Five Things bout' ME

1. Say it with Kaffee
I always woke up gulping a cup of filter Nescafe coffee, accompanied by a smoke, Kafee ensures that the day is a kicked off with a bang.

2. High on emotions
I have always been a very emotional person where the energy is pumped like rush of blood. I always think with my heart and there is no place for reason and logic where I hit the emotions high note. Somehow, it has led to me to react on the spot with my misplaced anger and emotions. I am also very eccentric and hyper. Case in point: I cannot control or beat stress.

3. Too many addictions
I have too many addictions, chocolate, tea, idiot box and cinema. I swear by cinema and it's my life et gotta watch at least three movies in a week. I am a self-confessed lover of mint chocolate and gulp five to six cuppa tea a day. From being averse to TV, I have become an addict to news channels such as NDTV and Headlines Today as well MTV's Splitsvilla, Coke Studio and Jhalak Dikla Jaa, Kapil Comedy Show on color. I also swear by Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepati and Koffee with Karan.

4. Book worm
I am a self-confessed book worm and can read three books at one time. I finished The Reluctant Fundamentalist and now I have Amish's last outing, The Oath of Vyaputras. I also have PG Wodehouse and Indian Summer and spend a bomb on books and magazines. I also started writing my rom-com novel and reading is music to the ears. Everyday, I need to read Times of India, Hindustan Times as well as Guardian online. It's a habit I can't do without. I wonder what I'll do without books and newspapers. 

5. Fashion freak
Despite being a guy, I am a fashion freak and love experimenting with fashion and styles. I love my Levis Denims, Tantra tee, caps and colored shirts. I love my Pepe and Levis shirts and believe style define who we are. We should wear attires in which we are comfortable and so go ahead to experiment with style. I don't feign from spending a bomb on clothes.

PS: Phew! I have a long list and kept it short and light for a Saturday and on the last day of August. Yeah! I manage to keep it short as my posts keep dragging like an essay.

Have fun and enjoy the Saturday

Conversation with The Shadow

Dear Shadow,
I am addressing you as shadow coz I don't know how to call you, calling U sounds so disrespectful while YOURS TRULY would be a blatant and indecent patronage. Let's jump straight to the facts, You sit and stare at me with the expression in your eyes cursing me in the most blatant fashion.
Hell no! Why the fuck you looking at me with scorn? I can read the expression in your eyes telling, 'Dude! don't u get bored sitting at home? Move your ass and do something. Go get a life!
Ya dude! I gotta get a life and earn my bread and butter. I know, I have become so passive with my life and frankly, I am tired sitting and doing nothing. The only thing I am doing is blogging, sneaking into other people's life. Like you are doing right now. Right?! Sneaking in my life and giving me gyaan. Yet, you think you are right in giving me lesson. Now, stop swearing at him and hurling abuses through your eyes.
Dude, I am your shadow and guiding you in life. You need guidance and stop basking in past glory. True! You've been an achiever in your life and what beyond the past glory. Time to embrace new challenges. See, why are you so lazy and damn confused about life. Stop thinking too much and take the job offer that you will be made shortly.
Yaa! Shadow! I gonna take it and it doesn't make sense sitting at home and freaking out my mom on what I will do with my life. I need to sort out the mess in ma lifey and take the job. I am praying that I receive the confirmation. Wait before you go,dear shadow? Are you aware what I think throughout the day? No! You don't what goes inside the mind. I wanna achieve my dreams and I know that I will make it happen. I have that much of confidence in my abilities and I wish that a miracle will land at my doorsteps. Ok, fine. I need money right now and don't have much of a choice. Shadow, stop and here this one for you: Despite the low-turn in life, I have been able to keep sane and it is making me stronger and stronger. Thanks for visiting and pestering me. Come again to irritate me.
The shadow looks at me one final moment, 'wish you luck in life. Happy to meet you but will come again.' Dear Shadow walks away from the door.
Good Night


