Yugpurush Dr Abdul Kalam: How he shaped my thought and life?

The People's President and one of the most loved scientist was buried on Thursday, July 30 in his home town in Rameswaram. I refuse to say RIP for I know people like Dr Kalam never dies and his soul remains eternal. He shaped millions of ignited minds and taught them how to dream to achieve greatness in life.
Many of us were lucky to be born and live in an era that witnessed Dr Kalam as one of the greatest scientist, scholar and President of India. I call him, Yugpurush for people like him comes once in a life time. What role did Dr Kalam played in my life? It's a tough question because like millions of his admirers, I never had the good fortune to meet the man. His term as President of India holds significance and is special for me because it was around the same time, I read for my degree at Fergusson College which I attended from 2003 to 2006 and moved to Mumbai University where I stayed till 2008. I remember buying India 2020-A Vision for the New Millenium- on the pavement in 2005 since I was curious to read the thoughts of President Kalam. I have read Wings of Fire, Turning Points and Igniting Young Minds.
Dr Kalam shaped my belief on how to remain simple in life and to never shy away from learning as well as learning to smile every single day, the first thing someone should do in the morning. What touched me is that despite being the Head of State, he would always warm up to people and not show the slightest arrogance. This is one quality that many of our political leaders need to learn from Dr Kalam. I remember before being sworn as scientist, India Today did a coverage on him and was amazed to see the picture of his modest room, with a small cot and a wooden table.
We live in a consumer society where we run after money but look at Dr Kalam, who is an ocean of intelligence and has commanded wealth of respect. Yet, he choose to lead a simple life. The man continue to inspire people even during his death. His nephew shared to NDTV how Dr Kalam would always ask him what is the new thing that he does everyday. This is very important as human beings where we crib about the slightest things in life but we forget that we always need to be focussed and do a new thing every single day to be productive. I have learned from him how important it is to be a good human being. He deserves respect for achieving so much despite coming from such a humble background and it is something that he never forgot despite his success as a nuclear scientist and President.
He had a human touch that would heal people and the ever-smiling man would relate to his audience with ease. Even during his last days, Dr Kalam not only united people-the vast sea of crowd who traveled miles to pay their last respect to him-and he delivered his last lecture on stage. A dedicated friend, teacher, philosopher and guide. One should always be fired by passion and give the best in work, investing self. Excuses such as mood is down and feeling ill, is as good an excuse to skip our work but it never does us any good as human beings. Work is worship.
We don't realize how such excuses affect our soul, spiritual leaning and makes us ill  inside the body. It's better to stay engaged and committed rather than indulge in mindless gossips about other people.
Dr Kalam would always give people good vibes through his presence and we should do the same in spreading positive energy. There are so many things one could learn from the People's President and his thoughts are eternal. I feel that he has left a void in our lives and there are so much that he could have done in uplifting people. Even in his death, Dr Kalam has united India and the world.
He shall always be an integral part of our lives and will be present in our heart. It was for the first time that India had such a deserved person as President, timeless, endearing and with a great heart.
I shall leave you with a story shared by a friend to me in 2008, something which is unconfirmed but  interesting. We were studying at Mumbai University Fort, Rajabhai Tower and the library closed at 6 p.m. We walked towards Churchgate when my friend told me that once Dr Kalam parents found a girl for him and they went to the former's place for tea. They told Dr Kalam to come and see the girl. Now, in those days, there was no handset and there was no way a young Dr Kalam could be contacted. They waited for him but he never came.
The next time, Dr Kalam visited home, his parents asked him why he never came and said that he forgot. He also told his parents that he is married to his job. Now, we all know that Dr Kalam was a bachelor and made his job his life and passion. NDTV paid a tribute to Dr Kalam by airing an interview done in 2007 when he left as President and he faced young students. It's a must-watch interview and how he reached out to students with jokes, winning their heart by asking them a simple question, 'How they would like to be remembered.'
Dr Kalam, I would like to be remembered as a good human being.

