Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas! Bah! We all waited for the clock to struck midnight in different places in the globalized world. The world celebrate christmas today as people will rejoice with a couplet of wine and eating delicious pastries.
Xmas is a time for celebration. I treated myself by putting a hand made christmas card on my table, the wine bottle is waiting to be poured on the thin white glass and gonna use my new acquired gadget the HTC One X cellphone which comes as the treat for this year. Yeah! I shed a bomb on the new phone but what's the harm to treat oneself to goodies when we toiled our ass so hard for one year at work. It's a beautiful feeling. This X-mas is special since I made lotsa gud frienzz who have become special and as it stands, 2012 was brilliant for me. I started off with my Goa holidays, traveled to Delhi for work where I stayed at Trident Gurgaon where I made wonderful friends during the conference.
Time flies! It can be such a silly bitch! Last year, I was on holiday and at that time of the year, I was enjoying the nice, windy weather of Pune and planning my holidays to Goa. And, this year I contented myself in the office..so missing my frienzzz in India. It's quite hard. Trust me on that! But, then we can't have everything and as I just told you, it's been a great year full of zing and unplanned surprises! I cannot complain too much as next year I shall be back to India for holidays!!
We are looking up to the joy of life but let's spare a thought to the child who is deprived of a meal, family living in distress, the family whose son or daughter was killed in a road accident and the number of women subjected to physical and mental torture albeit rape. My wish to father Xmas this year is to save the life of the girl whose condition is critical in Delhi and who was brutally raped and assaulted by six savages. I ask father Xmas to give the family strength and give the girl strength so that she recovers and can continue her medical studies. In  a way I am happy that several thousands young men and women stormed the streets of Delhi to protest against the rape at a time they could have enjoyed a drink in the pub. Who says the youth are irresponsible! It's the perfect example of what the youth represent.
Anyways, merry Xmas 2012, lovely people
Spread love N cheers
Say no to Rape and Violence.
Much Love



At a time when we are looking up to celebrate X-mas and brand new year, somebody is crying.
Many of us have set the mood as we are indulging in alcohol and expensive food feast.
We are busy checking out the hotel for our holdings.
Somewhere, there is gloom.
A young and helpless woman was raped by six bastards who wanted to satisfy their animal instincts.
What was the fault of this woman?
Did she intimidated these man by her personality, the gender that no longer rely on man?
Or was she just a woman?
She paid the price for being  woman.
It's repulsive the way women are increasingly being subject to torture and violence.
It makes me ashamed of being a man today.
It scares me when I will walk on streets where women will cast a glance at me.
They shall smile at me or point accusing glance at me, RAPIST.
I will face the wrath incurred by hard working and patriot Muslims, TERRORISTS.
True, I believe in equality between sexes.
It's holier-than-true that I respect women believe they are the ones who call the shots,
They have reached their position in society through sheer hard work.
Who shall believe me after such a heinous act was committed by six desperate men?
An act that is beyond human comprehension.
Why is it that I cannot protect my female friend, mother, daughter and sister?
I shall tell my son not to rape rather than tell my daughter not to step out in the dark?
My forefathers have failed in educating their sons.
They have indirectly condoned violence against women by easily labeling them as 'sluts.'
They couldn't muster the courage to see a strong and empowered woman?
You know why?
Because it hurt their sense of pride and ego in a patriarchal society.
Indeed, it suits their dogmatic religious beliefs.
Protesting against human suffering, RAPE is no longer solely WOMEN business.
It is our role as MEN to protest against such perfidious cowardice act.


Faltu plans

Things you can and should do to spice up X-mas and New Year 2013..so enuf of my bak-bak and more dhak-dhak......enuf of long posts and writing up thesis on this entry..lemme spare you the boredom as this time of the year is not meant to read long and tiring posts

1.  Chill in Goa and Bahamas. Gatecrash at the most happening party in tinsel town and let yourself loose.

2. Trip on weed, drink barrels of beer as you usher in a new era.

3. Go on adventure sports, trekking and bungee jumping.

4. Sex on the beach with a stranger. At your own 'fucking risk' though?!

5. Eat a long of goji-berries. It increase your stamina and metabolism.

6. Yell like mad on the top of the mountain.

7. Leave your job and splurge all your finances. kidding! lol

8. Plan a heist in the bank. Again, got you there!

9. Be the male or female desi Gaga. Dress like her and color your hair red. If someone calls you made, administer a sharp blow on their faces! Don't worry about the cops, they'll be all high on alcohol and grass.

10. Throw away your lap tops, I-pad, cellphones and other gadgets in the sea at Marine Drive.

11. Tell your mom that you are leaving the house and that you are in a living relationship only to come back at 4 a.m in the morning waking up mommy from slumber, yelling maa she left me or she turned out to be lesbian.

12. Wake up the neighborhood with blaring music in your car at 3 in the morning.

13. Steal all fire crackers in your town and sell them for a dime.

14. Send your photograph in all newspapers with the heading, 'Missing' as you flee to Goa.

15. Dress like Dumbledore and crawl through the most happening party in town with a lamp in your hand.
(To be continued..ab ayega mazaa)

Disclaimer: Do all the above at your own risks. The author shall not be responsible for any arrest, heart attack of mom, wrong information supplied to the media, getting bashed by neighbors, parents disowning you from property, scaring people in party, accident, death or falling unconscious to excessive ganja. Ek dum faltu...


2012 in a nutshell

14 days to go and 2012 will soon become the year that was..period! The year that started marvelously started to unfold itself in a flick of time as events, totally unforeseen unwrapped itself. It started, moved ahead and waned away like thin air. It's been a beautiful year, surprises sprouting minus a few hiccups. But, then where is the excitement without a few dollops of upset. It's been a warm, very successful and amazing year both on the personal and professional year.

1. January started on a fun-filled and rollicking manner. I woke up to my amazing holidays in SoGo (an euphemism I just coined for South Goa). I partied at a frenz frenz marriage in Miramar and danced to the joy of the newly married couple. It started with a bang and as I look back, perhaps the saying hold true when they say that when the first day start on a great note, the ending is truly fantastic. Holier than true.

2. March was the month when I obtained the much expected appraisal which shot up by three and a half grand. Patience is a virtue. Well said. As mom says, success belong belong to those who try. A slow but sure indication of great things happening in life and reason enough to motivate the self to work even hard. This was cherry on cake. The best was yet to happen!

3. Love is an oxymoron. Well, the most ironic part about me is that I happen to fall head over heels with someone but only to realize it's not love. Yes, yes, I admit of not able to bring the relationship to the next level as lose interest. It's an entirely malfunction of both my head and heart. No! not that!! I am focused on some career plan that propel the love funda to take a back seat. The good part is that I nurture three crushes on three different women and post the crazy manifestation of the head, I'm back to normalcy. The most serious crush happened in the month of May, the first one happened in Goa in June and the other one seeped in much before May.

4. I just love the social media. I've been forever present all over the place blogging my way to happiness, make a special guest appearance on Twitter, Linkedin and forever in a full fledged role on Facebook. It paid high dividends. FB made me win..oops sorry renew bond with old frenz..i'm amazed as to how I become friends with school and college pals with whom I would exchange a mere hi, hey..whatever that means. I met a few friends with whom I was fell out of touch on FB and in November reunited with a dear friend Shikha after twelve years. Could you believe that? A school friend..we started chatting like old and lost buddies. There was Aishwarya who was my class mate at Fergusson College, Pune and I dropped a hi and we added each other on g chat. We hit off instantly and became such great friends. Who says that social media is devoid of a heart?

5. June & December. Professionally speaking, both months are intertwined as in June I spent two years in the media as a professional and justice had it that on December 14, it made two and half years. Started as subeditor and this year shifted as a reporter and since then, there has been no looking back. Did  tell you that I lined up great interviews this year..the list is long..Dr Karan Singh, Rajya Sabha MP and ICCR president, Uma Tuli of the Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust and Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam. The list is long. To cut a long story short, I lined up nine interviews in a month. That month was August. I was short of number ten since September 1 fall on a Saturday. Unlucky me! I ended up biting my own fingers.

6. 2012 is a year that I will cherish for a very long time. I made great frenzzz at work and during my trips in Mumbai and Delhi. Life can't be more beautiful and as they say, there are good people on earth. Like a couplet, I go and sing a song dedicated to frenz and networking.

