Boys will be Boys, Men will be Men

Why some boys will remain boys and will never become a grown up man?! I often wonder what it takes to live with the dignity of a mature man in society and what's up with our attitude of viewing a woman as a sexual object?  How often we fail to draw the line where we get some misconception about somebody who is a friendly? This is a question we men need to answer and it doesn’t pay by running away by showing your masculine prowess.
Yesterday, a friend wrote on Facebook how some guy sent her his intimate picture? I was like what the fuck is wrong with us, guys?! Has Facebook become a sex outlet for such despo guys whose sex organs are located in lieu of the brains? I was aghast and furious how guys assume too much that a friendly woman is out looking for sex on social network. This kind of primitive attitude is something I vehemently oppose.
My friend immediately blocked the person and it’s the right thing that she did. There is no use reasoning with such fucked-up attitudes of men. No dude! Crossing the line with a friendly woman by assuming she wanna get laid doesn’t make you cool at all. It is a sign that you are sexually frustrated and first, respect a woman as your equal. You think you know everything in life. Well! You don’t and stop acting like a hypocrite.
A woman who is friendly doesn't mean that she is looking out for dating or a physical relationship with you. For me guys who go around to check a woman and hitting on her on social network coz she is friendly, 'with I wanna know you better' lack the dignity of a man. It's a tale of immaturity. Hence, Boys will be Boys, Men will be Men. Live with the dignity of a man, dude.
I have seen and met with quite few such men, including some of my own friends. There was a party I attended with a good female friend back in Mumbai and I crashed at her place. She is a fierce, independent and career-oriented woman and crashed at her place. Once, I met some friends and told them I crashed at my friend's place. Guess what I got as an excited response, 'So, you didn't sleep together? Oh! So dumb of you! Have we been in your place?' I was like, what the fuck is wrong with us, men. When are we going to grow up in life? First thing first, I hate such attitude on the part of men. For me, no matter how mature you are in age, you lack dignity with such mentality. They are boys and will never grow up.
There are another category of guys I have encountered who have a fling, a kind of casual sex with a woman and they behave as if a kid has got a toy from Santa Claus. These guys will go around and tell the whole world, 'I had sex with this woman.' Another tale of immaturity and growing up with fucked-up attitude. I tell them, live with a dignity of a man. Be a man. Going and telling everybody the woma (e) n you slept with doesn't make you a man. What pleasure do you get in going around and giving the woman you shared intimate relationship and moments a bad name? What kind of man you are? A spineless d***, coward or bloody hypocrite, of course! The least you can do is to respect the woman as an individual who has certain needs just the same as you have.
Certainly, something is wrong with us, men and I recall dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan from the film Buddha Hoga Tera Baap, 'Aaj Kal Youth Bahut frustrated ho gaya (Today's youth has become frustrated). There is nothing wrong in healthy flirting but it is done in a charming and intelligent way like during the old times. This is the reason why I admire bunch of gentlemen in their 40s, 50s and 60s who know how to speak not just to a woman but to any person. There is something called A Class Act. I rest my case
With Love

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