People President,
you ignited young minds and taught to always dream big in life.
Your soul is eternal in guiding the nation.
India 2020 may be a dream for some,
but we know we can fulfill your wishes.
You never judged anyone nor discriminated on racial, class, caste or sex basis.
Your thoughts gave us wings of fire to fly and soar in the sky.
You would always be watching on us and smile in paradise at our success.
I bow to you, Dr Abdul Kalam for walking the earth and making a difference to our lives.
The body may have been buried but your soul reverberates forever.
You've never gone away but will remain forever in us,
spreading love and kindness.
Thousand salutes are not enough to describe you,
Grand man.

I am leaving you with few quotes of Dr Abdul Kalam







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With Love and respect


Monsoon Affair (13)

Monsoon Affair (13)

It's been raining for several nights. Ayush has been doing the round of Huma's apartment and kept pressing the bell much to the irritation of her neighbors. A lady in her late 50s stormed out of her house and scolded Ayush, "Why don't you people realize that there are people who live here? I have a small child who gets disturbed with you pressing the bell so furiously."
He apologized and asked, "Aunty! Is she around?" The lady rudely called him off! "Baba! How would I know? She keeps coming at night, disturbing people's sleep with her heavy footsteps and disappears for days and nights only to re-appear again. She was such a nice girl but behaves very weird nowadays."
He has been waiting to see Huma for several days, lingering near her apartment till the early morning and slipped some notes to the security guard, to get shelter in the box sized office at the gate's entrance. He saw her scampered past the gate and trailed her till her apartment. He called her name, 'Huma' and she was shaken on seeing him. Huma was aghast, "What are you doing here?" He stood still and threatened, "Let me in or else, I am going to create a scene here," forcing his way inside the apartment.
Ayush started shouting, "What is your problem? Why the fuck are being so weird? I just don't get that!!! You just disappear like that and no response from you. I love you damn it."
She ignored him, "It's over between us and was just a passing affair. As it is, I don't believe in this love crap. Why don't you go with that bitch Sonali with whom you were having a good time?"
He sarcastically smiled, "Of course you love me. I got my answer. But, there is something that you are hiding and I will find out."
"No, I don't love you. You better get that and stop making our lives hell. Move on and get a life," she protested.
"Of course you do. Stop hurting yourself. Freaking out and staying for the whole night at the hospital and now, getting jealous about me and Sonali. I don't know what you are into but I have the feeling that you are screwing your life."
She shouted, "Yes! I am harming myself and it's not your problem. Stop bothering me, will you? I have no feeling and used you for my own advantage. Can't you see that? It's my life and you have no right to interfere."
Ayush was getting crazy but maintained his calm. "I got your answer and it's time for me to leave and go. I just don't understand the hows but the way you are reacting shows that you've have been hurt in your life, rejected by people and the frustration is showing. You are trying to seek revenge by inflicting the same on me. It must be your parents not giving you attention or some lover rejecting you."
She raised her voice and sobbed, "I dare you don't get into my parents. You don't have the right to pass comment on me without understanding what I've been through."
He persisted, "What you've been through? Tell! If you got some guts rather than running away like a coward."
She shrieked, "Get out of my house." Ayush turned around and banged the door.

Ayush  stopped at the tapdi and ordered a cutting on the busy afternoon. He lit a cigarette when someone touched him on his shoulder. "You love her, don't you?" he was taken aback by the feminine voice. He was startled when he saw Huma's best friend, Niharika. She dragged him away from the tea stall, flung ten rupee note on the tea seller.
As they walked past the crowded street and traffic signal, Niharika coldly said, "Huma is in deep shit and we gotta save her. She loves you but is on a destruction spree. My best friend has only one thing on her mind and it's vengeance."
He was confused and too shocked to say anything. "Let's barge into her apartment. I need to show you something. Don't think. Let's do it for her sake and preventing her to do something very stupid. It's a question of life-and-death. I just found out."