7. October/ November. It was unexpected and I was taken by storm. I was chosen by the Indian Government to be part of journalists delegates to cover the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation known as IOR-ARC at Gurgaon. Well! That's the end of the surprise and that's what I referred to above as the icing on the cake. I had the bestest of time and biggest professional fulfilment. It's been an emotional route, amazing and fulfiling journey where I made such great friends in Gurgaon/Delhi and learned so much from colleagues in the media fraternity. I stayed at the amazing Trident in Gurgaon and attending the conference at Oberoi is, was and will remain awesome. It add zing to one's life as I got back my mojo! The kind of networking and visibility I experience cannot be told but felt inside. It' such a great feeling which words fail to express. It will remain with me perhaps forever and I haven't still recovered from it. I made great friends in Gurgaon and Delhi. What more can I ask from life?! Better than that spoil the gorgeous feeling. I am grateful to those who facilitated my trip, including my boss, Indian Government and MEA.

What's life without a few unsettling and unfulfilled tasks. Here, it goes:
8. I started my novel and a few scripts but like always, it's still hanging somewhere in the closet. The range of progress made is far far from satisfaction. But, the work continues.

9. I have been unable to save money, a huge credit card balance hovering on my head and the salary been quite late for past few months. Hopefully, it shall be a thing of the past like the great year that 2012 been. I am an optimist and looking forward to smashing end of 2012..hey dudes and babes, in fourteen days lotsa things gonna happen..there's my new cell phone and i-pad on the cards. Looking forward for an awesome 2013. Hope yours was great as well and 2013 will be even better.

Love as always,


Gurgaon: Looking beyond the towering height

The Gurgaon-Delhi tollway in the afternoon
What comes to your mind when you think of Gurgaon? Industrial city, business boom, luxurious malls and five star hotels mushrooming in that part of North India..well, you are right about Gurgaon. Gurgaon is the perfect place for business trips, work adventure and business-related meeting and is an upcoming and growing market in the industrial and financial centre in the state of Haryana.
Business complexes and malls are booming in Gurgaon which is located some 25 to 30 minutes away from Indira Gandhi International Airport. If you are visiting Gurgaon for the first time like I did once month back, you can visit the city biggest mall Ambience which is 10 minutes away from Oberoi/Trident mall by walking. However, if you take an auto or car, it's hardly three minutes trip. Shopping in Gurgaon should not be a problem since you will find all the well-known brands such as Louis Vitton, Marks & Spencer, Levis, West Side at Ambience. You gonna shop for groceries, you can just pay a visit to the department store, Big Bazaar where you will get everything under one roof.
I visited Gurgaon for brief work trip from October 28 to November 4 and stayed at the plush and wonderful five star hotel Trident. It is a very peaceful place located at Udyog Vihar and is in itself a world of its own. The hotel crew is well-trained, very hospitable and the best thing about Trident is that there is lot of space inside the main lobby, entrance towards the main restaurants Konomi, Cilantro and The Pool Bar. It is a place that you feel at home and where you are greeting with a traditional 'Namaste' at every end by the wonderful and smiling faces.
However, if you are looking for places to visit in Gurgaon for a gateway, look far away coz will will end up being disappointed. It is an industrial and financial city, considered to be second biggest in the state of Haryana and beyond buildings, you will not be treated to lush greenery. However, the city is well connected and you can take a rick from Udyog Vihar towards nearest stations such as Guru Dronocharya, Iffco chowk and Sikanderpur, which is the nearest. So, if you wanna run away to Delhi, just take a rickshaw and head towards the nearest Metro station. The Metro through Delhi to Gurgaon and may I add Noida is well connected and as you get on the elevator and frisked by the 'jawans' get your ticket and Delli door nahin.
The only hitch is the rickshaws is not run by meters and there is no meter tampering. No! Nooo! You will not be offered a free ride even if the auto-wallah is a distant relative of yours but you have to take a price imposed by them! It's their laws and the rest depend on how proficient you are with your persuasive power.
Never mind the hitches and glitches in Gurgaon, you can stil head towards NH 8 off the national highway to catch a glimpse of DLF Tower, Ericsson Building and Belvedere Park which is a commercial and business premises where the towering building is quite interesting. The roads are well maintained and state-of-the-art infrastructures makes the city live up to its name. Down north, you head to Jaipur and Haryana. Every city has its silver crowd and moving towards Udyog Vihar in the vicinity of Trident/Oberoi, you can talk a walk in the afternoon in a quite peaceful atmosphere. As you turn towards the lanes, you will find the chai-walla and get on-street food which is a rarity in the town of Gurgaon.
Eight days is very less to know about Gurgaon and perhaps, I have not seen interesting stuffs and this is the reason as to why, I have limited myself to say that it's all about buildings. If anybody has something to share about the city, please educate me. I would love to know more about this part of North India. Nevertheless, I would say that it's been interesting to visit the complex city of Gurgaon and next time, I shall try to remove the google and look beyond the buildings sprouting its nest everywhere.


Falling prey to the charm of Trident, Gurgaon

I am back after one-month spate on the blog and my life changed considerably. I was in Delhi for a hectic but fun filled and awesome IOC-ARC conference where I learned so much, interacted with the media fraternity and stayed at Trident, Gurgaon. Today, makes exactly one month when I set foot at the huge and splendor Indira Gandhi International Airport. From there, I reached Trident hotel and was floored by the amazing hospitality. I love the staff at the hotel and the experience makes it completely worth the buck.
I reached Delhi and Gurgaon on October 28 to cover the conference and was given an awesome Garden View Room at Trident. As I arrived at the magnificent Trident hotel, I was greeted by a beautiful girl whose smile bring a spark to one's face. Inderpreet applied a tilak on my forehead which is a custom at the hotel. I was walked to my room by the wonderful Tara at the front office. As I entered room number 259, the huge plasma TV was playing the welcome ad of Trident hotel accompanied by soothing music. I was deprived of sleep for more than ten hours and pulled the curtain at 5 a.m to catch a glimpse of the night outside. I let the curtain open, had a smoke and went to bed since I have a briefing to attend in the evening. By hook or by crook, I had to hit the bed for at least six hours. I woke up around 11.30 a.m.
The eight nights, seven days stay at Trident covered by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi was very charming and something to stay with you throughout my life. Visitors at Trident, Gurgaon are greeted by the beautiful swimming pool at the entry and all the dedicated staff shower their hands in respect with the traditional namaste at every end whether it's at the front office, lobby, Cilantro, Saffron and Konomi. The staff is entirely delightful and dedicated and goes out of their way to make visitors feel at home and not once I felt that I was in a five star hotel. As the communications manager Akanksha Banerji told me during a casual conversation how the staff work 14 hours a day and yet manage to smile. This wonderful, charming and well spoken lady is 100 per cent right and as she concede that she often talk a walk at Trident to get a good vibe. Such a dedicated staff charm the birds off the trees!
The wonderful staff at Cilantro are superb and they ensure that clients feel at ease. I have special words for Anubha, Abha, Ahsan, Amit who are simply wonderful and charming. Where do they get the energy to sport the beautiful smile and sparkle on their face. It takes a lot to make clients feel at home. I have special words for the front office staff whether its Shikha, Inderpreet and Tara who exude sheer magic. One thing that touched me with Shikha is that I had problem with activating my Airtel sim card and she has gone out of her way by calling the Airtel guys on her BBM. That's hospitality for you. Certainly, Trident is the place if you are looking for quality service, relaxation and the 'family-feel' and I call it a hotel away from home. Words doesn't suffice to describe the service at Trident which is a hotel whose biggest qualities are charm, wonderful staff and lives up to the adage 'Customer is King.' Well done guys.
A special word to the room service guys who take extra pain to ensure that everything is neatly arranged in the room. After a tough day covering the conference, you feel that you are in your own personalized home. The newspapers is folded beautifully, the bed and the table are beautifully laid. What strike me is that you don't need to worry if you have an early conference since you are sure that the wonderful front office kids will give you a call, reminding you of your schedule.
This post is a must and my way of thanking the wonderful staff at Trident Hotel, Gurgaon that ensure that my stay remain wonderful. Everything is so perfectly arranged at Trident.Man! What food and coffee they serve..totally fantabulous! No matter how tired you are, as you step into Trident, all your worries are taken away by the charming boys and girls who exudes a genuine smile and Namaste. A stay completely worth! I had the most wonderful cocktails at Narmada& Yamuna and Cilantra Veranda. As I prepared to leave Trident, Gurgaon I made it a point to meet the staff members and unfortunately wasn't meet all of the wonderful staff at Trident. It lives up to its name At Trident, You're Sure. Way to go gals and guyzzz..I still miss you and was indeed sad of leaving. I promise to come back.

