Ra. One review: Entertainment at its best

Kareena sizzles in Chamak Challo and showed her oomph factor
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SRK as G one
 Rating: Four stars

Ra.One released on Diwali amidst immense hype. The movie, however, has lived up to the expectations and is a sure shot winner. It is the perfect Diwali gift as it has all the necessary ingredients in terms of script, performances, special effects and spectacular action.
We’ve had Koi Mil Gaya, Krish and now Ra.One has taken the ‘superhero’ to a higher level. Ra.One is the story of Shekhar (Shah Rukh Khan) who designs a new video game (Ra.One) to make his son (Armaan Verma) happy. However, Ra.One decides to get out of game mode and start to control the lives of the main protagonists.
This is when the good robot (G.One) comes into play. Ra.One is also the story of triumph of good over evil where good always wins.
In terms of performances, Shah Rukh Khan as Shekhar and G.One has acted after a long time. It feels good to see him play a character and not himself like he has in several movies. Whether as an endearing father, lovable husband or G.One, he should be given credit for giving a performance that will be remembered for a long time. It’s one of his better films, if not the best.
Kareena Kapoor, despite not having an author backed role delivers on every count and shows that she is one of the best actors among the current crop. She sizzles in Chhamak Challo, which is already a rage among music lovers. Child artiste Armaan is lovable as kid who is fascinated by villains. Many children will find themselves in him.
Ra.One works at every level. The spectacular action scenes, the fights between Ra.One and G.One, special and visual sequences, particularly the chase scenes on Mumbai local trains are a sheer delight.
The entry of Rajnikanth as Chitti (his character in Robot) is one of the highlights of the film and he shows that even in one scene he can be the show stealer. The voice over by megastar Amitabh Bachchan in one scene gives Ra.One a royal touch. The music by Vishal-Shekhar is soulful and Akon’s rendering of Chhamak Challo is addictive.
However, the film lacks the emotional quotient, particularly in the relationship between G.One and Kareena. The sequence of cars flying like pans and falling almost everywhere is simply ridiculous. It should have been chopped at the editing table. Most importantly, the experience would have been magical and perfect if it was shown in 3D. The theatres will hopefully take this factor into consideration next time.
Despite all this, Anubhav Sinha must be credited for extracting the best from Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. The film that spells magic and visual experience should appeal to everyone. Ra.One should not be missed for its special effects that are in line with international standards. India has got its superhero.

I am not a fan of SRK because I think this guy plays himself and rarely acts. However, this time he didn't over acted and gave a decent performance. I viewed the film in its entirety and whatever review I gave is based on the film merit. Please let's not compare it to the stuffs made in the west. It's the victory of the creative minds behind the film and let's acknowledge that.


Happiness at its peak

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A joyful Friday where things unexpectedly turn your way.
It is the law of the least expectation.
They truly said, Don't expect anything and when balance tide in your favour, it gives you a high in life.
From the day, the mood was off where you wanna curse everyone.
Today is a day where you learn to count your blessing and not your sorrows.
It makes the balance of life beautiful.
It gives you a new high.
Tis nothing less than ecstasy.
A passport where all your wish list will turn out to be true.
Can't get better than this.
I wanna give a jadoo ki jhappi to neone who wanna.
My ruthless foes, be good, be happy coz the atmosphere is full of good vibes.
I forgive you for all misgivings, ploys and harm.
I'm too happy a dude today to let you screw my mood.
I know you can't make me ynhappy coz God has sent its blessings from the sky.
Finally after aeons, I gonna make it happen.
I know it will happen.
I found my magic wand from the school of wizard.
The school is gonna welcome em again to have the time of my life.
I gonna be in the city of magic and marvel.
Life z fun and,
What's fun without my share of happiness.
Happiness is back with a bang.
I'm back with a revenge.
What a revenge?
Sweet and Happy Revenge.


Happy Diwali

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Happy Diwali. The festival of light is here and wishing all you folks and family wala a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May the light always shine in your life and brighten your big heart. Diwali is and will always be one of my favorite festival. 
The day when lunch and dinner is forgotten or skipped. Why not? Sweet is the way to go. Diwali is the best celebrated in the North but Maharashtra is not far from behind as you venture in the Peth area, you are bombarded with fireworks and crackers. One feel to be in the border as street urchins sell us flowers and crackers. If you are not careful, your bike may bump on someone. It is the day where I try not to drive in Pune as there are crackers everywhere and don't want to slip and suffer from injury. That's the fun. A variety of sweets on the day as the shops make a killing as stocks soar.
This Diwali I gonna watch Ra One as I have to give a review on the latest SRK movie. Hmm! The invitation can be considered to be a Diwali gift and post that the tedious task of penning the review. It's been long but enjoy doing that. Unfortunately, this time on Diwali I will be in the office. It reminds me that tomorrow morning I have to go to some sweet shop as we will be carrying a story on Diwali and get my name on the feature list. So not bad for Diwali as I can get my name for 2 stories, one for Diwali sweets and on Ra One. Can't be sweeter than that.
I'm dead tired right now. Really wanna make it long but the body is not making any leeway for that. Shall leave you with a beautiful, googled Diwali picture.
Happy Diwali.


