Career Shift

There is no age barrier for us to find life's true calling and like luck, it may knock our door at any time and comes uninvited. Many of us wonder whether there is any age or time in life when we can contemplate on a career shift and I personally believe that there is nothing like that as people in the early and late 30s and 40s take the plunge. Dreamers always take the risk when we feel that it's time for us to change gear in our professional life and once we found something that will lead to fulfillment, we should never hesitate to jump on the train's band wagon. However, it is equally true that there will be a lean period where we will struggle to achievement our dreams. But, if we firmly believe in passion and keen to make things happen, we just need to go with the flow to reap the fruits of success. The question that pops in the mind is, why do we contemplate a career shift?

1. I am an Economics graduate who did an internship as analyst and later worked as a professor in my field of study in a junior school for a year. But, destiny had other plans to me and it was by a stroke of luck that I joined a newspaper as a sub-editor and later shifted to news reporting. Thus, journalism happened by chance and, perhaps, if I didn't take the plunge I would never know where my passion lies and today I can say that I have found life's true calling in journalism. It's also true that I have taken a break from journalism due to untoward circumstances but I shall be back with a bang in a year or so.

2. It's never ever too late to change your profession and follow your heart. Actor Boman Irani was a professional photographer for years before becoming an actor at the age of 45. The age factor is such a lame excuse in avoiding to seek fulfillment in things that one believes in. There are so many like Boman Irani who believed in their passion and went on fulfilling their dreams at a later stage in life.

3. Priorities in life tend to change over time. So what, if at one point in life you were so fond of Mathematics or Economics and wanted to be the next Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata or Bill Gates by pursuing your Masters' in Business Administration (MBA)? There is no harm now that your priority has changed and you want to become a film director, choregrapher, join the ad world or pursue journalism as a career shift. We are dreamers and it is in our nature to keep changing our priorities in life as one thing leads to another and like relationships, traditional careers reaches an expiry date. So, don't pay heed to people imbedded with a mindset telling you why you are not using your degree and it's been a waste coz nothing is a waste. There is no written law stating that you should use your degree to earn.

4. We have all seen cases where degrees were forced upon the throat of children by parents. There is no fun working as a doctor, engineer or lawyer if the heart is not in and you may be the one who studied some discipline to make your parents happy. But, remember it's your life and you have to live a true and fulfilled life and it's not your parents who will be unhappy if you are not enjoying your work. If you wanna be a book author during mid-life, go, chase your dreams and kiss the world.

5. A passion player is someone who embraces his or her hobby and make it his or her profession. Very few of us may choose the less travelled road and if we do, well, it's the gateway to perfect happiness in life. You can be a film director or journalist at the age of 30 or 40 or even 50 and it takes courage to leave a job that is not giving you happiness. Happiness is the key to success in life and till we don't push ourselves to the edge of the cliff, we shall sit and bite the nails.

6. Always listen to the heart who gently brushes something in your ears, dude/ babe, this is the chance, forget everything and c'mon, you can do it. The heart can never fail us and as they say, if the heart doesn't function, how will the brain operate?! It's very true and most of the times, it is the heart who acts like the wire for the career shift that we are longing for and urges us to go for the kill. I have always believed that men and women who listen to their hearts are the ones that wins the race at the end of the day.

7. A shift in career signifies that we have found the self, the identity, the real I, YOU. Being truthful to oneself is what really matters and not pleasing the whole world. Come on, it's your life and you gotta script and play it according to your own whims and fancies. One should lead its life according to its own rules and those who play by the rules always end up regretting. So, if you feel that you will find your will and carve your identity by undergoing a drastic career change, just go for it and don't look back at all. Take the risk and challenge to discover the self.

8. To be successful in life, one need to constantly invent and re-invent itself and do that, we may change our career path 10,000 times at different points in life. There are so many legends who re-invented themselves in the course of a life time and it doesn't matter whether we have to un-learn, learn and learn new things. People over 50 have learned new things and the biggest example is superstar Amitabh Bachchan who invented and re-invented himself as a keen student. Bachchan was and is a keen student who has always been willing to learn new acting techniques by working with very young and talented directors. Certainly, Amitabh Bachchan didn't change his profession but the process is similar for people who want to change gear in life and even at 50 plus, the 'Shahenshah' gave a new twist to his career. And what are we? The key to tremendous success in life is to re-invite and snatch success out of the jaws of defeat.

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