Trident Hotel, Gurgaon


The Love Letter

I have been longing for her presence at Bandra station. Every time, she edges past me, fluttering her long hair playfully , earphone in her ears as she strutted her way inside the Andheri fast local. I have been playing the waiting game for three months. It was sheer agony fighting against myself. If she was waiting at the station for a long time, her gregarious friends would unfurl themselves as they broke into splinters How I abhor her friends, the spoilers?
Every time, I was planning my way to drop a hi, I was forced to yank my way as she engulfed in a passionate conversation with her pals. She looks very cute and sweet as she sported the bejesus expression to her friends narration of matters. How they rode roughshod over my pent up feelings! I shushed at their ignorance of my feeling for their beautiful friend. She was my angel.
Today, I've been waiting for an hour and have not seen the slight shadow of hers at Bandra station. Where has she gone? I don't even know her name and I have nurtured feeling for her. Love is a bitch. As I boarded the train and glean on the copy of Midday, somebody spurted inside the train. It was her. She glowed in the green salwar kameez. A voice within said, 'It's the time now. It's now or never.' I removed a sheet from my notebook and swiftly scribbled something. As Andheri station was slowly approaching, I plucked my courage and sidled towards her, 'excuse me' in a barmy manner.
She turned her neck towards me and smiled sheepishly, "haan, kya?"
Yeh aapke liye, as I handed her the first love letter.
She gently unfolded the letter and gleaned through the letter charily. She simpered, 'station aa  gayi mujhe jana padegi.' She hustled through the jeering crowd who were struggling to enter the train. As I jumped on the platform, I lost her in the crowd.
I saw her the next day as I slowly approached her group of friends, she pretended not to notice him and oblivion of my presence. She sounded awkward as one of her friend asks, Anjali kya hua?"
She looked straight at her, Kuch nahin yaar, bas exams ki tension.
She turned her gaze towards me and  ushered her eyes towards the train. I entered the train and she followed me, waving bye to her friends. She slipped a piece of red-colored paper in the pocket of my trousers. As I read the letter, it says Hi I am Anjali. We can't really speak to each other. I like your letter. Though I admit that I received a blot from the blue and I think we should speak through pen and papers. By the way, don't forget to tell me your name next time.
We exchanged glances, smiles and letters for more than three months. We have shared our worries, dreams and aspirations in more than 200-letters. Finally, I told her that I love her in the letter during our journey in the train. I also left a red rose on the seat next to her. Anjali couldn't pick up the rose since her friends were around. She sheepishly looked at them and judging by her body language, I could tell that she was scared too. The next day, she put the letter in an envelope that was bejewelled by beautifully designed flowers. As I opened the envelope with care, I was getting goosebumps in my stomach. I close my eyes and finally, I tried to be brave to see her answer,"I love you too."
The next day, I waited for her at Bandra. She didn't came. I waited for the whole day. Days and months have elapsed and I was worried at whether something might have happened to her. My mind was wrecking havoc and it's been more than two months.
One day, I obtained a letter that I have been selected for a job with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Dubai, I wanted to know what happened to Anjali. I became friend with one of the guys in her group, Ankit and when we went for tea and a smoke outside Bandra station, I casually asked him about Anjali. He told me that Anjali's father is in the diplomatic services and the whole family has moved to Sweden and she will do her Mba there. Ankit also told me that she was secretly in love with a guy whom she was meeting in train but couldn't speak to since her parents are strict and anyone could have seen them together. I hugged Ankit and said good bye.
As I walked towards the bus stop, I could sense a jumbled feeling. I wanted to jump and dance because she was in love with me and at the same time, I was so angry that she left without telling. I wanted to cry.
Two years later:
I came back to Mumbai since I wanted a career shift. I would soon join a well known advertising agency Sharp Eyes in Mumbai. Dad and Mom had a talk with me about marriage and they convinced me about a beautiful girl who is the daughter of dad's friend. At first, I brushed aside the marriage proposal since a day did not passed when I did not thought of Anjali. Finally, I relented and we went to meet the girl. I was sitting comfortably on the sofa when a girl in red saree slowly walk towards me with a tray of coffee and biscuits. I looking upwards as she uncovered her head.
What happened was going to change my life forever and forever. I was knocked off the chair as Anjali smiled to me. Like me, she was bewildered at what sprang in front of her. We smiled to each other. Our parents were not aware of what's happiness and they were as shocked as we. We started to hug each other and we didn't care what our parents would think. We said, I love you' unison and tears dropped on our cheeks.


Childlike innocence

childlike innocence, riveting eyes and chasing my dreams.
As I sing gleefully,  my eyes chase the biggest dreams in life.
There is no holding on to what's not mine.
The chorus is missing, the song is not yet composed.
As they a sing a lullaby to me, I direct my gaze and crane my neck to the next best thing.
It eludes me and it seem far away from my eye.
I haven't said my last word coz I know it is not a distant dream.
Dreams that I nurture in my heart, for I know that one day it will come true.
Impossible for naysayers, possible for me.
I believe that I can.
For the great doer is only but me.
I just don't make hullabaloo of it, they do.
Dreamer, lover and adventurer.
That's me.
I day dream of the feat.
It's just a matter of time.
For slowly but surely I shall reach the destination.
A destination fraught with bruises, deception.
I shall arrive.
There is no fun without hurdles.
I shall arrive coz I have the childlike curiosity burning inside.
Let the fire spread.


Set to conquer Gurgaon

The countdown start rolling and rollicking as I gambol on the days and nights hovering. Six more days and I am set to visit a new city, Gurgaon. I have never been to Gurgaon which is 30 minutes to one hour away from Delhi and honestly speaking, it was far far away from my travel list. The only thing is that it is eight-days trip fully funded by the Indian Government. Officially speaking, I am on duty and it doesn't go without saying I shall enjoy the perks in terms of sight seeing and exploring the city.
I am excited to discover the city that I have never been. It shall add to my travel data base and it's always cherry on the cake to discover a brand new city, new people, make new friends and of course, networking. For a journalist, networking is a sine qua non and dire necessity in today's world. It opens a whole new avenue coupled with immense possibilities where one is afforded a unique opportunity to discover an entire gamut of 'windfall gains.' The offer came unexpectedly as I was informed from official quarters that I have been chosen to represent my company. I jumped leaps and bounds as the Priyanka Chopra's song, In My City' blarring to my ears. Yeah, babe I gonna be in your city and make some new friends.
Apprehensive! I am always since it's a new experience and through I am confident of the eight nights, it's a new city for me. But, that's the fun part of being in a new city all by myself and enjoying every moment in the city. It will also be my first trip to Delhi as I get set to get down at Shrimati Indira Gandhi International Airport while my stop has always been Mumbai, albeit, Chitrapathi Shivaji International Airport. Guess, when I reach Gurgaon at 3 in the morning, I shall sleep till noon and get set to explore Gurgaon which I've told is very well-developed and mall mushrooming all over the city. Come Monday, assignment start as I shall hunt for interviews with important interviews..well that's just a teaser..ahem! ahem! I shall pull all strings to grill two important personalities, to say the least.
Frankly speaker, I am restless as I can feel the chill down my spine and I am bestiring myself to the joy of discovering the new city and its people. It's my premiere professional experience on such a grand scale and I am aware that I will rub shoulders with giants in my field, learned men and women who are maven at the craft. I am looking forward to learn and draw inspiration from these beings. Though, eight days conference is quite less but there are so much that one can do in one day work and I gotta eights day. It's grand and an opportunity that can only spruce the 'professional me' up. It shall buttress the individual in me with regard to my craft as a journalist and it is indeed the start of many beautiful surprises like this one.
The only hitch is that I will not be able to visit my favorite city Mumbai and what I call my home, Pune. I am supposed to understand I will be caught in a swirl of activities and adhering to my professional assignment is what prevail. It pinches when one cannot be in maximum city and Pune. Like one friend remarked, you be in India without being in Pune and Mumbai. What to do? Sometimes things get out of control as we caught in a maelstrom of professional activities. But, but, I am grateful to Bharat sarkar for giving me such an opportunity. It's a dream come true and further reinforce the view that India has made me who I am. I am eternally grateful to my country of origin.
Time to wave good night folk. Watch out as I shall narrate the Gurgaon and Delhi story.