Saas, Bahu, Sensex and Life

What's life without a bit of drama?', one is tempted to ask. I feel like the soap operas of TV channels hyping Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi is hitting an all-time high amidst the hoopla to garner maximum TRP on TV channels. If that was not enough, the Indian rupee tanked into an all time low, reached 69 bucks pegged at one dollar. No sir. I do not wish to do a political post and far from that, I am actually wondering what wrong with the economies of the world, first it was US, then UK and now India, whom we so proudly spoke about our resilience and good performance. Sometimes, I wonder whether it's a creation of the media to keep the numbers going, though I am a product of the media.
Like the soap operas of Saas Bahu, our TV channels must be faking it. I am just wondering as I see one event unfurling itself, be it politics, Sensex ya saas bahu serials. Things seem to reach a dramatic high in life and we, humans, need some over-the-top drama to make our voices heard and it is not state, city or country specific. Latest case in point is the young lady Rosechasm prejudiced and over the top piece on India where she make it appear that India is a rape country. While I understand that she might have gone through sexual harassment which I vehemently condemn, it doesn't make sense to make everything look so bad just because the whole world is hitting on India with a fist. There are so many female friends who constantly struggle against the threat of sexual violence, be it on locals or crowded streets, her piece came at a time and seek to diminish the fight of the commoners. The well meaning men and women are trying the level best to push the government to act against rape and I feel Rosechasm over the top piece came at a time to seek attention.
Moving on to better or bored things in life, I've been reading a lot and just finished with The Reluctant Fundamentalist which can be described as brilliant and well written book. The book deal with someone's love affair with US of A and a gori chick and not once, you feel that the book gets over your head. The author, Mohsin Hamid gently broaches the subject of his Pakistan and his love-hate relationship with United States in a very gentle and subdued way. I find the book a light read. I can't wait to jump over with the third and final version of Amish's Oath of Vyaputras.

Thinking about the devil and it knocks on the door in an almost uninvited fashion. Hell! No! Why the fuck such overt drama need to happen in life? I started this post yesterday and, in the middle of writing, the desktop stopped functioning and I tried turning on the computer without much success. I abandoned all hopes and used the i-pad and phone wi-fi connection to surf the net. The laptop came back today after a month, the time the shop took to service the gadget. I am so relived and comfy working on the laptop and what a pain it was to type on the old computer, Finally, I am able to complete the post that took me over two days.
After waiting for three months+ and trying for a job, luck seems to be smiling on me. I have received some good news and a job proposal has been made and I am waiting for some confirmation before I join new office. I am keeping things under wrap the time for the confirmation. It was quite an ordeal job hunting and the bank been after me for loan balance and credit card, not to mention EMI. Sometimes, life plays truant on us and we need to keep our head on the shoulder. One should never lose hope.
Time to push off now and will keep you abreast of the latest development in my life. By the way, I am dying to watch Prakash Jha's Satyagraha that opened to rave reviews and watching Amitabh Bachchan on the big screen after a year.
Good Night


Is Mumbai Safe for Women? I don’t feel proud today


23protest2I was in a very good mood during the day when some unexpected magic unfurled itself only to sink into a depressing state later during the day as I watched with horror on TV the gang rape of the 22 year old photo journalist intern in Mumbai. I am mortified to see something like this happening in a city like Mumbai which was considered to be a safe haven for women. I cannot come to terms with this dastard crime anymore! For someone who was not born in Mumbai but spent six years in maximum city, I took pride to call myself a proud Mumbaikar and walked with pride when I saw women getting down at Church gate Station past midnight with huge shopping bags after work. Tease a women and menfolks will pounce at you! Is Mumbai a changed city? I am shivering when I think about the hard reality. I am no longer in Mumbai but perhaps I need a reality check!!!
No Sir, the young woman was not scantily dressed, nor was she drunk or puffing a cigarette when she was dragged by five sick minds at Shakti mills at 6 pm in the center of the city? She was an independent woman doing her job. Now, the big question is what has changed since Nirbhaya was gang raped? Nothing, absolutely nothing! My heart bleeds as an Indian who may not be staying in the country right now! The main problem is the lack of effective laws to protect women and the sexist comments in parliament is such a shame. First, we need to set a precedent and I wonder whether such rapists should be lynched by the public! There is no time frame for action. There are thousands of daughters of India who are repeatedly raped yet nothing is being done. I wonder whether one day the public will take law in their own hands to punish the culprits. I fear for the security of my female friends! I often wonder whether we should go by the Saudi Arabian way by flogging the rapists and whether it’s high time to introduce chemical castration or release the pictures and names of rapists on public forums.
It’s an irony that we worship the female forms in temple and for that matter celebrate Raksha Bandhan and vow to protect our sisters. Yet, we don’t flinch in insulting the female form of Goddesses, mothers or sisters who carried us in the womb for nine months. How we humiliate our mother by committing rape?! If we cannot respect our women, let’s do away with celebrating Raksha Bandhan or for that matter, close all temples. Even dogs don’t behave like that! It’s even more revolting when one see Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil offering police protection to women journalists working in isolated areas. Sorry! Sir! A journalist need to work in its own creative space and what are you hinting at? Women should stay in their homes and cannot be secure or should not step out of their homes. It’s such a callous statement. Has this unfortunate statement been made to cover your failure in protection women? For heaven sake, even if a women walk naked on the street, you have no right to touch her. Let’s teach our sons to respect women since an early age and as part of their education.

