Break up story and exploring fresh, passionate romance

Sob!! Sob!! Sob!!!
Drowning self in tissue papers, sentimental tunes and emptying bottles of alcohol.
A story of break-up, wandering aimlessly for the loss of everything.
A romance buried in the past.
It was yesterday only that we were madly in love,
till it happened.
A grim reminded that love, romance and life doesn't last forever.
Longing for the moments of silliness, kissing and intimacy.
Cursing the destiny and wondering what went wrong!
It doesn't help nursing heart-break like Devdas.
The real me knows that I gotta get up and explore life,
reach out to friends who were lost in translation.
Time to get up and celebrate life, flirting shamelessly and going on a date spree.
There is another soul in the world, waiting for me to hold her hand and kiss her in a flurry of passion.
Life is beautiful, live it fully.
Never say no to love.
Ahem! Ahem! Move over the painful past.

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