Book Review: I Too Had a Love Story

Love happens once and as it happens, it stays forever. This adage hold true for author Ravinder Singh whose courage must be applauded for sharing his love story to rom-com lovers. I Too Had a Love Story is the true story of Ravin and Khushi.
The book is sensitive and strike a chord with our inner self, albeit, heart as a true tale of love is told that bring tears to our eyes. It contains a strong emotional dose that melt the heart of the strongest person on earth. The climax is shattering and devastating, a far cry from the countless rom-com and campus romances that's mushrooming the Indian market since the last decade.
'I remember the date well: 4th March 2006. I was in Kolkata and about to reach Happy's home. I had been very excited all morning as I was going to see our gang of four after three years, says the author. As rightly penned, not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stay incomplete. Yet, they are beautiful in their own way.
The date, 4th March 2006 changed the live of Ravin forever. A harmless dilly-dallying with an Indian dating/matrimony site changed his life forever. This one is tale of innocent love as he meets the sweet, innocent Khushi on the dating site and the first phone call leads to another as the latter lovingly calls him 'Shona'. Aww! Sweet! After dating on the phone and chat, Ravin and Khushi finally meet in Faridabad. Two person living in two distant places far away from each other fall in love and finally meet after the chatting, love smses. How appealing to one's romantic senses? I bet you will fall sway to such a perfect love story.
Ravin is your normal guy whom you meet in the hum-drum of city life. He is your average-goer and one would not bet he will fall in love with the perfect girl in tinsel down. Falling in love with the girl who seem so perfect. She is the epitome of beauty, kindness and intellect. Tempting offer! Khushi is the girl whom you will die to meet. She spells perfection as one prod on their luck to meet and fall in love with someone like Khushi. As you flip through the pages, you will eventually fall in love with Khushi whom I would call a 'Godess in the making.' A sensitive girl with a heart of gold. Hey! hold on! Not everyone is as lucky as Ravin..or is he?! You will get the answer as you grab a copy of I Too Had a Love Story.
The book is heart-pounding as you are thrust in a dream tale of love. How can it happen to anybody? Has Ravin done a good deed in his past life that a girl as beautiful and pure like Khushi walks in his life. It's the perfect love story as you are transported in a world riddled with complete perfect. The book is so beautifully written, poignant with human emotion as dream interwoven and lived to the hilt. You can't stop yourself feeling that it is your love story..at least you desire to believe that it is your love story.
As Ravin and Khushi are on the point of getting engaged, calamity struck. They were not meant to be as the incident play spoilsport to one of the perfect love story. One is tempted to ask:Why? Why? Why? I wanna pull all strings loose so that Ravin and Khushi live together forever and forever. Sometimes, it is not meant to be as destiny has the habit of wrecking havoc on people's lives. I would have been devastated in the place of Ravin. At some point, I so wanted to put the book aside in order to avert the dreaded climax. I wanted to pull the powers in the world to give it a new climax. But, then it's a real love story and not all pure love stories end on a beautiful world.
The book makes you emphatize with the destiny of Ravin and Khushi. Shit yaar! They were not meant to be together and were not just meant to be. As I got engulfed in the climax, I cried like hell. Yes! I am being pompous about it and confess that I cried so much that I wetted my pillow and prodded myself to make a cup of tea in the wee hours in the morning.It propel us to reflect on our human emotion and the very act of falling in love that seem so gory in the start. Do love really exist or it's just a figment of human emotion?
Author Ravinder Singh must be credited for jotting and pouring his emotion in I Too Had a Love Story which is so real and genuine. The guy poured his emotion in a clever and honest manner so as to speak. Khushi's innocence is depicted and brought alive in the most simple manner. I admire the courage of Ravinder Singh whose gutsy act shared something as personal as love to the world. This book will touch your life, tiny heart and shake your world. If you believe in the entire gamut of human relations, grab a copy to accompany Ravinder in his journey of life. I Too Had a Love Story is a story that is largely untold in today's materialistic world of monies and casual dating. It will touch your heart and make you cry but sometimes it's better to cry through a real tale of genuine love. Khushi has carved a special place in my heart. Are you ready to meet her? Khushi will bring a smile to your face and take you in a beautiful journey a it's impossible to forget her.


Amitabh & Me

The light of eternity.
Your name, Amitabh carries the meaning 'light'.
It sparkled our lives.
May the light never cease shining on you, Amitji and your wonderful family.
You have been an inspiration to millions across the globe.
You have been an inspiration to me, my biggest inspiration.
Amitabh & Me.
Like the greek God, you stand tall true to your name and magnetic personality.
Your rich baritone voice echoes good voice within my heart.
The moment you utter a single word, it send waves across.
The kind of positive vibes you spread is testimony to your being and our being.
I have hero worshiped you.
There is no one like and will never be.
A supercool dad, Hindi cinema greatest superstar, doting grandfather to our lil' and cute daughter Araadhya and greatest actor in the world.
Yet so humble and down-to-earth.
You are always so self-depreciating about your achievements.
Our generation must take a leaf and bow to you.
The kind of frenzy you set when you walk into a room. 
In one word, it's complex to describe you.
Your larger than life persona send tizzy across.
The influence that you have on my life is such that at the mention of your name I go berserk.
You are the undisputed king beyond the game numbers.
The dignity with which you handle your professional and personal life is something to die for.
What I would not give to be in the same frame as you.
The biggest dream in my life is to meet you, sir.
As they say, age is just a number.
Life begins at 70.
Happyyy Birthday to shri. Amitabh Bachchan, the phenomenon of this century.
With love


We are what we are

You were not born to watch passively at the happenings in the world.
You are not a passive spectator to still waters.
The moment you ushered in the world, you started crying.
It's sign of your rebellious streak.
Why do you behave as you grow old?
You were born to rebel.
Fuck the world, screw their preconceived norms, moral values and old age traditions.
They tell us to behave?
Why should we?
We are at our awareness best?
We protest against their high-handedness..so?
We believe in revolution..so?
We want to live our life and assert our individuality. so?
We don't wanna adhere to your rules..so?
We are not passive spectators to your idiosyncracies.
We shall be who we are.
We ain't gonna tell you what we are.
Why should we?
So that you tell us who we are?
You make the rules that we can't adhere to?
Why do you wanna control our lives through your legislations?
To control us?
It's not our problem that you have a problem with our attitudes?
You invented the institution of marriage not us?
You were the ones who invented the word government.
As if we care?!


Ready to embrace the new world

Excitement beats the hell out of me.
The chance to visit a new city and its people as luck shower itself at my feet.
Surprises...surprises never cease in this world.
As I sprang to life on this early morning, it's an aha moment.
The time to come is the time to enjoy.
I am crestfallen at the beautiful moments that mushroom as I zoom to my own music.
Life has never been so beautiful.
The moment you pray for this beautiful miracle in life,
the miracle spring up.
I feel dancing like a mad and insane dude.
I shall await for the new world to unfurl itself and let the events unfold.
The sheer magic of experiencing yet another facet of life.
Let life surprise me even more.
It's a package, I know that.
A package of good health, endless joy and enormous possibilities.
Perhaps, the beginning of a new world.
Till I wait with anticipation and fraught with anxieties.
I wanna go and kiss the world.
Like a child warming up to the christmas toy, my eyes are shining bright to discover the magic.
Life indeed has a purpose.


2012 so far and still counting

Time flies fast and how! I remember just waking up to the glares and sun of Goa on first January of this year. There was no time to look back as 2012 is nearing to an end. Time is a bitch has emerged as my favorite expression. Hey, we are too far from 31 December, actually not too far. The brand new year is looming closely like the ship approaching the moor.
2012 has been a good year so far and it's like mint chocolate and I hate it getting over like that. C'mon, I started off in Goa and visited the place I call my hometown Pune. I had a fucking awesome holiday as I was back with a bang in Maximum city, Mumbai. The very bestest time I had from December end till the start of January. I was the happiest person in the world.
2012 was the year of crushes as cupid pierced straight in my heart. There was an old crush revisited and the tragedy that she did not even had an iota of my interest re-garnered for her in Goa. She's the sweetest person on earth. Later, another crush and then another one..then the major crush happens and every time, I think of her she brings a smile on my face. I dunno whether it's love. Nowadays, it's all too easy to term the feeling as love. I don't wanna to give a name to the feeling that I have for her. Yes! We do share a special bond.  Life is beautiful and this feeling is the most awesome feeling. It can get complicated and I don't wanna that for happen. Ahem! Ahem! This is the most beautiful feeling and expression. It is something I'm feeling after aeons. This beautiful feeling propel one to gambol on the street and let yourself loose.
I made some great friends in 2012 and it's an aha moment in ma life as I gyrate the song and dance of life. As they say, life is an eternal musical string and let's strike a chord and pull all strings together.
Yay! I started to work on ma novel and two scripts simultaneously. I have to concede that the authors of rom-com and campus romance has hit me like a bolt on my head and my over-dependence has propelled me to write something on these lines. The only hitch is that I left the novel midway and when I decided to go back, it seem that I have lost my mojo and it will take a while to get it back. I need to sledge the hammer to crack the nut swiftly. My scripts are also lying unattended and need to fix that. This is where the bucks stop. I just wanna see my name on the shelf of Indian authors at Landmark and Crossword. This is a small dream nurtured and gotta chase the dream or dreams.
The only hitch is that I have a credit card very much beyond my control and the debt are hurtling to new heights. Baby! It's high time to put an end to the debt. It screwed me. I wasn't able to swill my savings and my holidays to Goa and Mumbai is seriously compromised. Nah! It's not happening this year and I gotta look out for some cheaper destination that make not create a gap in ma pocket and for fewer days for the new year. Though, I am positive and hopeful that some magic can be weaved. This will be the biggest gift of 2012 if I am able to open my eyes in either Mumbai or Pune.
On the social networking front, I became more active on Twitter something that was not very appealing. But, it's a good medium for professional networking and harmless fun. The biggest flaw: I haven't been able to cut on smoking and gonna calcify my creative urge to blow creative circles in the air.
It's a Sunday and it's past 5.30 a.m and I am very much awake, lively and kicking on the last day of the month of September. Today, Ganpati has been immersed. Let bid Bappa farewall..Ganpati Bappa Morya puchya varshi laukarya. I so miss the fun celebration and dhinchak music and dance in amchi mumbai and mala Pune. On this note, I put an end to ma yak-yak and endless rattling.