Monsoon Affair (12)

Monsoon Affair (12):

Sonali slowly caressed his face with her hand, seductively placed her ankle on his leg, moving up and down till his elbow, under the blanket. She playfully teased, "What are you thinking, Ayush? I am all yours. The rainy weather and thunderstorm today are conspiring for our bodies to become one like the ocean and seas." He felt her cold body, pressed against his as shock waves run down his body. He was helpless, torn by disappointment of being coldly rejected by Huma, whom he thought was his destiny. 
The alcohol is still raging high in his brain and lost control of the self as Sonali snuggled to him on the bed. She caressed his hairy chest, her hand travelling on his belly, finding its way inside his jeans. It was ecstatic like drugs and he moaned in pain. He couldn't comprehend what was happening to him where he suddenly lost control and violently smooch her. Their lips were bleeding in the hot passionate moment and he kissed her on the neck, slowly unbuttoning her blouse, cupping her breast with his hand and biting her.
Sonali knew that she was in control of his body and senses. He has been knocked down. She loosened the string of her pyjama and unbuttoned his jeans. She lied on the bed, breathing heavily and moaning as he caressed her, at times gently and in the most furious and speedily manner. She yelled, "Feel me, baby. Get inside me." He loosened his under garment and entered her, driving to jet speed to attain heavenly bliss. She breathed heavily, inhaling and exhaling, feeling every moment and asked for more, urging him to apply his might on her. She felt the power of his body and was deriving pleasure by controlling Ayush, who complied to her urge and needs like a servant would do to his master.
They lied on the bed, tired and eyes perched towards the ceiling, feeling an adrenaline rush and reaching dizzying height. Sonali lit a cigarette as they lie naked on the bed, his head between her thigh, caressing her legs. Sonali asked, "Who is she?"
Ayush was taken aback like an arrow piercing his heart, "Who? It's only you and me." He feigned ignorance and felt a spurt of blood running high on his weak body and slowly moved away from under her. She got off the bed and wore her panties, "Ayush," she tenderly spoke. "I fucked so many men. You cannot lie to me. You were not yourself with me. I could sense it when we were fucking. Your body was with me but your soul was with someone else. I know that you are in love with her and you will lose yourself if  both of you break apart. So, reply to my question?" Sonali laughed.  
Ayush stammered as he tried to conceal the truth but went red at the sight of Sonali reading his mind like a professional. A strange sensation traveled through his body, the guilt of being caught but did nothing to assuage Sonali's concern nor denied the truth. He felt weak and uneasy. It was the truth of his life as he reflected on the situation where he had one night stands with two different woman, one with whom he is madly in love and the other one who pursued him to get on bed with.
Sonali had no qualm of sleeping with him or the several men she fucked and was so casual about the whole thing. During the passionate sexual act, Sonali knew that his heart belonged to someone else. She led life on her own terms and was free of guilt. It was Huma who nurtured guilt, regret and trying to push away love. It's the truth that Huma is also in love with him but is refusing to see the reality in front of her and is living in another world, that she only knew. No matter how strong Huma tries to portray on the outside, inside she has the heart of a small girl who has been crushed and is scared of getting hurt and wreck damage on the man she loves.
Sonali eyes followed Ayush and hurled another weapon at him, "Chakkar Kya hai boss! Go after her because you may never get the chance to tell how much you love her. I am a woman and I know that she is into you but is refusing to admit it for the fear of hurting you. There is something that the love of your life is hiding but I don't know what."
Ayush made a stupid remark, "Are you a crystal reader?"
She gently slapped him with a newspaper, "You are such a dumb fuck, Ayush. I know for sure that she loves you and c'mon, you are completely into her. You will not be able to bear being separated from her for if it happens, your heart will stop beating. Now what are you waiting for? Go for the love of your life. She is your lifeline and not the local trains. I know you can convince her to make you part of her life. Go now,"
Sonali chases Ayush out of the apartment. As Ayush dashed out, Sonali's eyes became moist. Her heart wanted to say, 'Don't go Ayush. If only you could understand what my heart been wanting...but, love is not selfish for I cannot stop you. I can never own you for it's not love. I am the bitch who sleeps around, shamelessly show my sexy curves to everyone who want to see, After all, the vamp never gets the hero and a price I am paying for being the hottest woman who ruthlessly breaks heart. Today, you broke my heart.'


