Conversation with The Shadow

Dear Shadow,
I am addressing you as shadow coz I don't know how to call you, calling U sounds so disrespectful while YOURS TRULY would be a blatant and indecent patronage. Let's jump straight to the facts, You sit and stare at me with the expression in your eyes cursing me in the most blatant fashion.
Hell no! Why the fuck you looking at me with scorn? I can read the expression in your eyes telling, 'Dude! don't u get bored sitting at home? Move your ass and do something. Go get a life!
Ya dude! I gotta get a life and earn my bread and butter. I know, I have become so passive with my life and frankly, I am tired sitting and doing nothing. The only thing I am doing is blogging, sneaking into other people's life. Like you are doing right now. Right?! Sneaking in my life and giving me gyaan. Yet, you think you are right in giving me lesson. Now, stop swearing at him and hurling abuses through your eyes.
Dude, I am your shadow and guiding you in life. You need guidance and stop basking in past glory. True! You've been an achiever in your life and what beyond the past glory. Time to embrace new challenges. See, why are you so lazy and damn confused about life. Stop thinking too much and take the job offer that you will be made shortly.
Yaa! Shadow! I gonna take it and it doesn't make sense sitting at home and freaking out my mom on what I will do with my life. I need to sort out the mess in ma lifey and take the job. I am praying that I receive the confirmation. Wait before you go,dear shadow? Are you aware what I think throughout the day? No! You don't what goes inside the mind. I wanna achieve my dreams and I know that I will make it happen. I have that much of confidence in my abilities and I wish that a miracle will land at my doorsteps. Ok, fine. I need money right now and don't have much of a choice. Shadow, stop and here this one for you: Despite the low-turn in life, I have been able to keep sane and it is making me stronger and stronger. Thanks for visiting and pestering me. Come again to irritate me.
The shadow looks at me one final moment, 'wish you luck in life. Happy to meet you but will come again.' Dear Shadow walks away from the door.
Good Night
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