When I almost missed my flight

January 10, 2012

Have you ever thought why the Emirates flight on the second Sunday of the new year on its way to Dubai would wait for a reckless and careless passenger, stranded in the Mumbai traffic?  Well if you think that this post is iffy, well think again. That person is the careless ME.
For once, I didn't pay heed to mom cautious advise and the golden rule any air passenger should religiously and obstiantely observe while traveling:Always make it a point to reach the airport three hours before your flight take off. I could have heard the voice of maa chiding me for being such a 'whipper snapper'. On that day, I was woken by the heinous call of crows and pigeons that was crawling near the window of my hotel in Colaba. Time to be set baby coz I gotta play the part of superman the time I get ready and go down. Bingo! It's hell. As I jump out of the bed to reach the bathroom for the morning ritual that is to take a shower, the bathtubs are filled with the inhabitants in the hotel. I do the waiting game as I light a cigarette. Finally, its all done and get down for breakfast at Picadilly and say Hi to uncle who owns the cyber near Colaba and which is frequented by hordes of foreigners. Uncle is ma university friend Wilbur's dad and he did everything possible to ensure that I don't sleep on the pavement with my luggage looming on ma head at 1 a.m in the morning. I just landed in Mumbai all the way from Pune.
The big question is..is..is how the fuck I almost missed my plane? I so wanted to buy a new laptop and I went to Vijay Sales to acquire the new machine. But, since there was something wrong with ma credit card, it was not meant to be and instead I went shopping  for some accesories at Fort. Bah! It was the new year sales and the devil tempted me to buy stuffs like shirts, t-shirts, trousers at Global and Westside. Then, I headed to Oxford bookshop to buy books, clicked pictures at Marine Drive. On my way back to Colaba, I huddled with carry bags and as I hurtled, straggled towards Levi's store to acquire  my new denim, I realized that it's almost 5 p.m.
Back to the hotel, I was faced with an uphill and herculean task. There are three suitcases and I struggled on how to put the whole possessions in the bag. I mean I just stuffed them inside imagining the suitcases to be the mouth and the clothes, the paranthas. I left my hotel at 6 and my flight was scheduled at 10.30 all the way at CST International airport, Santacruz. My red-and-yellow iconic Mumbai cab was caught in a swirl of traffic and the vehicles seems to amble slowly. I was worried and constantly fidgeting with the phone to check the time. As we pass marine drive, I clicked pictures, trying to lift the burden off my mind away from the traffic woe. As the taxi driver swirled towards Wilson college, near chowpatty beach and converging towards Mahalakshmi, I could sense trouble with the frantic snarl where vehicles were not moving at all. My cab was simply wiggling and the road ressembled like a a hotbed of countless robots cluttered in the city. Yes! I am thinking of Rajnkant's marquee spread across the globe. There is no word that shall describe the snail pace movement of traffic. Then, it is Mumbai and I should have realized about it long time back.
As we cross Mahalakshmi, the phone start ringing and it's Meghna calling to wave goodbye. Hey, where have you reached..I share my apprehension with her and she's like probably you'll reach in tym..I share with her that I don't wanna leave Mumbai and  comforts me by insisting that I'll be back very soon and forever. To beat the stress out, I toggled between radio mirchi, red fm to kill time. Finally, we had to make a choice and opted for the toll road in order to kill time. The easiest route is indeed the more tough one to negotiate as we are stuck in the human and immovable traffic where the vehicles seem to say, hello it's our birthright to go through this route. Finally, we reached the airport as I express relief.
Relief..aha! You must be joking! The airport resemble the western railway station as there is a huge queue swirling and straggling its way inside the airport. Finally, I jostled to the Emirates counter. I just freaked out as I was told that I am running an excess of more than 20k. I reached the HDFC ATM, withdrew money and paid. I just fucking freaked out as the helpful official sensed trouble did not feign to help me with the filling the immigration form. As I hustled towards the airport lounge where I had to carry a shit heavy loaded hand luggage, the cute Emirates official told me, Sir, please hurry we are only waiting for you before we take off. I am like what the fuck!Am I Some kinda celebrity. I just had time to say the soothing and charming words to the air hostess, Hi lady. She exudes a charming, Thank you, sir. Finally, I can breathe as the Emirates plane gets ready for take off. Who invented aircrafts?
I woke up in Dubai after two hours and thirty minutes. Finally, I am in the plane and missing maximum city. It's been a day. Oh! Mumbai you are faraway from me and you just loomed away from me. I am heart broken.


Girlfriend service unlimited

Andheri, Mumbai 2006

Is this a time to come, Abhay? Shonali fumes at him.
What? I was stuck in the traffic, he mumbles.
She stares at him, you are always stuck in the traffic. Now tell me something. It's been two years that we are together and every time, you put up some lame excuses. You have never been on time. Not even, on the day you asked me out for a date. I am so pissed off with you.
They walk silently towards the entrance at Infinity mall. Shonali phones rings and she says, hello. She whispers to Abhay, Now go and wait for me at CCD. I dunno why Mom is calling. I think she wanna me get her something at Westside.
As he trots towards the escalator, he ponders, what's wrong with this girl. I don't think I can ever understand her. What's her problem, yaar? He reaches CCD and orders an ice Arab Eskimo. In thirty minutes, he spots Shonali pushing her brown-colored hair with her left hand, she is cute and hot. What a lethal combination. Now, if I ask her why she took thirty minutes to join me, she will give me the aghast look as if she has seen an alien and start crying. Now, I am sure that she will asks why the fuck I ordered coffee without waiting for her. Now, what? If I am dead of thirst, I need to ask madam's permission.
She plonks on the chair, what the fuck? We can't even light a smoke in this fucking mall. Abhay, you know it's very insensitive as you ordered coffee without waiting for me. For fuck sake, I am your girlfriend?
He is startled, What Shonali??? I was dying of thirst. Chill babe, it's just coffee.
Of course, it's coffee Abhay? I am not saying it's Amul butter, she spouts as she tries to be innocent at the same time. Shonali has the habit of reacting in that manner and it's something Abhay is used to.
She continues with her hammering act. I am just saying that at least you could have waited, yaar.
Abhay startled at her in disbelief, Shonaliiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abhay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she breaks into splits of laughter.
That's Shonali, fuming at one second and breaking into mad laughter in the next second that followed.
Oh! Fuck! She exclaimed..Oh! Dude, please can you drop me at Bandra at 5 p.m I forgot that I have an appointment with Shehzian mum. I gotta cut my hair. I need to do it today, today only,she cajoled him.
They drove into Abhay grey-colored Maruti swift as the car jostle in the midst of the traffic as the iconic BEST buses and cars ruthlessly blaze the horns.
She whines, shit man! Mumbai is becoming worse everyday with this screwed traffic. I need to be there at 6 and its 5.40, we are still stuck in the middle of this crazy city. Shit! We have only reached Vile Parle.
Abhay just retorts, now you realize why I was late to reach out Infinity. She grumbles.
They reached crunchy beauty parlour at 7. Shonali kisses him on the lip, bye bye baby. Will call you at night.
He swerves towards the Barista outlet at Dadar, Shivaji Park. Fuck man, I badly need some me-time, accompanied by a Capuccino and a smoke. Shonali screwed my head. I dunno what her problem is. Thank God, she went for her hair cut or else she would have eaten my head with her yakking. He orders a coffee and pulls a stick of classic mild cigarette. He reflects on the species that gave birth to Shonali. This woman I dunno why she constantly whines. She complains that I am indifferent to her and that I am always late. That's her constant refrain and guess I shall write a poem to her, oh!yeah baby! I am always late and I shall be more punctual. I shall bump into street lights, cars and try a Salman at Bandra. Let the cops berate me and lemme turn into a mass road murderer.
I dunno why she complaints so much at the most mundane things in life. I can't even break up with her coz I love her so much. She doesn't even communicate her but only shout. If she was a dictionary, she would have made a gibberish one, difficult to understand and so complex with her out of the blue, laugh in a gleeful manner. She breaks into laughter, oblivious of the fact on what he is laughing at and become red with anger on I dunno what. I don't even know what her complaints are made of. Even if I hand her a blank sheet of paper to jot her numerous complaints, I am cocksure that I will get a blank sheet with her tears and accusing me of causing sorrow in her life.She just dodges the real issues in our relationship: She and her accusations.
Beep..beep the sms shows baby where are you, can you come and pick me.
He feels like crying. Fuck yaa..I gotta meet my pals at Gokhul for some drinks at 9 and now I gotta pick her up and drop her at Nepansea road. Thank God! Colaba is no to far away from her home. He lights another cigarette in frustration and walk towards his car. Vroom!Here I go! Girlfriend service unlimited.


