Happyyy Independence Day...Bharat Mata ki Jai

Today, India celebrates its 65th anniversary and its 66th Independence Day. One night, August 15, 1947 we were granted freedom from the shackles of the British rule. We were oppressed by the British power and as we set to attain an Economic Growth of 7 per cent in 2012, it seems that we are set to become of the mightiest economic power in the world.
Men and Women laid their lives and shed blood that the present generation and future generation can breathe free and that freedom of speech is ensured. Today, there are several challenges that India faces and first and foremost is to combat corruption and ensure that no poor man or women is discriminated against. Secondly, is our combat against terrorism which is a source of constant worry for us. Thirdly, and perhaps the most important one and in which I strongly believe is the divide between rural and urban India. For a country that aims to become the super economic power, we cannot afford to neglect rural areas and there is a need to empower the poor. The solution is: Education, education and education. There is a dire need to give them resources that is at par with big cities and this will lead to their economic empowerment. Let's all join hands to combat poverty through this tool called education.
What does freedom means for me as a young Indian? It means a lot and it's the sacrifice made by my forefathers so that I can breathe freely. I am at Indian at root and there is nothing on earth that can make me forget where I can truly belong, no matter where I am in this world. Whenever, I see an Indian shines be it the cricket world champion and our heroes at the Olympic game, it gives me immense pride. Whenever I hear the national anthem, Jnana Gana Mana..tears roll down my cheek and remind me how fortunate I am to have Indian root.
Who says Indians want to leave the country and settle somewhere else? Even if I am not in India, I want to come back and serve the country. Today, many Indians settled abroad or the generation that were born in the country where their forefathers and parents have settled want to come back to their true and original motherland. It is a country rich in legacy and vibrant. Gals and guyzz, we are not called the biggest democracy for nothing.
There is something that I didnt know and I thought of sharing with you. It educated me on our power as a vibrant nation and I hope it educate you also.
No one, I may add, travels thousands of miles to conquer a poor country. Statistics published by contemporary international scholars are proof for sceptics. In 1750, seven years before the fateful battle of Plassey, India had 24.5% of World Manufacturing Output while United Kingdom had only 1.9%. In other words, one in every four goods on the world market was manufactured in India. By 1900, India had been left with only 1.7% of World Manufacturing Output and Britain had risen to 18.5%. The western industrial revolution was in its incipient stages in the 18th century, but even in this regard India slipped from 7 to 1 in per capita industrialisation in that period, while Britain vaulted from 10 to 100. Between 1900 and 1947 India's economic growth was an annual average of 1%.
This shows that India was not a poor country when it was under colonial power but the Britishers used the theory of rule and divide. They used Indian labour and took them to countries such as Fiji, Trinidad and Mauritius and made them work for peanuts. The Indians have settled in these countries but many have forgotten their roots as well but some have upheld their culture and the Indian dignity.
Long Live the Republic of India
Jai Hind
Happyy Independence Day
Proud To Be An Indian
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