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Life is like a kite. Hold the string of life properly you will enjoy its flight. Once you lose the hold, the whole meaning of life get lost in translation.
Holier than true. It is very true as to what we make of life and what it becomes. In life, we faces several ups and downs, disapointment, joy and going from one relationship to another. If one relationship brings joy on the onset and the next moment there are disapointment. We do fall short of each other's expectations and we find the love is lost. We try harder and enter new relationships, hoping that this one will work for us. Unfortunately, it doesn't as we crib,Yet, another relationship sucks. We are caught in the web of life. We might start questioning the essence of life and relationships and try to solve the jig, what's in store and what's not working. In the process, we tend to forget one simple rule of life: Good or bad, every single relationship teaches us something valuable and make is grow as whole individuals. Rather than ending up hating our partner, don't you think it's better to think of the wonderful times spent together, the innocent kiss, cute smile? My whole point is why focus on the bad, evil side rather on the good things which made us smile at the relationship. 
If I look at my life, I may not be having the happiest and rosy stuffs right now. As a person, I am very hyper and often end up frustrated with my salary and lament that I am not able to save money for a holiday, travel to my adopted home land, Pune and Mumbai. But, I know deep inside me that I must be patient and try to rechannel my subconscious thoughts which makes me happy. Indeed, I am not a so-so unhappy person in life. I strive to be grateful to the Almighty for giving me a job, earning an okay salary so that I am able to foot my bills, sometimes indulge in shopping, buying my branded jeans and T-shirt. It gives me an inner happiness, though it's materialistic. My birthday is coming and I know that I get quite a few wishes via SMS, Facebook and a call. It may not be the maximum wishes on Facebook like many of my very popular friends whom girls think are sexy and hunk. But. I am grateful.
"Count your blessings, not your sorrows"

Life is a beautiful canvas and we need to pick up the brush and charter our dreams. Life is beautiful and let make it rocking. It is a simple mantra which many of us know, but unfortunately in the fast lane of life we tend to forget. We live in a make believe world that we are the only souls who are affected by sorrow. Think of the crippled guy, the slum dwellers who manage to smile. Next time you travel in the local trains in Mumbai, just peep out in the poor neighbourhood, just watch the poor kids playing among themselves and how they laugh joyfully. We need to learn a lesson or two from them on the essence of beauty.
Coming back to me, I shall tell you my dreams or my dream list.
No 1: Owning a flat at Bandra band stand, sea facing
It is a dream to own a flat at Bandra band stand sea facing and dream of opening my door and facing the sea. Bless those souls who are having coffee in the comfort of their sky crapers and watching the still waters in Mumbai.

No.2:owning a bungalow at Goa
Goa..the dream land. Who doesn't wanna own a Bungalow there. I don't lose heart and I know when I will get the moolah, I shall become a proud Goan.Or, perhaps in my retirement days..Goa, I love you

No.3: Being an actor or director in the film industry
This is a dream which I have cherished since long. I blame myself that I didn't properly worked on it. chances I had to be in films and even assisted some people in their short films diploma. But, I didn't worked properly on them. Should that make me unhappy? No, why blame circumstances but myself. My biggest problem is my laziness. It's never too late I can still make a short film and work my way.

No:4 Becoming a full time author
I started two years back with a collection of short stories. Got stuck as a result of laziness,graveyard shift at work and it got lost in translation. Need to apply myself consistently and reach the end product. I know I Can. Yes, I Can. I must push myself towards it. Right now, I am blogging and it gives me inner happiness.

No.5: Own a BMW
Who doesn't want some luxuries in life. But, the money,money,money..apna Sapna Money Money. A lil bit of hard work and it takes time to reach the top. I shall some day and till now I am eternally grateful with what I have and happy for the proud owners of lxury cars.
"True contentment lies for others"

No.6: Shift back permanently to Pune
My land, my life lies in the beautiful jewel of Maharashtra, Pune. My city, m y beautiful city is within my reach. It's just a matter of time and decision. A place where I received the best of education at Fergusson college, and wonderful teachers and made simply awesome friends. A place where there is warmth,love and life. Not to mention Mumbai.

Lets be happy with what we have in life, friends. Think Big, Dream Big and Spend Big. Zindagi Na Milega Doobara. Life is a dream and we should never shy away from and the biggest thing is believe, chase our dreams and achieve them. It may take a very long time and ultimately that what will cut us from the rest. Hard work, consistency and we are here. Almost.
Gosh!Did I wrote all that? Din't knew I am so good. I need the advice first before giving to others.Cookies! Just had one and that too chocolate..

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