At the cross road of life


Everyday, he saw the old lady sitting with her dog, smiling at him as he scurries towards the bus stop at Andheri. One day, he was smoking a cigarette and overheard the homeless lady speaking in English. He grew curious and approached her. She eyes him lovingly, "I know you since long. I was your supervisor when you joined the company as an intern. I am Mala Singh." He was horrified, "Ma'am! You! She smiles, "Destiny, Beta! Who would have thought that from a millionaire I would end up on the streets." He forcibly took her and the dog to his apartment.

In response to 100 Words on Saturday: writetribe.com challenge. The story was inspired by the plight of former editor of a magazine and millionaire, Sunita Naik, who ended up sleeping on the streets in Mumbai. The article first appeared in Mid-day and since then, the lady and her sole companion the dog were sheltered by a nice family. I often wonder what's life has in store for us and we should never trust someone with money and bank accounts.
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