Break up story and exploring fresh, passionate romance

Sob!! Sob!! Sob!!!
Drowning self in tissue papers, sentimental tunes and emptying bottles of alcohol.
A story of break-up, wandering aimlessly for the loss of everything.
A romance buried in the past.
It was yesterday only that we were madly in love,
till it happened.
A grim reminded that love, romance and life doesn't last forever.
Longing for the moments of silliness, kissing and intimacy.
Cursing the destiny and wondering what went wrong!
It doesn't help nursing heart-break like Devdas.
The real me knows that I gotta get up and explore life,
reach out to friends who were lost in translation.
Time to get up and celebrate life, flirting shamelessly and going on a date spree.
There is another soul in the world, waiting for me to hold her hand and kiss her in a flurry of passion.
Life is beautiful, live it fully.
Never say no to love.
Ahem! Ahem! Move over the painful past.



Myriad thoughts on Republic Day

A proud moment for Indians across the globe. Puja Thakur is the first lady officer who led the guard of honor for US president Barack Obama. As we usher within hours of Republic Day celebration, India faces several challenges both within our land and outside the country. 
The Indian Government has been successful on the eve of 66th Republic Day to make the Nuke deal with United States a reality. Should we cheer up and join the party?
For hopefuls, it's a sign of India's growing clout among the SAARC countries where we can play a strategic role in dictating terms at the geo-political and economic level. It's high time that India lead the pack in the region since we played a miss-and-blinked appearance in the not-so-distant. Certainly, the future looks bright from a global perspective.
As we celebrate our Republic Day, there are some reflections that we need to make. While the Narendra Modi led BJP Government deserve pat on their back for sealing the N-Deal, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan by making a woman Puja Thakur the face of R-Day who will carve a place in history as an officer, there are certain things that we need to mull over.
India is a country that belongs to everyone, irrespective of caste, class, race or gender. Sadly, there have been the blending of religion with politics which doesn't make us very proud. The minority community are feeling alienated when unfortunate and dumb comments by politicians on ridiculous issues such as Ghar Wapsi, Hindus should have as many children as possible and, of course, the attacks by extremists against social crusader and writer Perumal Murugan in their attempt to strive his creative freedom. We are treading on a dangerous path and such extreme detour do not honor the Indian constitution and the country, as a whole.

As an India, my wish would be to see that sexual assaults, rape and violating a woman's character is history and absent in our land since it doesn't make us proud at all. As a vibrant Republic, we don't want our country to be mired in such mudslinging and attack against women who are our equal in society. One hopes that the Government would come with strict laws against perpetrators of violence against women. 
It's a real tragedy when we see the mighty power of the patriarchal society and a system when men decide what is good and bad for women, how the latter should behave and what she must wear to respect the 'great' tradition. A women is labelled as deemed by society because she refuses to confine to the moral yardstick put in place by society. A change in mindset where we let a woman be who she is and respect her individuality is something the vibrant Republic of India is lacking. Blame it on our culture of oppression and repression.
One wish that we become more tolerant when it comes to religion and sexuality. Let's not stifle sexual freedom which is one of the reasons why there are so many crimes in society. How one wish that heinous crimes like honor killing, violating rights of prostitutes, homosexuals and stifling people on account of their caste and religion would be crushed forever. We want a new and fresh India where each and every person is respected and has the right to lead life on their own terms.

As an Indian, it's normal for us to crib on plagues such as corruption, red-tapism, stifling of creative expression and freedom. Yet, we love our India and would love to see our country cited as a model in the world. We have a rich history and legacy that we are proud of and it's time to stop being negative about the potential of India.

O' My country folks!
Let's strive in our expressions and differences.
Our freedom has no price.
Forefathers fought hard for us to breath freely and grow as human beings.
A dream for a better India,
is it too much to ask, fella countrymen and women?
Be proud of India.
Make our country proud of our actions.
Respect and tolerance.
Proud to be Indian

Jai Hind
Happy Republic Day

Re-Blogged: A Spaceship called, The Great Indian Litterbug

I started writing this post for  Indiblogger’s “Great Indian Litterbug”  in association with Times of India 'The Great Indian Litterbug' campaign, exclusively on this post. Unfortunately, I realized that on my Indiblogger's account I can only register for my blog on www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com and not for this one. Here's re-blogging.
The Times Of India cover
Image credit: https://www.indiblogger.in/happyhours/great-indian-litterbug/

Disclaimer: It's a post written in humor, designed to tick your funny bones to think. Any reference to any human being, living or dead is regretted but anyone taking to offense to it shall not receive an apology. Let's learn to laugh at ourselves before feeling offended and purify the self and environment.