I was aghast on seeing the lawyer of one of the accused in Nirbhaya rape case saying that women wear provocative clothes and that Nirbhaya as well as the journo should not have hopped on the bus and ventured out, respectively. The sick lawyer, M L Sharma has the guts to hold everyone except the accused responsible. As panelist and Supreme Court lawyer, Karuna Nundy, rightly pointed out that to M L Sharma that his thoughts reek of conservatism and doesn’t befit a lawyer.
Mr M L Sharma, it’s disgusting for you to slam women for wearing provocative clothes and blaming them for rape. It’s so shocking that I wanted to slap you and it reflects on the attitudes of several males. In doing like that, you have shown disrespect and disrepute to your profession, the legal profession. I am amazed at your lack of professional ethics and conservative et sick mindset. It looks like by defending a rape accused, you have inherited a sick mind that reflects of the dark age. I really wish that action is being taken against you.
However, I also wish to show my displeasure in brandishing India as a rape country. It is true that rape is a matter of concern and women are the one who faces the humiliation of the body as the work of some sickos in society. It’s wrong to call it an entirely Indian phenomena as rape happens in US, the West and several other countries across the globe. By labeling India as a rape country, we diminish the effort undertaken by the protests against rape and showing disrespect to women who struggle everyday in fighting rape and groping in public places.
It’s been such a bad day and extremely revolting to see someone being raped while performing her duty. If we want to control rape, let’s introduce death penalty on the perpetrators in the bid to protect our women. Certainly, not the kind of news one wish to hear or watch on TV channels for a Friday. It’s revolting, outrageous and disgusting.


Boys will be Boys, Men will be Men

Why some boys will remain boys and will never become a grown up man?! I often wonder what it takes to live with the dignity of a mature man in society and what's up with our attitude of viewing a woman as a sexual object?  How often we fail to draw the line where we get some misconception about somebody who is a friendly? This is a question we men need to answer and it doesn’t pay by running away by showing your masculine prowess.
Yesterday, a friend wrote on Facebook how some guy sent her his intimate picture? I was like what the fuck is wrong with us, guys?! Has Facebook become a sex outlet for such despo guys whose sex organs are located in lieu of the brains? I was aghast and furious how guys assume too much that a friendly woman is out looking for sex on social network. This kind of primitive attitude is something I vehemently oppose.
My friend immediately blocked the person and it’s the right thing that she did. There is no use reasoning with such fucked-up attitudes of men. No dude! Crossing the line with a friendly woman by assuming she wanna get laid doesn’t make you cool at all. It is a sign that you are sexually frustrated and first, respect a woman as your equal. You think you know everything in life. Well! You don’t and stop acting like a hypocrite.
A woman who is friendly doesn't mean that she is looking out for dating or a physical relationship with you. For me guys who go around to check a woman and hitting on her on social network coz she is friendly, 'with I wanna know you better' lack the dignity of a man. It's a tale of immaturity. Hence, Boys will be Boys, Men will be Men. Live with the dignity of a man, dude.
I have seen and met with quite few such men, including some of my own friends. There was a party I attended with a good female friend back in Mumbai and I crashed at her place. She is a fierce, independent and career-oriented woman and crashed at her place. Once, I met some friends and told them I crashed at my friend's place. Guess what I got as an excited response, 'So, you didn't sleep together? Oh! So dumb of you! Have we been in your place?' I was like, what the fuck is wrong with us, men. When are we going to grow up in life? First thing first, I hate such attitude on the part of men. For me, no matter how mature you are in age, you lack dignity with such mentality. They are boys and will never grow up.
There are another category of guys I have encountered who have a fling, a kind of casual sex with a woman and they behave as if a kid has got a toy from Santa Claus. These guys will go around and tell the whole world, 'I had sex with this woman.' Another tale of immaturity and growing up with fucked-up attitude. I tell them, live with a dignity of a man. Be a man. Going and telling everybody the woma (e) n you slept with doesn't make you a man. What pleasure do you get in going around and giving the woman you shared intimate relationship and moments a bad name? What kind of man you are? A spineless d***, coward or bloody hypocrite, of course! The least you can do is to respect the woman as an individual who has certain needs just the same as you have.
Certainly, something is wrong with us, men and I recall dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan from the film Buddha Hoga Tera Baap, 'Aaj Kal Youth Bahut frustrated ho gaya (Today's youth has become frustrated). There is nothing wrong in healthy flirting but it is done in a charming and intelligent way like during the old times. This is the reason why I admire bunch of gentlemen in their 40s, 50s and 60s who know how to speak not just to a woman but to any person. There is something called A Class Act. I rest my case
With Love