Journey of death

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Why do people die and never come back?
What are they doing up in the sky?
I wonder whether they are looking at us, smiling or grieving.
Do they miss us?
Is there life after death?
If there is on which journey do they embark on?
Is there any spiritual quest where the mortals head to and do they keep searching for their ultimate goal?
Do they finally achieve their ultimate goal?
Do the very idea of meeting God is the ultimate goal?
If yes, then who is God?
Do we have a universal definition of God when different faiths call it as Ram, Jesus or Allah?
Do we have a quest beyond God or Evil?
They say it's a matter of belief and conforming to the superior power.
If it is a matter of belief then the devil also exist by our side.
How do we decide what is good and what is bad?
Can the devil represent good and God represent bad?
Till then let's keep searching for our own answers to the quest of life,
Till we find out whether the dead keep searching for the ultimate truth.
This we shall never find out coz they will not come back on earth to tell us.
We have to wait for our turn to reach out to them.
Our day shall come



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I am. This is my truth of my existence in this world.
Born wild, ever-ready to challenge the ways of the world.
So many tried to challenge my thought-process and change my way of living.
I was perceived as a threat to their existence.
They tried to impose moral discipline since they feared that their self-imposed society's rules may not b e upheld.
But, that's the way I am.
I cho0se to live the life of a hippie.
I choose to be care-free and experiment in life.
I am.
This is my identity.
Don't ever try to question my identity.
I'm gonna placate you and put you to where you rightfully belong.
I am following my passions not yours.
It's my choice to be a writer.
I don't have any problem if you want your son or daughter to be a doctor or engineer.
I don't have the least of problem that your own kin are not following their heart.
Why should you have a problem with me?
It's my Life.
I live my life on my own terms and without fear of society judging me.
I don't live my life according to your definition of God's standard.
Nor to your definition of scholarly religious standard.
I just wanna be myself.
This is the beauty of 'Being Me.'
I know, I am aware,
I am a non-conformist.
This hurts your ego so much and you resort to all sorts of craps like morality, religion.
Then what's good or evil. moral or immoral?
Do you have a bench mark for that?
Who decided that what I am doing is immoral and what you are doing is moral?
It's my life.
I am what I am.
Love me. loathe me.
I am what I am.
Deeply individualist, egoistic and flouting rules.
I am what I am.
You cannot change reality.
This is ME reality.
Nobody can change that.
This is the TRUTH.


Whattayacallit , Spicy masala

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Hola!!!! What's a blog post without a bit of spicy masala on my life? Here it is what I've been doing till now..what makes me click and here I am opening my window of life, dearies..oh! adept and followers of Bill Gates.
Since one week, I got a new job..No I haven't shifted place,baby. I spent my free time downloading songs from PK. Last time, my PC crashed-not piggy chops..As if my comp, I obsessed with retrieving everything. It takes a hell lotsa time. Today, more than 80 per cent of my songs been retrieved. The shit with download is that as you download something, some extra pop in and you go for it. Just imagine downloading 10 music albums in a day. Five hours of download. The world is music. It took the whole of my off days and yeah, it can indeed be told that..that..I am doing a new job. Perhaps, I have a hidden talent as DJ!!!My new musical job. Talent at it's creative best. Been enjoying dat and did it with aplomb. I face regular crash and gotta save all stuffs on ma USB. I am saving some stuffs now before it goes Gaga. Yeah, i downloaded Judas, Paparazzi, Bad Romance and Judas and some Lady Gaga's creative best. I'm hooked to Gaga to say the least. I know some of my elder relatives and friends are horrified that the lady found a special place in ma heart. Who cares!!!! I ain't taking a chance from ma music..Lost everything twice and my script. Wrote a good 2000 words for a short film which I intend to shoot and lost everything. Now, how on earth I'm gonna start all over. I'm just wondering!!!Shit happens. Anyways, need to start with something.
Well, that's my feat! Pardon, musical feat. Job wise, been active on the front with reporting stuffs though this week the laziness bug hit me. There are lotsa hard work on the plate and a long way to travel. Been very busy this week. I finally opened a new account with HSBC. Excellent customer service and one would not be wrong to say that it's the bank of the future. My personal banker, Preeti is  a sharp and damn professional lady and credit goes to me that I made her lol. Confession: I asked some stupid question about the bank. Tomorrow, gotta go and give some papers-salary pledge, loan documents and company's background information. The best thing is that I opened an account without giving adress proof and putting money. In fact, I forgot bout it and she opened the account. Tomorrow is the when I gotta submit those things. This is professionalism with a difference. Who says that professionalism cannot exist without the human touch. Now, I have 3 ATM cards-Baroda, State Bank of India (SBI) and now HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). How cool is dat!!!! Woohoo!!! Nopes, that dooesn't make em a rich man still.