Monsoon Affair (11)

Monsoon Affair (11)

The room was dark and he slowly opened his eyes, gaped for breath. The man with a protruded belly tried to move but couldn't. His vision became blurred and the only thing he could hear was the pitter-patter of rain outside. He almost fainted and was drained of energy. The voice became weak as he tried to speak, 'Is anyone here? Please save me and have mercy on this old man. What crime have I committed?' Sobs!
He finally knocked passed out on the wooden chair where some unknown people tied him. It' been two days where he has  been lying like that and was only fed with water to keep him alive.
Splash of water woke him up when he heard loud foot steps and could make out that the shadow that emerged was dressed completely in black trousers, jacked and boot. He slowly perched his head towards the shadow when a torch flashed on his eyes. He mumbled something but his weak voice failed him and wished that he could die at this moment, to be relieved of his helplessness. A voice greeted him, 'Namaste, Sirjee! I know that you are praying for someone to save you but nobody will ever hear your voice in this dim room.'
The voice became sarcastic, 'Don't worry, you will not die so easily. I am making sure that you will be kept alive to make this Monsoon memorable. It's the last stage in your life. Chill! Ah! How can you?
The footsteps moved away from the old man, who started coughing and wished someone would hear him in this place, cut off from the city where only pigeons roamed and the innocent laugh of small  children dancing to music played faraway and at a looming distance. He passed out a second time, losing his identity and thought about his wife and children, who died five years back. Perhaps, they have come to take him with them.
He could hear a voice calling him, 'Oye! Shankar! What a glorious name you have! Yet! You are a sinner and you will have to atone for the crimes committed. ' Shankar was unconscious and no power on earth could make him hear the voice, determined to torment him and make his life hell. He shall beg for death yet it would elude him. After all, the mystery person will make old Shankar pay for a sin he has forgotten.

Huma jumped of the bed and was visibly shaken by the nightmare where the vision of the old and helpless man kept popping in her dreams. She walked to the bathroom and washed her face. She tried to shrug off the nightmare and walked out of her apartment, hailed a rickshaw towards the railway station. The thought of Varun kept coming in her mind and grinned, "I hope he will understand why I am doing all that." The train slowly rattled at platform No.2 and Huma pushed her way towards the women compartment to find herself an empty berth. She didn't want to be disturbed at this moment and pushed all thoughts of Varun away. Love is such a big lie and illusion in life. The ruthless emotions can make someone weak and wander aimlessly. She forcefully smiled.


Monsoon Affair (10)

Monsoon Affair (10)