At the cross road of life


Everyday, he saw the old lady sitting with her dog, smiling at him as he scurries towards the bus stop at Andheri. One day, he was smoking a cigarette and overheard the homeless lady speaking in English. He grew curious and approached her. She eyes him lovingly, "I know you since long. I was your supervisor when you joined the company as an intern. I am Mala Singh." He was horrified, "Ma'am! You! She smiles, "Destiny, Beta! Who would have thought that from a millionaire I would end up on the streets." He forcibly took her and the dog to his apartment.

In response to 100 Words on Saturday: writetribe.com challenge. The story was inspired by the plight of former editor of a magazine and millionaire, Sunita Naik, who ended up sleeping on the streets in Mumbai. The article first appeared in Mid-day and since then, the lady and her sole companion the dog were sheltered by a nice family. I often wonder what's life has in store for us and we should never trust someone with money and bank accounts.
Here's the link:


Seeking Togetherness and Unity on Independence Day

A prayer for togetherness, flurry of emotions as we sing the national anthem.
Jnana Gnana Mana..we exude a sense of pride and forget our differences  as Indians.
A time for us to reflect on the sacrifices of our forefathers, our soldiers on the border and ongoing fight of our farmers for a better crop.
As we look back on our achievements and weaknesses, we dream for a better India.
Are we dreaming too?
It's our belief that we need to stop for a while and ask ourselves whether we are going to the right way?
Corruption can kill a country yet we are rich in terms of resources and we need to tackle corruption.
As Indians, we are afflicted by poverty, terrorism and the pilfering of nature.
We constantly fight against the humiliations faced by women on the streets?
Yet, are we listening to the plea of women who faced rape?
We need to define ourselves as Indians and strive to make our country a model to follow.
Is it dreaming too much?
Wake up my country men and women!
Why do we always become united on August 15 and February 26 only take pride in our national celebrations?
We should stop pilfering and abusing our lands by hungry politicians.
We need not have a repeat of Uttarakhand where thousands have lost lives and livelihood.
Let's make a pledge to make India corruption-free, litter-free and protect our children and women.
India is truly a great nation and let's strive to make it truer like milk.
Happy Independence Day
Proud To Be Indian
Jai Hind