It's just a matter of 2 months or so when i shall board the plane and embark on ma well deserved 20 days holidaying. Worked for one and a half years, slogging my ass and what better thing to do than wake up on a sunny morning in Goa. I might sneak in Delhi for three days trip before getting back to work. Shopping is on the cards. Me shall shop till I drop!! I'm gonna splurge. By the way, planning for a new Dell lap-top. It will be my first lap top and core i 5 is costing 38 k. I only pray and hope that for the new year, there shall be heavy discount. Wishful thinking!!!
Signing on this note. Have fun.
Njoy the post.


Why do couples fight?

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The big Q: After the honeymoon, the honey sword. It's pretty obvious that after you are set in a relationship, difference of opinion are bound to crop up coz we are different individuals with different thinking process. It leads to an ugly turn when the ego overrides the self and the love.
Be it regular boyfriend and girl friend, married couples and live-in partners, we do fight and many times it takes an ugly turn and goes from healthy discussion to bitter fight. The main reason is: the moolah or what we call the M-factor-paisa bole toh money... Show me the money,honey!!
Dating tip you pay on the first day and as the relationship progresses, you splurge all your money on her buying her goodies, jewellery and branded stuffs.Then, at some point you go dutch and she pays your coffee at Starbucks. You lose your job and she pays for your expenses. Then, your ego can't digest the fact that your lady love is paying for you. The first crack in the relationship is felt and it turns ugly.
On one hand there are your friends who always complain that since you guys are together you are not giving them time. Point blank: You are confused. After all, these guys and gals were there for you and how you balance, dear girlfriend and your mates. If you are a live-in couple or married dude, you invite them to your duplex for drinks and it becomes a weekly session. She feels neglected and tells you that they are entering her space. Before it turns ugly, strike a balance. Make them understand that your pals have always been there for you and at the same time you care for her. Always surprise her with flowers and plan a surprise holiday. Involve her with your mates. This always works. Better still, invite your pals at a time where you are not invading each other's space. Most importantly, encourage her to bring her friends home. In that way she won't feel left out.
I have observed that many couples have the tendency to bring parents within the relationship. It's between you and her or him. At some point, one partner will say I don't like your parents and the other will always retort. Naturally, he or she will took offense for the other not liking the parents. It's only natural to have a like or dislike for someone. We are all human beings. But as long as we love each other why bring parents in the relationship. At the same time, it's his or her parents and you cannot stop them from loving the ones who gave birth and education to them. The best thing is be ready to accomodate the parents if they are coming down. Just try to be nice and who knows you guys might click!! Trust me it will make a difference to him or her and the love bond will grow stronger. As it is you are not going to stay with the parents forever. Give him or her space to be with the parents and don't interfere if you can't be nice.
After a certain number of years of being together, both of you are bound to take things lying down. I mean a relationship can get bored at some point or the other. Both of you are professionals and spend time with your colleagues and a certain amount of attraction to some other person might crop up. This happens when couples take each other for granted. The fun is missing and you no longer go on long drive. Even the sex becomes mechanical. You are become so used to each other that even a small gesture of saying I love you or surprising her with flowers is ignored. In the process, the feeling of the other person is hurt and this is how couples break apart.
The most important thing in a relationship is the C-word. C-for communication is ignored and gives way by C-for conflict. Many couples who indulges into dirty fight often do not communicate with each other after a fight. They behave like complete strangers in the weirdest possible manner.It's a simple trick: Shed your ego and all you need to is talk and talk as if nothing happened. Na gila na Shikwa:)


Hey, Wazaa!!!