Varun was bored sitting at the bar, toggling with his whisky glass and gulping the drink in one breath. He lost count of how much whisky he downed, sitting at the round table in the bar and suddenly realized how much he hates the noise at decibel level, couples gyrating to the numbers of Sheeela, Munni and Chikni Chameli.
Constantly checking his cellphone and secretly wishing that Huma sent an apology sms but there were no sign of her. He was on the verge of tears and failed to come to terms with the fact that they officially broke up. He swirled the glass, inspecting the lemon in the liquor that suddenly sprang to life.
"Dude! Get a life. You guys never broke up because you were never in a relationship in the first place," the lemon grew bigger flashing its eyes, the size of a radar. It suddenly started doing a jig inside the whisky.
The lemon spoke in a sweet female voice sounding like the cartoon on TV. "Mista Varun is heart-broken and nursing his wound over alcohol for a girl with whom he had some action. Oye! Devdas! Oye Devdas! Take a chill pill. So many females in this pub dancing and just turn around, look at this hot, sexy chick. Hit on the female sitting alone for long hours, following every movement you are making. She has roving eyes, dude. Go, take a chance rather than sitting with this sullen face."
Varun wanted to break the glass, like his heart, into pieces. The lemon was not going to leave Varun in peace. "You see, Sir. You are stuck in life with this chick Huma who just wanna have some fun. You had  your share and don't wanna let her go. Such a chootiya you are! Remove this garb of jilted lover. What do we make of men who don't know how to have fun? You are a mental case, who keep shouting about love and heart break. A classic case of getting drunk and nursing a break up that never happened. You must be captured in a zoo to be put on display. Dejected lover, male ego, oh lord, I tell you..I better go somewhere else. And, you are the one who squeezed me for your drink. Yet, you are so unhappy and depressed. Have you turned into a deaf and mute movie? We are in 2015! The time for silent movie is gone and it belongs to the past century."
The lemon disappeared and Varun exuded a smile, at his own stupidity of imagining butterfly and lemon, poking fun at him. He felt a hand, gently caressing his shoulder and a voice yelled into his ears. Varun didn't have time to look around when she popped in front of him to hug him. It was Sonali, his secret admirer in class.
"Are you still angry with me..see, I lied to get away from this dumb Economic teacher nahin toh she would have told Mom and Dad," Sonali made an innocent face and she shamelessly flirted with him.
Somehow, his mood lightened up and wasn't sure whether it was the alcohol or Sonali hot quotient, wearing a white mini-skirt. She caressed his leg with her thumb that pressed through her sock, jeans as he felt a rush of adrenaline and cold skin against his.
Varun was shaken and became breathless, feeling a sense of powerlessness that engulfed him. He started losing his balance while Sonali kept looking at him in the most sensual manner. She asked, "Your place or mine," as he was dragged off out of the pub.
As Sonali sat on his lap inside the hall, she vented out everything, "You know Varun. I am a queen in college, with all the guys running after me, secretly wishing to get laid. I know, I am the hottest woman at Xavier's whom everybody want to bang. But, since day one, my eyes only looked for you. You are so intriguing, man."
Varun smiled, "Sonali, I am so flattered. May I ask why?"
She turned her face towards him and held the cusp of his face on his hand, "You are one of the guys who never looked at me. Today, I wanna eat you raw. It's plain attraction and a passing phase of desire and needs. Why not make it stormy and wild? I am losing my control with adrenaline flowing from top-to-toe right now. Babe! We shouldn't wait for the moment to get over."
Varun has never felt so powerless, losing the voice of reason and feeling the signals in his body cell, weakening his limbs when Sonali walked on his naked torso, kissing and caressing his hairy chest. 


Monsoon Affair (9)

Monsoon Affair (9)

Babe, you've lost it! Why are you ghosting him?, ' Niharika asked. Huma pretended as if nothing happened and coldly says, "For his own benefit."
She stormed out of her apartment which left Huma almost fuming and on the point of shooting invective towards her best buddy. She was confused, not knowing, how to react to the whole situation. 
Huma is hating herself. She is in a catch-22 situation. She is adamant that nothing shall deter her from achieving her objectives in life and almost convinced that she will lose on people who matter to her the most, her bestie Niharika and Varun. Sometimes, love does strangest  of things to people. She cares for Varun and hopes that he doesn't hate her after she ghosted him. Poor guy! He needs her support after coming from the hospital. It made all hell lose and she lost her mental balance. Not this time. She doesn't want Varun to be her weakest point in life. After all, she doesn't want to lose balance and promised to herself that the secret will be buried for once and all. This man is going to pay for all the sins committed against her family.
It's been troubling her since she was a teenager on how he entered their house, hoodwinked his parents into believing that he is a well wisher and loyal to the family. As she grew older, all her efforts failed in convincing her Mom and Dad that this man is a vulture. She still remembered how her Dad slapped her, for telling such lies on the dutiful uncle. Till one day, hell break loose.
The fateful day flashed back at the back of her mind when she came home for holiday. It was raining heavily when she reached home when she saw the blank face of her father and the body language expressed apology. He should have listened to her only daughter, the apple of his eyes, Huma.
That day will remain forever eched in her life and tormented her to death for all these years. It became difficult for her to wipe off the scars when her world came crashing down. On that day, her tears stopped and decided she will not wail. Huma already decided that she will avenge for the wrongs committed and will never be an innocent girl, long and waiting for her Prince Charming, even if he is waiting by the door.

