An ode to friendship

Friends are the siblings we never had.
A reason to celebrate our being into existence.
They are the ones that bring a smile to our faces.
They become the parents and sustain us on our way to heaven.
Friends are the oxygen that maketh us breath.
True friends doesn't come for a season,
They come for a reason and a lifetime coz they are not part-time frenzzz.
As I pour myself a glass of whisky, I fondly remember the wonderful moments spent together, dear friend.
Our friendship is what matter the most,
the rest is reduced to nought.
Who cares about the whole world when we have frenzz that matters?!
Friendship is like the polished diamond.
It has neither resale value nor a price tag.
It is just the most beautiful and priceless thing in the world.
True, it is an investment.
Then, if you invest in something as priceless as friendship,
Why do you wanna let it go?
It is beyond life and death.
Till death do us apart.
Happy Friendship Day.

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