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Hey!!!! How does one call this post? An update on my life..Argghhh! I hate doing that coz I'm so bad at it. I mean there are several of you who have the art of putting a detailed post on your life in the most funny and romantic way. I suck at this one. The post becomes so boring.

Time flies fast and as good as it gets..I've spent one year and four months working in the media. Well! Yeah! I'm still a baby in the cradle. Been working as sub-editor and fidgeted with something new-reporting. I'm enjoying it and been doing production job as well. I shall be relieve of the production job towards the year end, I'm told. Hopefully so! I've done it for one year and I'm more geared to reporting. Honestly speaking, I'm not good at sub-editing task and tried it for one year. I now realize it's not my true calling and haven't been totally competent at the desk job. Am I cornering myself? Nopes! Not really. Just being plain honest with you, guys. I am bad at the task. Period.
It brings me to the next hot topic in ma life. Holidays!!!Yes! Indeed! I am finally taking my 20 days holidays as from December 20 where I shall be in Pune, Mumbai, Goa and god help me Ahmedabad and Delhi. Damn excited! I have already started counting days on Mr calendar..Since I can't really afford the places due to my lack of savings acumen, I went to S.B.I for a loan and this guy narrated a whole story to me and took my time much before telling me that I am not eligible since they have a policy of giving a personal loan to government employees and Top 100 companies employees. Hello dude! You could have told me that before rather than wasting my time. The most interesting character is the guy who is responsible for the loan. He meets me and tries to be inquisitive on the reason for taking a personal loan before telling me how busy he is and referred me to someone else. Bloody incompetent and unprofessional ass!! Went to HSBC and the girl was a model of professionalism and eased the whole process for me. It shall be granted in less than 10 days and it is indeed an example of excellence in customer service. Only hitch is that I have to transfer my account for salary which is pretty cool with me.
Been reading quite a few interesting and varied stuffs. Yes, I'm being a multi-tasker at reading. Just finished John Grisham's Theodore Boone. Well, there is a sequel to this one and can't wait to grab the next one. I've started with confessions of a pilgrim, an interview format of Paulo Coelho by Juan Arias and on the verge of finishing R K Narayan Talkative Man. Oops! Forgot to mention 3 cups of Tea. My plate is pretty full as of now.
Back to my much needed break, albeit holidays. It was a break I badly wanted. I shall shop till I drop coz December is celebration time as new year, Christmas is looming around and it's always a healing process to shop. yeah, Diwali is also round the corner and it's one of moi favourite.
I shall leave you now. We will catch up morrow'. A brand new day and new post awaits.


God on hot seat-Part 3

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Letter to God:
Dear God, the table turned around and tilted in your favour. This time I am not reproaching anything to you but ASKING. Yeah! Right! I am asking for my wishes to come true. You are hearing it right. First thing first: I need my wish to come true. Agreed: You've granted me without asking for it. Boss granted me 20 days leave and she was gracious to give me the leave. I know, I know, you are smiling. You have an upper hand in it.
I badly needed a holiday for December end. I've slogged my ass like crazy and what better time to unwind myself in Goa, Mumbai and Chandchowk in Delhi. Rightly so! As I look forward to travel and enjoy life. I feel I deserve and wish that everything goes on smoothly. I am not prepared for a set back which will upset my plans. I know, Dear God that you will not let it happen to me this time. I've been waiting for this time for three damned years. I am doing everything possible to make it happen.
However, I suffered a little set back as far as my loan is concerned for my travel. The bank informed me that the demand for personal loan will be forwarded but if my company doesn't fall in the Top 100 companies, I may not get access to the loan. Though, there are chances. Dear God, I'm imploring you get the loan pass or else I'll be screwed. But, but I'm confident that I shall get through and that you will not let me down. It's just a minor obstacle which must be overcomed.I sure it will at the right time. I have waited for so long and the paper must be passed.I am hope and on December 20, I shall be sitting in the plane and thanking you for making me go through trials and finally blessing me with my wish.
Dear God, we keep fighting as I question your existence while you furiously makes me understand where my rightful place is and that I shouldn't question your existence. But, that the way I am God. I need to question everything so that I can make clear-cut decision in life. I need to see the facts in front of me and I do not really believe in hear say.
But tell me one thing: Does that make me a bad person? Are you gonna punish me for that? After all, you are not that undemocratic and totalitarian. C'mon put some good sense in me so that I can stop harking and blaberring like that. I really need to be more calm and composed so that I can take cool decision in life. Why am I always doubtful of things?
C'mon, extend my dear wish and and answer my question. That's the least you can do for me for my demands are simplistic in nature. See, I am not a very demanding person.
have a great day, God


