Seeking Togetherness and Unity on Independence Day

A prayer for togetherness, flurry of emotions as we sing the national anthem.
Jnana Gnana Mana..we exude a sense of pride and forget our differences  as Indians.
A time for us to reflect on the sacrifices of our forefathers, our soldiers on the border and ongoing fight of our farmers for a better crop.
As we look back on our achievements and weaknesses, we dream for a better India.
Are we dreaming too?
It's our belief that we need to stop for a while and ask ourselves whether we are going to the right way?
Corruption can kill a country yet we are rich in terms of resources and we need to tackle corruption.
As Indians, we are afflicted by poverty, terrorism and the pilfering of nature.
We constantly fight against the humiliations faced by women on the streets?
Yet, are we listening to the plea of women who faced rape?
We need to define ourselves as Indians and strive to make our country a model to follow.
Is it dreaming too much?
Wake up my country men and women!
Why do we always become united on August 15 and February 26 only take pride in our national celebrations?
We should stop pilfering and abusing our lands by hungry politicians.
We need not have a repeat of Uttarakhand where thousands have lost lives and livelihood.
Let's make a pledge to make India corruption-free, litter-free and protect our children and women.
India is truly a great nation and let's strive to make it truer like milk.
Happy Independence Day
Proud To Be Indian
Jai Hind
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