It's for days, weeks and months that Huma ignored Varun like pest, where she sneaked out in the night only and refused to open the door. She knew that it's Varun who was furiously knocking on the door. One night, Huma was enjoying a smoke along with a glass of Vodka when she suddenly realized that she forgot to close the door.
She rushed towards the door when she saw the tall shadow of Varun standing in front of her. He eyed her and asked, "What is your problem, yaa? One day, you stay put with me for the whole night and take care of me, then you just disappear out of the blue..no phone call, nothing. What the fuck is wrong with you?"
Huma walked inside the kitchen, followed by Varun. She took a drag, wore a pregnant pause and said, "Varun" The problem is that you are in love with me. We met for fun. But, the fact is that I don't love you and don't want emotions to get in-between my life and career."
He is flabbergasted and asked, "So, it means that taking care of me in the hospital and coming to tears was nothing, Huma. Ask your heart. You will get all the answers. One day, you hug me and the next, you stop talking. I just don't understand. The fact is that I am in love with you and, no matter how much you deny, you also love me. Just ask your heart and stop fooling yourself."
Huma thrust herself on Varun and smooch him quite violently. He is shell-shocked. She looked straight at him and expressionless, "Ok! That's it. There is nothing else, apart from lust between us. Now, you please go away."
He walked out of the house and banged the door. Huma sadly looks at him disappearing out of the house and drop of tears coiling on her cheek.


Monsoon Affair (8)

Monsoon Affair (8)
The ambulance siren blew louder on the busy and chaotic streets of Mumbai, asking to make way and swerved towards Fortis Hospital. Varun was wrestled on the wheel chair and nurses held Huma who was crying loudly.
The doctors pumped oxygen on his face as he breathed heavily. Huma followed the trolley and held her hand to it, as the mobile bed was pushed inside the operation theater. She waited outside, losing her sanity and yelling at nurses. The doctor came out and patted her on the back, "I won't ask who you are in relation to the patient and he is one lucky man to have a lady like you in his life. They don't make women like you anymore who love selflessly. He is out of danger and you can meet him any time soon."
Huma was at a loss of words and couldn't believe that she freaked out for Varun. She rested her head on the hospital wall when someone gently caressed her hair. Turning around, Huma saw her best friend, Niharika who hugged her tightly, "Babe! If this is not love, what is it then?
Huma was going to protest but Niharika told her to shut up and urged to meet Varun inside the room before dragging her home to rest. He was lying on the bed when Huma hugged him. She smiled, "How are you?"
Varun looks towards the ceiling, "Rolling like the fan..it's just tiredness and stress, nothing else. But, you go home and take rest. Thanks for everything." She was fumbling for words to break the silence but was only able to mumble, "You'll be okay, right. We'll catch up tomorrow."
She rushed out of the room and Niharika drove her home. As they were driving Niharika said, "Huma, you know whatever happens in life, happens for the best. Look at you, you are still pretending that you don't love Varun and all it took him to crash, that you freaked out and acted like a devoted wife. You spend your nights in the hospital, crying and cursing fate. I know you will protest but just one thing that I want to tell you that you are paying a heavy price for the not-so-stormy-nights. It's your decision and only you who can take a plunge."
Huma didn't say anything during the entire trip and remained silent at home, tears stopped in her eyes. She was in a shock and Niharika understood what she is going through but secretly hopes, that she will be strong to face her inner demons. She knew that one day the secret will come out one day and needs to be strong to face it. "I must conquer my fear but, at the same time, I cannot allow the thought of Varun to distract my mind," she thought.
Niharika pulls out the cigarette leaves, neatly arranging the ganja and rolled it back in the filter, took a drag, her head perched towards the ceiling fan. Oh!! Huma! Huma! What a life we have! Complexity of love and relationships..let's burn everything tonight with the ganja and vodka." She passed the ganja to Huma, who asked 'who brought it? It's awesome stuff..totally hardcore.' Niharika winked, "Babe! My ex-husband, he is town. Now forget him" and pulls Huma's personal diary, flitting the pages and found something on the back page, written with black gel pen. "That's some secret," she wickedly said.
Huma protested, trying to snatch the diary away from Niharika but the latter held the diary with all the strength as her best friend wrestled with her. Finally, Huma abandoned and withdrew on the bed. Niharika started laughing loud and rolled on the floor, reading the words scribbled:
"Love doesn't work wonders for everyone. I'm no Cinderella who will be rescued by the Prince charming. Just an ordinary gal with flaws, love to have fun sometimes...."
Niharika laugh got more louder than the house could have exploded and said, "Babe! You are hilarious, sometimes, know what do you want in life." Huma froze like a statue, totally expressionless.