Movie Review: Gippy is the story of every teenager

Stepping in the big bad world of adolescence at the age of 14 is a tough task at hand, the age where we faced challenges such as looking beautiful or handsome, aping adults, wanna be cool, fit among friends, seeking our individuality. It's an age where we face emotional and social changes and striving to be like growing adults. Debutant director Sonam Nair aptly tackle the complex of adolescence crisis in the first film Gippy and she has won over hearts. Gippy is a movie made by the heart of adolescence for adolescents
Fourteen year old Gippi (Riya Vij) stays in Shimla with her mother Bappi (Divya Dutta) and lil' brother Booboo (Arbaaz Kadwani) and she is scoffed at for being fat and equally shunned by Miss. Popular, Shamira (Jayati Modi) as well as her crush, Kabir (Mrinal Chawla). Gippi is the story of the girl who eventually conquers her fear and wins heart. In short, Gippi is coming of age and Sonam Nair should be credited for taking such a bold subject and treated with dexterity through a well-etched screenplay and direction.
As adolescents, we suffer from in-built prejudices, probably taught by parents during the initial years of growing up where children imbibe scant remarks made on beings we consider to be lame, too fat, fair or dusky as well as too slim.
Gippy teaches an important lesson on the way parents communicate with children and education carries an important bearing on the way adolescents turn into adults. There are instances where parents stifle children's development by shunting them to go in their rooms when guest arrive or deprive them of a voice when their progenes voice out their opinions. It is burden that children have to carry when they step into adulthood. It is psychological in nature yet many parents fail to take stock of how it affect a child's overall development.
It is important for a child to carve a niche for itself since it is a question of its individuality. The latter is a mark of an adolescent identity.
Sonam Nair also intelligently broaches the subject of sexuality, in particular homosexuality and pitfalls is avoided when the Gippy's brother is comfortable in having undertone of homosexuality. The point is understood by Gippi's mother Bappi and no she doesn't scorn the child or indulges in melodrama but goes out of the way to make the child comfortable in his skin. It is a lesson in film-making and Gippi doesn't have a problem with her brother. It is important for us to realize that a member of our family, be it a son or daughter, brother or sister is not straight and the love for the child matters and not what society prescribe to us.
Why I connect with a film like Gippy as a child? The film is directed at young girls but, during my childhood, I was shunted out for not being cool and hardly had any friends. I was laughed at, ridiculed and scorned at for being lame and dumb. Yes! I was skinny and did not fit in the uber cool gang. I was sitting and brooding in a corner inside the classroom. Gippy reminded me of the childhood days and yes, I did envy guys similar to the character like Shamira, rich, classy and who nicely ignored me. Girls would not speak to me and I instantly connect with the film. Many don't realize that the dumb ones have a heart and have a right to live life. Oh! yeah! I was bullied and I wonder how I transformed into a confident someone, like Gippy.
I particularly love the climax of the film and the scenes between Shamira and Gippy who did not dealt blows to the former. To the contrary, Gippy understood Shamira when the table turned. The scene during the election of the class captain leaves a mark. Kudos to Karan Johar for producing the movie with a heart and such kind of movies should be encouraged.

Post Script Note:
Sonam Nair outing Gippi is a movie that melt hearts and made with the heart. Adolescents  Riya Vij, Jayati Modi, Arbaaz and Mrinal make confident debut despite they are not professional actors. Jayati Modi is photogenic as a young but arrogant student but she has a brilliant future along with Riya Vij. Divya Dutta is endearing as the lovable mother. Well done kids and, of course, Dharma Productions! Sad, that a movie like Gippi could not make it as a hit but it's no reason not to make such meaningful cinema.



55 Words: Baba's Wish and Love Tragedy

Baba's wish
Every time, he tried calling Baba for a month but they told him he is tired and sleeping. On Saturday morning, he picked the newspapers, TOI and ET and received a call, "We've done your air tickets and you have to fly home tomorrow. Baba wants to see you." They wouldn’t tell him why! He wondered!

Tragedy of Love
They loved each other and could not bear being away from each other. They were at the party as she suddenly whisked him away, "My parents fixed my marriage with someone else and perhaps, it's the last time, we were meeting. I cannot think of any other step now." She walked away from the party. 

My attempt at 55 words fiction for writetribe.com

55 Words fiction intrigues you? No problem! Write Tribe has a solution and read Vidya Sury's post here on Write Tribe )


Things I Can't Do Without

1. Blogging, Reading and Writing
I write a lot and read several blogs and put an appreciative comments. I can't live without writing which is one of my first love in life. Sometimes, I may end up writing two to three posts in a day. I have also started penning my novel and the fact that is taking a long time to work on is another story.
I read a lot, books and magazines and you will find them on my table. I read Times of India, Hindustan Times, Khaleej Times and Guardian online. I read almost any magazine be it India Today, Filmfare and Cosmopolitan. I read books in the bus and can't imagine my life complete without reading in the morning.

2. Movies
I am a film buff and watch any type of movie, be it full-on entertaining flicks, art or what you call meaningful cinema. I need to watch at least three movies in a week and it's my daily dose of movies. I am also a film critic but since I am on a break, I post my reviews on the blog. I am a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan and can't do without his movies.