Endless jabber

One wonder what to jot on this space as I chose to nicely chuck Mr Diary for the day. Ahem! Ahem! I shall feign ignorance on matters of deep secrecy as I just can't go viral here coz being a personal space is one thing and the blog is just public viewed by hundreds across the globe.
I am on cloud 9 these days. It's been roller coaster ride for me. Being a journalist is something I should thank my stars for. Okay, I am taking the liberty in being pompous to the hilt. Last month, I established a record of sort as I conducted nine interviews and by mid September it gonna be five..5 more and the tally shall reach 10. Well! wishful thinking. Way to go, baby! It's soo fucking good pleasure:) I had the good fortune of meeting the founder of Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust (AJCT) whose students performed on Amir Khan's Satyamev Jayatev. She is such a wonderful soul and throughout my interaction with her and Sunita Singh and Dr Ashok Dutta, I have learned a lot from them during the three days spent with them. One need a lot of dedication to make things happen and when one is ignited by passion and zeal, the sky is the limit. I think the most beautiful and shining example of Amar Jyoti schools in New Delhi and Gwalior is that they welcome in their institutions, 'differently-abled' and 'other abled' kids which is, indeed, a beautiful example of inclusion in education.
Life is forever an education as you learn one lesson or two in your interactions with people. And, we thought education stopped as we accumulate degrees and pedigrees!
The interview of Dr Uma Tuli appeared in the Friday's edition of our newspaper as I hark back only to realize that I notched four interviews in mid-September. It is a beautiful feeling..a feeling of fait-accompli as this interview is one of the best I've sealed in a crowded Indian resto. A case of professional fulfillment. Moving on to newest things. Yesterday morning, a friend buzzed, appraising me of the latest decision in his life. He is moving to London on Saturday..read today, he must be enjoying the thrills in Emirates right now, being sandwiched in between the super hots.air hostesses..just kidding okie! I mean being swarmed by the hot chicks, read air hostesses..I was one nine months back as I enjoyed the perk of traveling by Emirates. Since then, I swore loyalty to the airline and I recommend everyone not to shun UAE aircraft.
Back to Friday. Sam buzzed me to inform of the plan to go back to London as we fix 8.30 p.m where he will come to pick me up. Done. I have an event at 7-something as I reached there, I was informed that it will start at 8 p.m only due to some unforeseen circumstances. Bingo! I stayed at the event for 40-minutes more as I am set to meet ma pal. We went for ice cream at some place. Man! What fun we had with Sam's gym pals. Totally awesome!!!!!I mean these guys are so much fun and boisterous. It was an altogether laughter-riot man as we splintered at someone's else expense. It was a Friday well spent and fun well-deserved. I feel it's important not to lose the child in us even though we are far out from the teenagers' day. I have seen so many friends who sports the serious look on their faces as they set pace in the working world. That's so 'uncool.' Never lose the child within is my mantra. New kid on the block is happyyyyy.
Sunday..Sunday..we all love Sunday, isn't? After toiling for the whole week, the last day of the week seems like a jamboree..real icing on the cake. Well, for me at least, I have one Sunday in a month as I chortle, aha Sunday coz three Sundays in an average month, I spend my time in the office. That's the life of a journalist. Ahem! Ahem! Today is my beautiful Sunday as I laze around at home and mesmerize at the day free of office chakkar.
Guess, work not gonna leave me. It's a life full of riddles, you must be contemplating.

10.00 a.m: Wake up time
I woke up at 10 which is quite early according to my Sunday-off standard. My normal wake up time is noon. I gotta some work to wrap up and send to office as I get set to call some of my contacts and concoct some stories.

1 p.m: A state of 2 minds
Pondering on whether I should catch up Ek Tha Tiger at 1.00 p.m or go for the 4 p.m slot. After much dilly-dallying, I opted for the former as I spend the time chatting to Megs, munching on Filmfare and reading Mumbai Mirror at leisure and at my own place, and of course, blogging and yamming with u, babes and dudes.

Post 4p.m:
I shall be in the theater watching Salman Khan's antics and romancing the sassy, sultri Katrina Kaif. n ma platter, gotta read The Average Indian Male by Cyris Brocha and Lady Chatterley's lover. I shall also jump to the other blog on wordpress.com and try to get some brand new post..guess time to kick my creative bum and then, working on ma rom-com novel.
Till then, asalum waleikum
Good Bye
Njoy Sunday


A mystery called love

Contemplating on the love that could be as I sip a cuppa tea to warm the body as the windy temperature soar to new height.
Wondering on the love that could be, my heart is seethed with entire gamut of emotions.
The feeling called love.
It is shrouded with mystery.
A case of love mystery versus emotional turmoil.
The very idea of falling in love remain hackneyed as our minds swerve from one emotion to another.
What is this feeling called?
Sometimes, I am amazed at the futility of feelings where the heart is inter persed with the mind.
The very mention of your name bring a smile and radiance to my face.
As I assign random thought to your cute smile and face, it kindle my heart.
The heart beat escalates as I see the emergence of your shadow.
Words belies logic.
Then, when did logic has ever won precedence over the heart?
All the justification comes to a halt when emotion over run the mind.
The mind is fickle, so is the heart.
The heart propels us to attempt silly stuffs.
It bears no logic and no justification for our crazy antics.
As the say wishes don't come true.
If it did, you would have been by my side.
Though the heart would like to believe that you will thrust yourself in my arms.
The heart is a forever optimistic agent in matters of love.
Ha! How I wish it would hold true in reality!
Alas! The heart never lies coz it knoweth for sure that I yearn for your love.