A Spaceship called, The Great Indian Litterbug:

Lights, Camera, Action. The TV crew and anchors, news editors and journalists, train your third eye. Lovelies!! I mean your toting gun for it's a feast that you can't dare to miss. Never Ever Ever Say No coz our Arnab is wearing blinkers, right now. Swach Bharat Abhiyaan. Like Armadegon, the huge India space ship is descending on planet earth. See, how monstrous, super mighty and powerful this mammoth orbit, designed by fellas homo-sapiens descending on earth to wreck destruction.
The super shiny and huge object crafted with the hard labor of fellow Indians is called, The Great Indian Litterbug. How come we couldn't notice this huge power, zillion times mighty than our missiles, rocket and war tanks? US President, Barack Obama on a visiting spree would be mightily impressed with our self-designed power of human destruction, our own, 'The Great Indian Litterbug.' So what, The Taj Mahal is not on his plans?
The designers aren't faulty robots but the doing of the human mass. Peeing on our walls in every nook-and-corner of the country, garbage thrown from our luxurious worth crores sky-scrapers, Bisleri bottle flung at traffic signals as our show-offs BMW zoom ahead, cigarette butts, plastic bags, newspaper, used items stacked to adorn our society. See, we need to give a fresh aesthetic touch to our surroundings. Stacks and stacks of them piled and mounted on each other like the lego game, crafted intelligently and with perfumes, flowing from our urinal oops orgasmic pleasure, escalating like bricks, metals and gadgets, making us proud of our latest technology to show the world.
See, Mr Barack Obama, it's a must to pay a visit and honor our mighty creation, The Great Indian Litterbug' and shake hands with the creators of such objects of great value. The 'Great Indian Litterbug' space ship doesn't make us proud when we see the Indians that you've adopted for ages and call themselves Americans, your own tribe and fellas foreigners love to visit us with a camera and shoot our to-be-famous 'The Great Indian Litterbug' with aha expressions, 'WoW! This is real India.' 
I tell you: We get so irritated with such 'Mehmaan' who is hell-bent in giving honor to our mighty space ship by making it global. You know, Obama Sir! We know very much how to do 'Mehmaan Nawazi'. I just wanna give a pound of my fist with the 'Real India' definition and honor you give to our unique space ship by posting on You Tube, as if it's some sex orgy or masturbation they are doing. Do you guys come here to see our mighty powerful, 'The Great Indian Litterbug'? See! It's no Red Fort, Taj Mahal and Lal Kila or Gateway of India ani Marine Drive.
Dear fellow Indians, wishing you a Happy Republic Day and let's be the change-Do Not Litter-Is it too much to ask? Make Love not wage war against our great India.
Jai Hind


Signs of Getting Old

I'm reaching an elixir. In search of a youth filled liquor potion to gulp and feel forever fresh to make oodles of energy rushing in the blood and body, like a teenager. Is age getting to me?, I wonder. There are certain things in the body that is making me at odd with myself as I have passed the threshold of 30 and it is suddenly making me wonder how life is changing when I hark back at the not-so-distant past.
Borrowing a cue from my favorite SEPO (http://snehabhatsepo.blogspot.com/2015/01/10-signs-you-are-getting-old.html) who wrote a post on 10 Signs of Getting Old, here I am borrowing the entire tree.

1. Last time, I was invited to a friend's two-year-old birthday bash and post Chillar Party, there were plans for adults to stay over a little late till midnight. I hanged around, had few wines and started thinking that it's already 6 p.m and staying till the wee hours would spell trouble. I shall feel sleepy and pang of back pain started cropping up There is no way that I can stay till midnight and made an early exit, to go home and sleep.

2. By nature, I am a night owl and my Mumbai days were spent, roaming around the deserted streets and of course, places like Marine Drive, either hanging solo in company of friends or in hostel staying awake past 3 in the morning. It's been a year now when the eyes start getting rolling past 11.30 p.m, sleep knocking on the door. It got to do with the fact that I report to work at 9 but there were times when waking up at 6 a.m would mean sleep at 2, past the wee hours.

3. I don't remember the last time I wooed a girl and slowly it's become a phase when the women species hardly exist in my dictionary of life or getting attracted to someone in a public place, be it a bus, shopping mall, smiling to strike a conversation has abandoned me. Where has all the godamn crush (es) gone?!