3. Television
Ok, let's face, I am potato couch and no I'm not into soap operas and all. Basically, I am newsy and musical person so I am hooked to channels such as NDTV and Headlines Today to watch evening news, Truth or Hype, The Buck Stops Here or Centre Stage. I am a huge fan of Barkha Dutt, Sunetra Chaudhury on NDTV but also love Maha Siddiqui whom I met last year and Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today. On weekends, I am hooked to TV to watch MTV Splitsvilla, Jhalak Dikla Jaa and Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Of course, how can we blog and connect with the world without the gate way of information called net? I can't live without doing bak-was with friends on G-chat and putting some 140 words nonsense on Twitter. In fact, I am finding Facebook less appealing though I've cut myself for a month. I am back but the spark is missing.

5. Coffee
In the morning, I kick start the day with a sinful and strong cup of coffee and can't imagine calling the grains off. Coffee gives the memory a boost and motivate me to the hilt and the time I was working, I would gulp two to three cups a day to beat stress. 

6. Mobile
Mobile phone, no problem, right? Though, I make or do very less calls or sms on the mobile phone, my jeans pocket feel empty without the cell phone. I need to carry the mobile and fidget with the settings on an average day. Being without the phone is like a life full of empty feelings. As they say, the phone define who you are.

7. Music
I can't live without music during an average day and keep downloading and playing songs on the desktop or lap top. I have various taste for music and you name it, you get it, patriotic, soft and romantic numbers, peppy and foot tapping numbers. I have a huge collection of songs which I have downloaded for years and on my laptop, you will find the latest hits and the old songs of 70s as well as romantic songs of 90s.

8. Blabber
I love blabbering and I am a chatter box who keeps talking till someone stops me in my track. I have an opinion on almost everything ranging from movies, music to politics and economy. I just need to talk and if nobody is there to talk, I just lo on chat to trouble my mates.

Happy Sunday


Life After Break-Up

Who hasn't been through the after-effects of break-up with the one we shared our existence with? Break-Up has never been that easy, yeah right?! Kidding, babes and duded. It's fun to speak about break-up with a drop of salty and tongue-in-cheek humor coz laughing your butt even on love, romance and break up is good for the soul. Yeah, I am bullshitting about break-up in a fun manner, at least, I am trying to coz laughing or sniggering this post must be as good as a sexual romp.

1. Call your friends
Hey! Common friends, X and Me have decided to call it quit. Yeah! We broke up and I bring to your knowledge that two of your commoners are no longer together and so please refrain from asking either one of us how the other one is doing. You are invited to the party. Shoot an sms or e-mail.

2. Break-Up Party
Take a cue from Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone characters from Love Aaj Kal and throw a break-up party. Yeah! Don't look at me like coz I am serious?! C'mon, you guys can party one last time with your common friends and let the whole world know. Dance till you drop and give each other a huge hug as if it's your last day on earth. In that way, there will be no ill feeling or awkwardness among ex-lovers. Cheers to the wine and alcohol.

3. Mission Statement
Read a Mission Statement or undertaking at the common friends party: We undertake that we are no longer a couple and we will not smooch in hiding. So,stop bugging us by showing sympathy or, 'You are okie, kinda.' Ok, this one for you guys, we undertake that friendship among us will not suffer as we are not urging any one of you to take side.

4. Be Human, Cry a lot
After the party, hugs, mission statement and obviously the alcohol, bury your head under the pillow and cry throughout the night. You are Human and Be Human, so Cry coz you have a heart. Fuck the alcohol in the party, grab the alcohol inside your room for company and cry.

5.Kishore Kumar Songs are always here
The timeless Kishore Kumar sad songs always come handy. So, put on the volume blaringly loud on your lap top and with your daaru glass in hand, Mere Mehboob Kayamat hogi. After all, what better tribute to the timeless Kishore-da who took extra pain and earned a lot for lovers like you. Cry again by listening to Kishore-da songs.

6. Update your FB, Twitter
Now that you are single, let all the hot chicks and cool duded know that you are single and available. Babes and Dudes! The world need to know that you guys broke so that you meet someone interesting, hot and funky. Just broke and can't wait to be in a new relationship or babes, heard the Khula Saand ya Wild Stallion is on a rampage and you have any information on him, let me know, can be your status of the day.