Gotcha a plan at 1 a.m

"Gotta a plan. Let's do something crazy," Ankit raise his glass in the wee hours of the morning as all the boys gasp at him in horror.
They are all wondering what crazy antics he has in mind as they are sitting in the restaurant past its operating hours. They are all sloshed and it's past midnight. Four of them, Kakodkar, Bee, Ankit and Siby had to perform some magic on the hotel manager and coaxed him to close the main gate of the hotel and as soon as they are done, they will take a swoosh exit towards backdoor.
"Fuck! What's in your mind, dude. It's already Sunday, bhenchod....and it's cold like hell. Should I put radio mirchi to tell you that winter has crept in India," Bee is flabbergasted and utters the litany while he rolls a joint for everybody. Kakodkar and Siby are happily enjoying their old monk rum and licking on the tandoori chicken, oblivious of Bee's objection on Ankit newly found enlightment.
"Chup..chup..listen dude..lemme check wid ma chick..we can go at MG road. There is this nice disco TDS," Ankit persists.
"Screwed!!!!!You wanna party in some fucked up, crowded disco at dis tym. I mean look at us, we are fucked up. We are sloshed and stoned, man!!!!!!," Bee exclaimed. Kakodkar and Siby try to reason with Bee, "Dude, chill!! Neways, we're not going to some disco. Better, order some more alcohol."
"Abe chal na," Ankit get set not before adding, "If you guys not gonna come, I am going alone,"
Siby stops him, "Fuck dude. Wait. lemme make a joint. Arre, baith na five minutes ke liye."
Bee and Kadodkar pulls Ankit towards the chair as a joint is rolled. Siby prods Ankit, "Abe tu kya karna chahta hai..bol mere bhai,le abhi joint marna."
Looking at Ankit's over hyped state of mind, they all decided to give a try, oblivious of the fact of what shall await of them as they jeer towards Ankit's red maruti car. Siby plunges the wheel as Ankit is too drunk and smashed to drive in the darkness at Shivaji Nagar. "Abe!Lundh kahan jaana hai..bol jaldi se," Siby yells.
Ankit pat him on the back,"Dude, takes a right towards Symbiosis college near the pahar (hill) and then you gotta take a right towards Rajmata cafetaria."
Siby looks at him in disbelief, "Pata nahin kya karna chahta hai...."
Bee lights a cigarette and gives one to Kakodkar. "Abe! chalna yaar. wahan jaa ke dekhenge (we will see when we reach there," Kadodkar says.
Bee claps his hands, "Abe sahi hai yaar! Fuck Kakodkar..Bhenchod, you should become a neta..policos  speak like that when they are dogged by the media."
Siby shuts Bee, "Arre! Bee saale! Why you studying film-making, go and do Ph.d bhenchod. Why do you use hardcore words, dude."
Ankit supports Siby, "Arre yaar!For fuck sake...the words Bee use na..I have an impression of watching a porn movie but which is beyond my comprehension....tu to saale khud confuse hai..I'm sure that you don't know the meaning of dogged..waise bhi! Why are you after dogs like that?"
The car slows towards a bungalow which has been pointed out by Ankit.
As they slink their way out of the car, Ankit heads towards the security guard who was caught off guard in his sleep. "Abe! What are you doing," he shouted at the security man. He rams him, "Are you paid to sleep like that? This is the house of Mrs Deshpande, right? Now, give me the keys and make sure that nobody enters the premises and make sure you don't sleep again," he rebukes.
As they makes their way to the stairs, the three of them are bemused what Ankit was up-to and whispers, "What he is really doing and whose house is that" as they reach towards the balcony.
Bee stupidly attempt to explain, "I t-h-i-n-k, it's his Dad's house," For once, Siby and Kadodkar agrees. Ankit removes a quartered bottle of old monk rum and start rolling a joint as the rest start speaking in a loud voice.The latter scold them, "Listen guys, don't make noise. This is not my dad's house and if we get caught, we are screwed for life and make sure, nobody..I fucking repeat..nobody gets a hang of it." The rest quivered.
Kakodkar tries to make sense, "So whose house is it, Ankit."
"How the fuck would I know."
"And Mrs Deshpande."
"That I have heard that she is the owner when I was passing by once."
"Fuck dude, you are mad."
Bee suggests, "Now that we have barged like thieves into some nameless Mrs Deshpande's house, let's survey the house, it should be fun."
Ankit stop all three of them,"Ok fine lets go aaram se and see the huge bungalow and we can sit inside one of the room. As it is, it's cold here."
They scurry in the dark, careful enough not to make the slightest noise so as not to avoid the midnight's devil in the garb of the security guard. They switch on the light on their respective cellphones and slowly opened the door of one of the rooms.
"Fuck..shit..bhenchod..aye shapat,"
They are aghast as fear ran down their spines. What they just saw was something they would never forget, not even in their wildest dreams. It was the body of a man lying in a pool of blood.
The four shock-stricken guys made their way down and reached the car as it screeched its way towards the deserted road....


Eid Mubarak

Here's wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Eid Mubarak. It marks the culmination of Ramadan after our Muslim brethren undergo the rigorous fasting period of 40 days, deprived of water, food and avoiding toxic stuffs such as cigarette and alcohol. My Eid wish: All human beings, irrespective of their religious beliefs, share love, mutual respect and brotherhood for each other. I really believe that no man or women should hate each other on basis of religion and we can achieve national unity. Perhaps I'm an utopian but I think that we can learn from each other's religious belief and on what better day to wish for unity: Eid. We have so much to learn from each other's culture and after Eid, comes Ganesh Chaturthi. There are places in India where Hindu fast for Ramadan and muslim keep fast for Gamesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja. Well, it's admirable and what better example of understanding and mutual respect. It evokes the respect of an atheist like me who never believed in any form of God or religious dogma, for that matter.
On Eid, I hit the kitchen for the first time after a hiatus of four years, the time I was a student in Pune and Mumbai. Err! Mumbai not really coz I was in the hostel and there is now way I could have turned my tiny room facing Marine Drive into a mini kitchen. I know that I am pretty messed up but my degree of insanity didn't dashed with the breeze at my sea-facing window. After all, my room was also facing the Telang's girl hostel at Mumbai. I dint wanna to throw the food prepared towards the hot chicks, saying baby have it:).
Back to the kitchen: Yes, Sepo has inspired me to cook,owing to her blog post on Kashmiri dishes.I chose the simplest and easiest Roganjosh (Red Mutton). I must admit that I didn't bought the most important ingredients to make the dish and had to do with whatever I had in mom's dearest kitchen. Well, the result was not fab but decent. Pointer: I mixed up mutton and chicken masala and I think that this experimentation saved my Roganjosh. The taste turned out to be nice and I enjoyed my dinner to the full. Yes Sneha Bhat alias Sepo, it turned out to be tasty and thanks for driving me to the kitchen. Next time, I promise to come up with a proper Roganjosh. It do feel nice to prepare something in the kitchen and who says a guy's place is not in the kitchen sometimes. It's better than sex at times.
It feels nice to see your off day falling on a public holiday as you are not sitting in the office and cribbing to yourself as to how you would enjoy the day off at home. Well, I thank my stars for that. I lazed around at home,sending Eid Mubarak sms to an ex-flame, trying to read PG Wodehouse, blogging and watching Amitabh Bachchan in Main Azaad Hoon. It's a thinking movie about life and the value-system we believe in. Wonder when ever will we realise that we will 'free' ourselves as human beings!
That's how an out-of-the-ordinary day ends. There are certain stuffs that I was able to do while others were left unattended much to my dismay. Then why complain? One cannot have everything in the world and as they say it's a dog day. The eyes lids are battling and time to hit the bed, baby if I don't wanna staring at ma computer at work, all sleepy morrow.
Love N Peace


Happyyy Independence Day...Bharat Mata ki Jai

Today, India celebrates its 65th anniversary and its 66th Independence Day. One night, August 15, 1947 we were granted freedom from the shackles of the British rule. We were oppressed by the British power and as we set to attain an Economic Growth of 7 per cent in 2012, it seems that we are set to become of the mightiest economic power in the world.
Men and Women laid their lives and shed blood that the present generation and future generation can breathe free and that freedom of speech is ensured. Today, there are several challenges that India faces and first and foremost is to combat corruption and ensure that no poor man or women is discriminated against. Secondly, is our combat against terrorism which is a source of constant worry for us. Thirdly, and perhaps the most important one and in which I strongly believe is the divide between rural and urban India. For a country that aims to become the super economic power, we cannot afford to neglect rural areas and there is a need to empower the poor. The solution is: Education, education and education. There is a dire need to give them resources that is at par with big cities and this will lead to their economic empowerment. Let's all join hands to combat poverty through this tool called education.
What does freedom means for me as a young Indian? It means a lot and it's the sacrifice made by my forefathers so that I can breathe freely. I am at Indian at root and there is nothing on earth that can make me forget where I can truly belong, no matter where I am in this world. Whenever, I see an Indian shines be it the cricket world champion and our heroes at the Olympic game, it gives me immense pride. Whenever I hear the national anthem, Jnana Gana Mana..tears roll down my cheek and remind me how fortunate I am to have Indian root.
Who says Indians want to leave the country and settle somewhere else? Even if I am not in India, I want to come back and serve the country. Today, many Indians settled abroad or the generation that were born in the country where their forefathers and parents have settled want to come back to their true and original motherland. It is a country rich in legacy and vibrant. Gals and guyzz, we are not called the biggest democracy for nothing.
There is something that I didnt know and I thought of sharing with you. It educated me on our power as a vibrant nation and I hope it educate you also.
No one, I may add, travels thousands of miles to conquer a poor country. Statistics published by contemporary international scholars are proof for sceptics. In 1750, seven years before the fateful battle of Plassey, India had 24.5% of World Manufacturing Output while United Kingdom had only 1.9%. In other words, one in every four goods on the world market was manufactured in India. By 1900, India had been left with only 1.7% of World Manufacturing Output and Britain had risen to 18.5%. The western industrial revolution was in its incipient stages in the 18th century, but even in this regard India slipped from 7 to 1 in per capita industrialisation in that period, while Britain vaulted from 10 to 100. Between 1900 and 1947 India's economic growth was an annual average of 1%.
This shows that India was not a poor country when it was under colonial power but the Britishers used the theory of rule and divide. They used Indian labour and took them to countries such as Fiji, Trinidad and Mauritius and made them work for peanuts. The Indians have settled in these countries but many have forgotten their roots as well but some have upheld their culture and the Indian dignity.
Long Live the Republic of India
Jai Hind
Happyy Independence Day
Proud To Be An Indian


Love calculator (2)

