Eid Mubarak

Here's wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Eid Mubarak. It marks the culmination of Ramadan after our Muslim brethren undergo the rigorous fasting period of 40 days, deprived of water, food and avoiding toxic stuffs such as cigarette and alcohol. My Eid wish: All human beings, irrespective of their religious beliefs, share love, mutual respect and brotherhood for each other. I really believe that no man or women should hate each other on basis of religion and we can achieve national unity. Perhaps I'm an utopian but I think that we can learn from each other's religious belief and on what better day to wish for unity: Eid. We have so much to learn from each other's culture and after Eid, comes Ganesh Chaturthi. There are places in India where Hindu fast for Ramadan and muslim keep fast for Gamesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja. Well, it's admirable and what better example of understanding and mutual respect. It evokes the respect of an atheist like me who never believed in any form of God or religious dogma, for that matter.
On Eid, I hit the kitchen for the first time after a hiatus of four years, the time I was a student in Pune and Mumbai. Err! Mumbai not really coz I was in the hostel and there is now way I could have turned my tiny room facing Marine Drive into a mini kitchen. I know that I am pretty messed up but my degree of insanity didn't dashed with the breeze at my sea-facing window. After all, my room was also facing the Telang's girl hostel at Mumbai. I dint wanna to throw the food prepared towards the hot chicks, saying baby have it:).
Back to the kitchen: Yes, Sepo has inspired me to cook,owing to her blog post on Kashmiri dishes.I chose the simplest and easiest Roganjosh (Red Mutton). I must admit that I didn't bought the most important ingredients to make the dish and had to do with whatever I had in mom's dearest kitchen. Well, the result was not fab but decent. Pointer: I mixed up mutton and chicken masala and I think that this experimentation saved my Roganjosh. The taste turned out to be nice and I enjoyed my dinner to the full. Yes Sneha Bhat alias Sepo, it turned out to be tasty and thanks for driving me to the kitchen. Next time, I promise to come up with a proper Roganjosh. It do feel nice to prepare something in the kitchen and who says a guy's place is not in the kitchen sometimes. It's better than sex at times.
It feels nice to see your off day falling on a public holiday as you are not sitting in the office and cribbing to yourself as to how you would enjoy the day off at home. Well, I thank my stars for that. I lazed around at home,sending Eid Mubarak sms to an ex-flame, trying to read PG Wodehouse, blogging and watching Amitabh Bachchan in Main Azaad Hoon. It's a thinking movie about life and the value-system we believe in. Wonder when ever will we realise that we will 'free' ourselves as human beings!
That's how an out-of-the-ordinary day ends. There are certain stuffs that I was able to do while others were left unattended much to my dismay. Then why complain? One cannot have everything in the world and as they say it's a dog day. The eyes lids are battling and time to hit the bed, baby if I don't wanna staring at ma computer at work, all sleepy morrow.
Love N Peace

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