking at some point, traffic woes, there's no denying that it is a great city, our amazing life line,local trains. Mumbai, I know what I am missing as I long for the long evening walk at Marine drive, sitting and feeling the sea breath, chilling out Bandra bandstand,long drives on bikes at midnight. One thing I truly miss is the local trains and my favourite spots Andheri, Bandra and of course SoBo(for those you don't know, its a short form for South Bombay). I constantly fight with people, telling them Mumbai or Bombay is one of the most amazing place on earth and of course, SoBo where me was staying. Been a resident of Churchgate and nothing beats the place.
In Economics, we have learned that the consumer is never rational. We end up shed up a large amount of money we would probably use once ans imply forget it. Well,some of us would never use half of the stuffs we buy. Then, why do we indulge in waste shopping? To boost our impulsive ego, follow the crowd, beat stress. It is indeed therapy of an othewise sane individual getting carried away by the in-built psychology by big brands and shops. Ahem! Now I realise that I am brand conscious though I don't religiously follow a brand for its own sake. Money has intrinsic value just like shopping. We don't trade money because we have to but for its use value.
Why I am writing this piece on blog? Coz it gives me satisfaction, am so used to it and really wanna people to read about it. A case can be made for sex as well. We are humans and we have needs like clothing, shopping and hunger. We desire food and we eat to fill our stomachs. We have the natural desire for sex to fulfill of needs and desires and we indulge on physical pursuit of pleasures. Sex is similar to oxygen, hunger not necessarily for human survival but it fulfill one of our basic and intrinsic human needs...desires. Man is never rational.
Have a great day, irrational mortals
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