4. There was a time when every week it would be a must to catch a movie either at the theater or on DvD. It was a religion for me but nowadays, I forsake my religion of movies for weeks and sometimes, it hit a month.

5. When I hit the sack on New Year eve and hate the very mention of fire crackers cum staying awake to whatsapp friends or sms-ing at midnight to wish best wishes in the new season. It's just me and my bed or TV takes prominence over New Year celebration.

6. When loans and EMI start bugging you to no end and getting over stressed when you gonna finish it all to sleep peacefully. Money, Money, Money start making sense and you start planning on Insurance investment to save your ass during rainy days.

7. When you stop whining when you have to wear formal trousers and shirts, which you hate, for special occasions to office. I am a completely Tee and Jeans person. Getting all dressed in formal attire is something I just hate and see the irony of not resisting the monster.

8. When you start getting conscious wearing torn off jeans that makes you an awesome rebel you take pride in. Yeah!! I have a penchant for torn and rugged jeans, one of my favorite 'Flying Machine' is displayed proudly on the chair.

9. When small and minor irritation start getting to the brains and you start feeling so powerless and angry rather than laughing at the stupid you.

10. You star over-analyzing and over-thinking at every mundane stuff that affect your life and the result is, whole day spent mulling at things where you've arrived at no solution to the issue.



Skirt and denim flowing, kissing way to heaven

Put the music blaring loud,
it ain't jazz.
Dude sporting blue denim, white shirt and boot,
I wanna swim naked in the Arabian sea.
Marveling at my artistic swimming skill,
they shall clap inside their heart.
Yet, the outer demon will slander my gut and brand me the 'shameless creature' showing my assets.
A blot to their culture, I am.
My body shall float above sea level.
Another catch, as they revel in my death.
Womaniya! In mini-skirt, strumming the guitar on the beach,
smoking up to the heart's delight,
as she pulls on the powerful bike,
dancing her way to heaven.
Weaving the song of life,
men and women,
daring to take the world by storm,
naysayers offended.
Sinful chocolate,
lips melt together as they watch us, powerless.
Nah! We shall not resort to violence.
Will offer flowers in lieu to brickbats,
we shall kiss in front of them,
shaming them, their false pride, prejudices, hatred with love.
We dare take on the system and be real.

With Love


Hunting for Perfection: Saas, Bahu aur Mamma's Boy

Picture credit: FB friend, Neha's wall. Reproduced with permission.

