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So what did you do on Saturday,Partied!!huh! I'm quizzed several times on dat line..nopes, didn't party like an animal, neither I do that. But, I'm longing to party since I haven't done that for a very long time. Unbelievable!!last time I did party was during Adi's buday in 2005..would you believe? Or, the Saturday night gateway in Savera with my Fergusson pals. That was last dated in 2008 till the everyone in the group went its respective ways. Differences cropped up among pals! I miss those days.
How I wish that in every corner of the world there was a city like Pune. This was written by a dear friend on its wall yesterday. Holier than truth! As you contemplate on the wonderful memories of life spent at Fergusson college, FC, MG road and how time has flickered out. Thanx God! There is something called Facebook where you meet with college pals and recount the wonderful times spent together. Memorablia unfolds itself. Btw! I still have to pen the memories of my college days in book form.I've been lazy and the project started 4 years back, wrote a few chapters and it went Kaput!

Moving on to movies released this year.It was so and so year with good movies like No One Killed Jessica, Dil to bachcha hai Ji, Tanu weds Manu and of course Kiran Rao's Dhobi Ghaat and there were major disappointment like Yamla Pagla Deewana, Game while haven't watched Dum Maaro Dum. heard that Ragini MMS and Stanley ka Dhabba is a good one. I'm banking heavily on Buddha hoga tera Baap which marks the comeback of Amitabh Bachchan. The original young man back in action and the truest superstar which fits the bill of a superstar.Longevity, humility, consistence and acting.  Then, Amir will bring a very special movie to us, Delhi Belly which I'm sure will live to expectations.
Me personally feel that the time for high budget movies are gone, except that one is making an epic or historical movie a la Devdas and Jodha Akbar,just to name a few. In today 's time, one need a good concept and work on it and roll on talented actors and make a good product with honest intention. Work on a shoe string budget and one shall recover your costs at the BO. Case in point:movies like No One Killed Jessica, Udaan, Tere Bin Laden and even Paa for that matter. Plus, there are movies like DasVidaniya and Bheja Fry which was shot in an appartment. I have started writing a script for a short film which will be shot in a bungalow or a room for that matter. The concept is here and it's time to develop the story idea.
One brownie point: Blogger was down on Friday and that too for 24 hours and it deprived millions of users, including me of blogging.It's been restored. But, me hope it doesn't happen again.
Feel the love N Happy Sunday:)
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