7. Coffee Houses are sad without you
What are you waiting for? Places like CCD, Barista, Aroma, Costa Coffee and Starbucks can't wait for your presence to grace them. In return. you'll get hampers: lotsa chicks and dudes whom you can smile for a conversation coz you can't stay single for long if you sit alone in the coffee house.

8. Write a rom-com
You have the writer bug in you? Why not make money out of your break-up and get set on the lap-top to pen up the story of your break-up. Of course, you don't need to be auto-biographical and you can bullshit a lot with funny stuffs. Rake in the moolah, baby.

9. Enjoy your new found singleton status
Thank your stars for being single and give yourself some ME time, faraway from lovey-dovey and naughty sms-es. Go for the movies alone and feed yourself the pop corn and hang around in the malls. Who knows you might get lucky? Better still, watch movies on DvD, read books and meet friends coz who knows this time may be precious and priceless before the next calamity struck.

10. In conclusion
So, what do we say as concluding remarks on life after break up and all that matters! You've read it all. So enjoy the post and what! you were waiting for more points. Dudes and Babes get a life after reading this crappiest post.



Conversation with an imaginary son

"Don't irritate, yaar. I will be compelled to call your mom right now."
He continues throwing the tennis ball on the sofa. I pretend to ignore his antics and how I wish the wife would have taken this six-year old along to her office.
"Listen! Dude! Go and watch your super hero film inside and let me work on my lap-top. I need to send my stories to office. Listen! Now! If you behave, I promise to take you to the mall.
"Okie! Thank you, Papa."
How I wish he would stop calling me Papa. I prefer the dude and am actually praying that he grows up fast so that we can shoot him to some far away place for higher studies or he finds himself a girl friend. Gosh! Kids are cute but the moment they start behaving my God.
I gotta finish the work as the wife will come with the boisterous lil' devil, yeah, the daughter. She keeps yelling and gives me such a headache. The wife will nicely kiss me like a kid so that I look after the two lil' demons.
I concentrate and hear some noise bugging me. It's the devil watching movie at full volume. Kids, I tell you and how I wish they never grow up. Actually, there is no point telling this smart devil to lower the volume and lemme me put some music with ear phone on.
Tap..tap tap..Cool! The work is done..sigh! One hour and can't hear him. Okie! lemme go and check him out. He has reduced the volume of his movie.
I knock on the door, "Hey! Can I come in lil monster?"
"Of course, you can Papa."
"So, do you have a girl friend?"
He looks at me showing a wicked smile, "Actually, I like a girl at school and I've dropped my phone number on her table. But, she has not called. I mean, how did you woo girls when you were my age?"
"Naughty boy! I didn't woo girls when I was ten. Guess, your generation is fast and in five years, you must be leading an active sexual life."
"Not in five years, Papa! Now only."
I am horrified, "What the.."
"Fuck, Papa."
"What, you swearing at your father?"
Nopes, I am only completing the sentence."
Ok! Do your home work and we will go to the mall. On the way, we will pick up your mom and sister. One more thing: I will give you some tip to woo that girl but promise you will not tell anything about our harmless conversation to your mom and sister."
"Promise Papa,"
He looks so cute and innocent when he smiles like this. I hug him.

PS: I am actually wondering on what I would tell my son one day if I reaches there. Just a figment of an imaginary conversation with an imaginary son but guess, I was speaking to my other self."

Have a lovely Monday


Happy Friendship Day: Celebrating Prayer of Togetherness

A friend is someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses;

A friend is someone with whom you are allowed to be yourself without the fear of being laughed at;

You know that you can be ridiculous and funny with a friend, yet he or she will not laugh at you;

A friend is someone who will shout at you and telling that you are taking the downward spree;

A friend is someone who will cry and laugh with you during the high and low moments of life;

A friend is someone whom you can call at midnight yet you will not disturb his sleep;


A friend is someone who will listen to you and yet no judge when the the whole one is busy screwing you;

A friend is someone who will not laugh at your school and college marks;

Often, friends have comforted you, saying, 'What are friends for?'

A friend is someone who stays far away from you yet his or heart long for you;

A friend is someone who will love you till death and tells you not to stop living;

A friend is someone who will cry when you feel pain and yet say that you are awesome despite he or she knows things are going as planned in your life;

True friends believe that their bond sacred and the friendship is a prayer for togetherness.

Happy Friendship Day
Love, Hugs N Kisses