Saas, Bahu, Sensex and Life

What's life without a bit of drama?', one is tempted to ask. I feel like the soap operas of TV channels hyping Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi is hitting an all-time high amidst the hoopla to garner maximum TRP on TV channels. If that was not enough, the Indian rupee tanked into an all time low, reached 69 bucks pegged at one dollar. No sir. I do not wish to do a political post and far from that, I am actually wondering what wrong with the economies of the world, first it was US, then UK and now India, whom we so proudly spoke about our resilience and good performance. Sometimes, I wonder whether it's a creation of the media to keep the numbers going, though I am a product of the media.
Like the soap operas of Saas Bahu, our TV channels must be faking it. I am just wondering as I see one event unfurling itself, be it politics, Sensex ya saas bahu serials. Things seem to reach a dramatic high in life and we, humans, need some over-the-top drama to make our voices heard and it is not state, city or country specific. Latest case in point is the young lady Rosechasm prejudiced and over the top piece on India where she make it appear that India is a rape country. While I understand that she might have gone through sexual harassment which I vehemently condemn, it doesn't make sense to make everything look so bad just because the whole world is hitting on India with a fist. There are so many female friends who constantly struggle against the threat of sexual violence, be it on locals or crowded streets, her piece came at a time and seek to diminish the fight of the commoners. The well meaning men and women are trying the level best to push the government to act against rape and I feel Rosechasm over the top piece came at a time to seek attention.
Moving on to better or bored things in life, I've been reading a lot and just finished with The Reluctant Fundamentalist which can be described as brilliant and well written book. The book deal with someone's love affair with US of A and a gori chick and not once, you feel that the book gets over your head. The author, Mohsin Hamid gently broaches the subject of his Pakistan and his love-hate relationship with United States in a very gentle and subdued way. I find the book a light read. I can't wait to jump over with the third and final version of Amish's Oath of Vyaputras.

Thinking about the devil and it knocks on the door in an almost uninvited fashion. Hell! No! Why the fuck such overt drama need to happen in life? I started this post yesterday and, in the middle of writing, the desktop stopped functioning and I tried turning on the computer without much success. I abandoned all hopes and used the i-pad and phone wi-fi connection to surf the net. The laptop came back today after a month, the time the shop took to service the gadget. I am so relived and comfy working on the laptop and what a pain it was to type on the old computer, Finally, I am able to complete the post that took me over two days.
After waiting for three months+ and trying for a job, luck seems to be smiling on me. I have received some good news and a job proposal has been made and I am waiting for some confirmation before I join new office. I am keeping things under wrap the time for the confirmation. It was quite an ordeal job hunting and the bank been after me for loan balance and credit card, not to mention EMI. Sometimes, life plays truant on us and we need to keep our head on the shoulder. One should never lose hope.
Time to push off now and will keep you abreast of the latest development in my life. By the way, I am dying to watch Prakash Jha's Satyagraha that opened to rave reviews and watching Amitabh Bachchan on the big screen after a year.
Good Night

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