Guess, who said that?!! Mommy-ji of course, bride hunting for Kunwar, the charming prince, who will take care of her in the good old age. Momma boy, need a bride. Of course, not! He doesn't need one. Maa needs a Bahu. Worried that the 'bechara beta' may die without a bride. Who will carry the lineage forward? Of course, the only 'waaris' in the 'Khandani Parivar'. 
See! Who will make tea, lunch and dinner at home? Performing the religious rites, sacrificing food and Karwa Chauth throughout the year, of course, cleaning the house and souls purifying the 'Ganga-like' household? Of course, the dutiful and domesticated daughter-in-law, pressing 'Saasu Maa' legs while she plonks herself on the couch, the helicopter like fan rolling in the air to provide her respite from the excruciating heat. 'Saasu Maa' need to guard herself from the heat that a modern, educated daughter-in-law may lash on her.
Maa is worried bout the tattoo on 'Bahu' dearest body. Log kya kahenge? Feminist, no way!!! Traditional Brahmin not eating chicken and beef raw, yes!!! Nah!! She will not dance on the table to the tune of Kamli, aspiring to be Deepika Padukone, flaunting her abs or questioning the Saas way of doing things at home. No arguing or questioning religious beliefs. Way to go!! That's like my Baahu. In Saasu Maa universe, boozing or late night party, is out of question. What if the Baahu is having an orgy of sort with her gang of girls?! Don't tell, Saasu Maa. She will die of a heart attack. Nahin!!!! Nahin!!!!! What will the Samaaj say? Boozing among her English-speaking friends is simply out of question for the Mother-in-laws of the world. 
Ladies, are you planning to apply with your decorated CV to join this household? Chuck out your job description!!!! serving beer in the five-star hotel, one-time hooker, Ganja smoking or hitting the guy who made a pass at you with the helmet. Stop arguing for any flimsy reasons, ladies or else, at your own peril, you shall remain (Un) Happily Married. At your own risks for torturing this morally uptight mother-in-law. See! She wanna see a mirror image of her own younger self in you.
You are too westernized for her own exquisite taste of what a Baahu should be like. You must wash the dishes, make tea for the husband, wait for Pati Parmeshwar to have dinner before you eat, press and touch his feat and, of course, have sex only if Paati-dev wants to. Of course, he will ask Mommy-ji permission and mind you, if she says it's 'Paap', you'll keep longing for some thrill and adventure on bed. Saasu Maa is the one who decides when and if it's not for procreation, you are doomed. Sensual pleasure is sin with this Saasu-Maa. She will consult her astrologers or pay a visit to Baba Ramdev before both of you get under the white sheet. Don't ever think to buy the 'balloon' to make Pati-dev wear. It's the biggest sin you will commit and if Saasu-Maa ever gets to know, your room must be cleaned. Then? Haawan Karenge, Haawan Karenge!!
Yeh Bandhan toh Pyar Ka Bandhan..Janmon ka Bandhan Hai!!! You see, Sir!! Huge circle of friends shall be kept at bay kyon ki marriage is about the union between two souls, never mind the kitty party of bitching about the 'Baahu Rani.' O! Womaniya!!! Feminist, too western in outlook, English Vinglish or fighting for a social cause, you are dead. Our Bhaiya-ji is 37-something baby, the chairman waiting for Mamma call in office to check if he had breakfast or lunch, seeking her blessing to chair meeting. Shubbh Mahurat! Don't you forget that you gotta plan well with this hubby of yours, 'Aaji Sunte ho.'
Planning for a baby or paying your bills cum starting a new venture. Don't forget to check your stars first. Shubbh Mahurat matters and, of course, taking Saasu-Maa's blessings. Any takers for this proposal, ladies? Chuckle! I think, I am going to die if my Mom ever post this kind of ad on my behalf or without permission.   Waise Mommy-ji!!! Have you ever consulted Smriti-ji? Kyon ki Saas Kabhi Bhi Bahu Thi. I bet you are the chuddi buddy of Ekta Kapoor. Sakshi Maharaj, I am telling you must be remotely related to this classic Mom that would give Nirupa Roy and Raakhee a complex. Mere Karan Arjun aayenge.
A last question before I go: Have you considered taking insurance for Beta-ji? I am just asking coz insurance is a matter of solicitation. How bout' a legally binding contract for the son and his would-be-newly wed wife? Just letting you know, I am not bride hunting.


Reflection on New Year doston: It's 2015

The party is over. Recovering from the hang over and damage to ear lobes havoc cause by fire crackers, dusty calendars thrown off as a new one replaces it, adorning the wall. Fresh paint on the wall. Nah! Same old paint but new calendar stand proudly in every nook-and-corner of the house. Happy New Year folks. Wish you love, positive energy wafting through your lives and may all your dreams come true.
We long for new year eve, partying hard till the wee hours admiring the sunrise, shopping spree, spending like a fish for the new year. In the flick of second, it's passe and we wake up to a brand new season. Dekho 2015 Zamana Aagaya.

Every year, the common people face the same old issues, inflation, housing, caste, class discrimination, attitudes towards women being exploited, corruption and exploited by capitalists. We shall get set, go to office or college to be stuck in a rut. We shall forget the promises made to self as we go about in our contented selfish lives. How many of us would stand up for the girl child abused or woman molested in public spaces? We will sink in and nurture prejudices against race and caste, jealously protecting our religion at the outset of attacks, flaring up tempers. How intelligent on our part?
Let's reflect that a start to the year is not just about clinking glasses and go about in the same old routine of life. Our country is facing several challenges and it's not just about Swacch Bharat or hitting against discrimination or crazy acts such as terrorism in Assam or Peshawar, Ghar Wapsi. A small difference such as feeding a child or treating woman with respect in this patriarchal set up and caring for everyone irrespective of caste, class, race or sex will make the year a beautiful one.
On the personal front, I look forward to enjoy every moment of life, reading more books and doing book  reviews. I've done quite a few last year and I am getting so many requests from authors' to review their works. Participating in blogging challenge is something I look forward to and coming with creative posts. We shall blog to the hearts' contentment and consolidating old bond, making new friends on this space. Thanks my blogger friends for making my life beautiful and a memorable one.
Let's leave the past behind and look up to the new season filled with hope, optimism, victories and facing new challenges.
May all your dreams come true.
Happy New Year 2015.