It was the start of the chilling winter. He was struck by the bullet which pierced his chest. No, he is not the soldier caught in the middle of the Indo-Pak war. He first saw her at his best friend's engagement and he was struck by her long and beautiful black hair, her killer looks and intense eyes as she strutted towards the 'mandap' accompanying the bride. As she upped her gaze, she sports a smile towards him. This sent a jittery down his spine as he found the lamest of excuse to say Hi. After the marriage vow of their best friends, they exchanged numbers and e-mails promising to keep in touch with each other. What looked like an innocent crush turned out to be restlessness and the act of falling in love.
This is a familiar scene from the novel called life, isn't it? So many of us will identify with the nameless characters asserting copyright on them and shouting, "That's my story." Well, think again. Love is an oxymoron. Or shall I say, when the bug bites you, there is no chance to think twice about it as you get swayed away by the L-world. No love calculation or logical and rational reasoning of the mind maketh your brain immune by the 'fantastic feeling' of being in love. You shall wake up with a smile that adorns your otherwise dull facial expression. You jump as she sends you an sms or drop a hi on your g-chat. You feel like dancing to the very thought of being love. At first sight, one can't be sure whether it's love or a kinda passing feeling but one is unwilling to chuck out the feeling of being a demi greek God.
The average homo-sapien is the most irrational human being when it comes to emotional quotient. This claim has been supported by economists in the world.We do irrational things when in love coz the mind is fickle and knows no logic. Touche! Love knows no logic as we are accused of thinking from the heart and not from the brain. Ahem! Ahem! But, if there was no heart, would the brain fucking exist?! The answer is a big No..na na na. Moving on from the process of a simple-si crush to the second level from falling love and moving up the third level sorrow. It prod us to ask whether we are ready to walk the tried-and-tested method of sorrow..we've been there and done that. Despite our heart broke into zillions pieces and promising that we neva gonna fall in this crap called love, it just fucking happen. As they say, S H I T happens! True, it does. We wish for the happiness to stay forever and we fool ourselves in believing that we shall not face rejection. We may refuse the see the stark reality facing us in the start coz we dunno want our happiness to be snatched away. We shall not face the reality of rejection.
The meaning of love is also expectations. How many times have we looked at our cellphones expecting an sms or wishing that she calls at the wee hours in the morning! We stay awake throughout the night but..bah! disappointment creeps in. Her number doesn't even flash in our miss call log! We soo want to send a miss call but some inner voice discourages us. Sometimes,we just get carried away by numbness and send a miss call which shall get no response. Our logic fails us or the love calculator has simply gone kaput. Our heart is no google and we shall get no answer by googling. Does she care for me or she just doesn't? So many questions left unanswered. Do I make a fucking difference to her life? We try to reason with ourselves that we gotta move on. Screw the love-shove ka feeling only to go back to the stage of falling in love and sitting on our computer waiting for her to pinge on FB chat. We just wanna throw the lap top and the cellphone away in a fit of rage as we pour alcohol to drown our sorrow and pen a poem. Then, we realize that we cannot force someone to love us back It is a philosophy of believing in something and it's called free love. We cannot expect someone to love us back but should that deter us from loving?! It shouldn't deter us from falling in love since I never took permission to fall in love with Uuuu. It's the most beautiful feeling and I gonna enjoy every moment of falling in love with you. I also know that some day I will move on but I shall cherish the beautiful and magical moments of life.
Tragedy strikes when I love you and you are in love with someone. The most dramatic aspect unfurls when you are oblivious of my feeling for you. I feel trapped in love. Tell me: How long can I fight with myself? My heart tells me to fall in love with you and my brain tells me to avoid since I am the one who will lose my self through sleepless nights and sorrow. I mulled over the futility of falling in love with you and examine the pros and cons of the beautiful feeling called love coz I know that you may not be permanent in my life.Finally, my love calculator comes into play. It takes long to realize that I gonna let you go coz it's in our better interests. Still, I don't wanna hurt your feelings coz you are so dear to me. Still, is it love or its the case of mistaken identity? Some term it the change in hormones and not love..honestly, I dunno.
At times, I feel that I should tell you as what lies in my heart but then love calculator tells me not to after weighing the pros and cons of love. Love is such a confusing calculation. Zillion questions races to my mind which turns into a volcano. Sometimes, I feel that if it is destined to happen between us it will happen but if it won't it just won't happen.. There shall be no conditions laid in love. It's just love. Period! Like they say, when love happens it just happens and no love calculator or logic comes into play as one get carried away by the storm. If it doesn't, it just doesn't happen as one must be prepared to face the rough weather. Keep the faith coz the heart knows no logic. If the person has to go, she has to go and you gotta move. After all, the love calculator may not resist to love but there is no denying, it has its importance. Love is a malfunction of the brain.

Why does it happen?
Cupid strikes as you loses your sanity to the oldest feeling..
It's called love.
The mere thought of her brings a smile to my face.
All of a sudden, all my fears vanish.
Why do I need to fall prey to love?
Don't they know that love may hurt and destroy me as well?
As much as it is the world most powerful feeling,
it is the biggest destroyer of peaceful existence.
It is the storm that passeth and bring a massive revolution.
A devil can become a saint.
A saint may become a devil.
Such is the power of love.
It's the biggest tragedy on earth.


An ode to friendship

Friends are the siblings we never had.
A reason to celebrate our being into existence.
They are the ones that bring a smile to our faces.
They become the parents and sustain us on our way to heaven.
Friends are the oxygen that maketh us breath.
True friends doesn't come for a season,
They come for a reason and a lifetime coz they are not part-time frenzzz.
As I pour myself a glass of whisky, I fondly remember the wonderful moments spent together, dear friend.
Our friendship is what matter the most,
the rest is reduced to nought.
Who cares about the whole world when we have frenzz that matters?!
Friendship is like the polished diamond.
It has neither resale value nor a price tag.
It is just the most beautiful and priceless thing in the world.
True, it is an investment.
Then, if you invest in something as priceless as friendship,
Why do you wanna let it go?
It is beyond life and death.
Till death do us apart.
Happy Friendship Day.


Freedom from work

Hola people,
Having a Sunday free of penning stories for the newspaper in office and keeping my hands free from calling contacts is like cherry on the cake. Well, that doesn't mean that I dint work from home and yeah, I did make a story and mailed to office. But, but, having a Sunday in one month..well you can imagine what does that means for me..well it means a lot for a reporter/journalist.
So far, so good. Had a good week at work as I hardly struggled for story ideas, except on Sunday last owing to bad planning.
Olympics game just kicked off and frankly speaking, I hardly had the time to follow the cracking opening and show. I am seriously praying that Team India puts a good show and spell some magic to make us proud. Well, time to update blog dosts on the latest happening in the life of lame journalist as I call myself..no pun unintended here. I attended a coffee tasting event at a resort called Cafe Lux* and was treated to amazing Machiato and flat white coffee. Just imagine one attends an event to get a story and out of the blue you get another story and that too not just a story at random..a mini kinda interview with a model and contendant for Miss Universe who just popped for a cuppa coffee. I jumped at the opportunity and just in time caught  hold of Miss South Africa and asked her a few questions and managed to click a pic with her.
Miss Bam came for a photo shoot for Cosmo... and I must concede that she oozes hotness combined with humility and is grace personified. Well, normally I am not gung-ho about goris and my stand hasn't changed after meeting Miss SA. Just stating the fact and it was a pleasure speaking to her. My first brush with a model and I was quite upbeat when the story came. Unfortunately, just gotta seven minutes with her..nahin toh..no dearies don't get sexy ideas here..I mean my interview would have been longer. But, it turned out very well.
Well, what else the peeping toms..oops peeping blog dosts wanna know about my life..I do like someone but for the moment she might read this blog, so not really opening the book of ma life..shall keep it for my personal diary and if that's a bit of news for you, gals and guys..that's it!!!!Yeah, but it's not really happening..I made my move and by now she knows about my feeling..but I am not the kinda guy who will play the wooing game if someone expects me to chase..I might well move on and carry on wid ma life..I have better stuffs to do in life.
Yeah, been fiddling with relationship issues of friends as I turned into love gurus for two chicks and advising them on what to do..or lemme put it that way, from a guy's perspective..well, if anyone of you have relationship issues, you know my door is open and you are more than welcome on blogspot, blogdosts...
After ages, I started reading the P G Wodehouse series and this time I laid my hands on The Head of Kays and after that I shall jump to one of Osho's book I got myself at a fair. I have quite a few books to read. Tomorrow is Monday and I am already abhorring it and gotta face the blues since I gotta wake up at 6.30 a.m. Reason: After a hell lotta struggle I gotta an appointment with a guy for the Olympics game and adding that to another story I have already prepared..so reached office, I shall be in a frantic-cum-hyper mood of running around from one place to another to hunt for stories.
I shall make a move now as I reach for a DvD movie to end my well deserved and luxurious Sunday.
Posing with Miss SA, Melinda Bam
Cheerio! kalti marta hoon boss.