Monsoon Affair (12)

Monsoon Affair (12):

Sonali slowly caressed his face with her hand, seductively placed her ankle on his leg, moving up and down till his elbow, under the blanket. She playfully teased, "What are you thinking, Ayush? I am all yours. The rainy weather and thunderstorm today are conspiring for our bodies to become one like the ocean and seas." He felt her cold body, pressed against his as shock waves run down his body. He was helpless, torn by disappointment of being coldly rejected by Huma, whom he thought was his destiny. 
The alcohol is still raging high in his brain and lost control of the self as Sonali snuggled to him on the bed. She caressed his hairy chest, her hand travelling on his belly, finding its way inside his jeans. It was ecstatic like drugs and he moaned in pain. He couldn't comprehend what was happening to him where he suddenly lost control and violently smooch her. Their lips were bleeding in the hot passionate moment and he kissed her on the neck, slowly unbuttoning her blouse, cupping her breast with his hand and biting her.
Sonali knew that she was in control of his body and senses. He has been knocked down. She loosened the string of her pyjama and unbuttoned his jeans. She lied on the bed, breathing heavily and moaning as he caressed her, at times gently and in the most furious and speedily manner. She yelled, "Feel me, baby. Get inside me." He loosened his under garment and entered her, driving to jet speed to attain heavenly bliss. She breathed heavily, inhaling and exhaling, feeling every moment and asked for more, urging him to apply his might on her. She felt the power of his body and was deriving pleasure by controlling Ayush, who complied to her urge and needs like a servant would do to his master.
They lied on the bed, tired and eyes perched towards the ceiling, feeling an adrenaline rush and reaching dizzying height. Sonali lit a cigarette as they lie naked on the bed, his head between her thigh, caressing her legs. Sonali asked, "Who is she?"
Ayush was taken aback like an arrow piercing his heart, "Who? It's only you and me." He feigned ignorance and felt a spurt of blood running high on his weak body and slowly moved away from under her. She got off the bed and wore her panties, "Ayush," she tenderly spoke. "I fucked so many men. You cannot lie to me. You were not yourself with me. I could sense it when we were fucking. Your body was with me but your soul was with someone else. I know that you are in love with her and you will lose yourself if  both of you break apart. So, reply to my question?" Sonali laughed.  
Ayush stammered as he tried to conceal the truth but went red at the sight of Sonali reading his mind like a professional. A strange sensation traveled through his body, the guilt of being caught but did nothing to assuage Sonali's concern nor denied the truth. He felt weak and uneasy. It was the truth of his life as he reflected on the situation where he had one night stands with two different woman, one with whom he is madly in love and the other one who pursued him to get on bed with.
Sonali had no qualm of sleeping with him or the several men she fucked and was so casual about the whole thing. During the passionate sexual act, Sonali knew that his heart belonged to someone else. She led life on her own terms and was free of guilt. It was Huma who nurtured guilt, regret and trying to push away love. It's the truth that Huma is also in love with him but is refusing to see the reality in front of her and is living in another world, that she only knew. No matter how strong Huma tries to portray on the outside, inside she has the heart of a small girl who has been crushed and is scared of getting hurt and wreck damage on the man she loves.
Sonali eyes followed Ayush and hurled another weapon at him, "Chakkar Kya hai boss! Go after her because you may never get the chance to tell how much you love her. I am a woman and I know that she is into you but is refusing to admit it for the fear of hurting you. There is something that the love of your life is hiding but I don't know what."
Ayush made a stupid remark, "Are you a crystal reader?"
She gently slapped him with a newspaper, "You are such a dumb fuck, Ayush. I know for sure that she loves you and c'mon, you are completely into her. You will not be able to bear being separated from her for if it happens, your heart will stop beating. Now what are you waiting for? Go for the love of your life. She is your lifeline and not the local trains. I know you can convince her to make you part of her life. Go now,"
Sonali chases Ayush out of the apartment. As Ayush dashed out, Sonali's eyes became moist. Her heart wanted to say, 'Don't go Ayush. If only you could understand what my heart been wanting...but, love is not selfish for I cannot stop you. I can never own you for it's not love. I am the bitch who sleeps around, shamelessly show my sexy curves to everyone who want to see, After all, the vamp never gets the hero and a price I am paying for being the hottest woman who ruthlessly breaks heart. Today, you broke my heart.'

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