Monsoon Affair (7)

Monsoon Affair (7):

The sky became cloudy and dark, light drizzle sprinkling the city. It was noon when Varun walked on the spacious balcony with a mug of coffee in hand, gazing at the aerial view which extended towards the slums, spanning over hundreds acres. He enjoyed watching the black-and-yellow cabs, bikes and trucks which seems like minions from afar and listening to the rattling, whistling of trains in Mumbai.
She slowly walked on her toes behind him, putting her hand on his waist and gently kissed him on his cheek. 
She beamed and giggled like a child, 'What? I am feeling like the stars today and showering affection on you.' Huma asked, "What are you looking at with so much intensity?"
He took a deep breath, eyes moving in different corners to inspect the city's view and lit a cigarette. "You know," he says, "The city gives us so much but tears apart our real self that will never complete us as human beings. They say, Mumbai never dies but a part of us is destroyed every single day we drain our energy. It's the reality in Maximum City. I wonder whether people who leaves the city can ever survive in some part of the world when the city has given us love, angst, sadness and touched  lives in such a way that coming back may be impossible."
Huma was following every movement of his eyes, intensity and lips twirled with the mouth and knew something was wrong with him. She tried to lighten up the situation, "Are yaar! You getting all tragic and emotional about the city. But, you know I was wondering the last time when I was sitting on the balcony. I love doing that, sitting for hours, the ray of sun shining on me and watching the traffic movement, how we sit in our comfort zone while someone must be struggling on the streets, carrying the heavy burden of life."
She plucked courage, took a deep breath and gently spoke, "Look at us. We are enjoying our lives, every moment holding each other's hands and tasting every moment like ice-cream. Often, we forget that the ice cream melt. Hold an ice-cream in the rain and it will be washed away. I guess, life, love and moments are like that."
Varun received a jolt and turned towards her, "It's one way of looking at things, Huma. The foundation of love can be strong, if nurtured and treated, with care. I was running away from love but the view of the city looks so divine and stunning, that made me suddenly realize that one should face their demons."
He was looking at Huma for approval, whose face suddenly changed to become blank and expressionless. She was avoiding his gaze when he spoke those lines, "Love doesn't work wonders for everyone...let it be!."
Varun was getting pissed and irritated, suddenly asked, "Why you didn't finish the sentence and left mid-way...like that."
Huma almost shouted,"Arre yaar, what's the point of discussing all these things now? Come on, let's enjoy the day...."
He was stubborn and wanted to make his point, "I don't understand how you come you started something and then out of the blue, you blurts out something that I can barely hear and say let it be. Finish it, rather than feign-i-i-i............"
Varun stammered and was suddenly gasping for breath, He was feeling suffocated and his voice became slurred, face turned red. He felt a bullet piercing his heart and an explosion. encapsulating his body and crashed on the floor.
Huma shrieked and flew to his rescue. She shouted, "Varun!!!! You ok, Baby!! Say something, please for God sake and don't remain silent..ok wait,let me bring some water and don't close your eyes, ok." She dashed towards the kitchen, speaking in loud voice to him to keep his awake and threw icy cold water on his face. She started crying and kept shouting to ensure that he doesn't close his eyes, in a state of panic called, Fortis Hospital, desperately shouted on the phone, "Emergency!! Come fast."
Huma held clutched his hand to his head tightly, "Okie, baby! Hang on, they are on their way."

To be continued in next chapter

With Love