Reflection on New Year doston: It's 2015

The party is over. Recovering from the hang over and damage to ear lobes havoc cause by fire crackers, dusty calendars thrown off as a new one replaces it, adorning the wall. Fresh paint on the wall. Nah! Same old paint but new calendar stand proudly in every nook-and-corner of the house. Happy New Year folks. Wish you love, positive energy wafting through your lives and may all your dreams come true.
We long for new year eve, partying hard till the wee hours admiring the sunrise, shopping spree, spending like a fish for the new year. In the flick of second, it's passe and we wake up to a brand new season. Dekho 2015 Zamana Aagaya.

Every year, the common people face the same old issues, inflation, housing, caste, class discrimination, attitudes towards women being exploited, corruption and exploited by capitalists. We shall get set, go to office or college to be stuck in a rut. We shall forget the promises made to self as we go about in our contented selfish lives. How many of us would stand up for the girl child abused or woman molested in public spaces? We will sink in and nurture prejudices against race and caste, jealously protecting our religion at the outset of attacks, flaring up tempers. How intelligent on our part?
Let's reflect that a start to the year is not just about clinking glasses and go about in the same old routine of life. Our country is facing several challenges and it's not just about Swacch Bharat or hitting against discrimination or crazy acts such as terrorism in Assam or Peshawar, Ghar Wapsi. A small difference such as feeding a child or treating woman with respect in this patriarchal set up and caring for everyone irrespective of caste, class, race or sex will make the year a beautiful one.
On the personal front, I look forward to enjoy every moment of life, reading more books and doing book  reviews. I've done quite a few last year and I am getting so many requests from authors' to review their works. Participating in blogging challenge is something I look forward to and coming with creative posts. We shall blog to the hearts' contentment and consolidating old bond, making new friends on this space. Thanks my blogger friends for making my life beautiful and a memorable one.
Let's leave the past behind and look up to the new season filled with hope, optimism, victories and facing new challenges.
May all your dreams come true.
Happy New Year 2015.
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