Eroticism of midriff, navel

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There was a time when the woman parading in a short skirt, parading her legs and the upper part of her body exudes sexiness. All that matters was the bust. Refer to Kimi Katkar upping her bosom factor to the lips of Amitabh Bachchan in Hum or Raveena gyrating to Akshay's nature call, Tu cheez badi hai mast mast or Kareena's size zero. It is passé now.
As Bipasha right says it, "Indian men don't like abs on women. Hard bodies are out. They prefer their women rounded, but thin is in now." Truly said Bipasha. Picture Deepika in the bad remake of Dum Maaro Dum. Well, it started with Katrina Kaif with Sheela ki Jawaani. The navel is in, is back and it gonna stay for a long time till something better and smoother replaces the flat curve. It's sexy and sexiness redefined with the smoking hot combo of the navel and the midriff. We all love watching our women's navel. It's not that I am being sexist but rather thinking in terms of sexiness or upping the sex quotient. Ask the new age conceptualists of Hindi cinema. This englobes the saree beautiful on the lady. She is no bimbette and she knows her mind as the smart,kick-ass designer paint a transparent circle between the midriff and the navel. It makes for aesthetic show.
The trend are changing and innovating on the fast line as new designers chips in new ideas which makes fashion adorable. We all want to live the dream. Men are not left behind and we take it as a sign of encouragement as our models have gone from flab to fab.There was a time when someone had to be plump to make a fashion statement. Can you imagine the reaction if someone would flaunt her cleavage a la Deepika, Malaika, Aishwarya or Bips for that matter 10 years back? She lost it and her career is over. Not anymore, dearies. I somehow find the tatoo damn sexy on the navel and it's appeal is unique. Not just for the sex quotient but for it's fashion content and appeal. Thin is sexy and is in. That's the mantra.
It makes for regular exercise and the process of hitting the gym to equip yourselves with a flat and thin curve. Exercise has never been so sexy. Indeed, the navel has been the centre of both male and female attraction. The woman is now more flat chested and is the only part which is still curvaceous. Now wonder brands like are innovating big time with its various length and width to accomodate the human body. A pair of jeans should be fit from the waist to the toe as the wearer easy slips into them. It is a booming industry, the textile. Clothes have never been so innovative in design, process and outlook.
The good thing is that our generation is a very fit one. We are aware of the difference between sexy and vulgar and as long as we know how to project ourselves, who cares. It's all about the brand image. In some way or another, we are all projecting a brand, celebrity or mango people. It is a tale of uninhibited physicality and speaks of the changes in the mindset of the young generation. We are generation, unafraid of speaking our minds and is a fashion statement.
The navel never ever makes the woman looks indecent. She flaunts it so comfortably and it makes her look sexy. It's cherry on the cake. It propel us dancing along with Bipasha on the lines of Beedi jaile le. Personally, I love watching a sexy lady with a well toned midriff, curve and of course, the navel. Katrina's midriff in Sheela ki Jawani is the perfect body to the male gaze. So is Malaika's sizzling act in Munni badnaam. Priyanka Chopra has a beautiful people and insiders in the industry confide that the lady is a fitness freak.
Slim is the new in'. I remember how at one time, in my early teens I would envy guys with a well built and robust body. They were always surrounded by the super hot chicks and was like see, I am too slim, this chick is too farway to chase. I felt like a sore loser. Not anymore. Slim is beautiful. Slim is sexy. What the point of having a robust body if you cannot exude charm and be comfy what's the point in displaying a robust and badly built body. it becomes a case of forced vulgarity to be in.

The brand new avatar of the likes of Kat, Deepika, Priyanka and Sonam for that matter is sheer pleasure to watch. They exude a redefined process of eroticism and sexiness and one feel that the Khajuraho is back and the ladies are living the dream of the temple. It's a tale of mystic beauty. A case of slim, bare and forging one's own identity.Ravi Verma and Hussain saab would have been proud today were they alive as our B-town ladies and why not guys(c'mon we can be sexy and we are..make no mistake about it) would give the sensual pleasure of polishing and re-polishing their arts.


Mixed Doubles

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Meet our officiating Pandit..I mean Ghar Ka Pandit..Oops! Sorrry! Mom's Ghar Ka Pandit. He's an okay guy but, but said something which makes me reflect on Mixed Doubles..oops..Double Standards of religious men. It makes me reflect on our lame society and the in-built attributes we are not ready to part with.
He came home on last Sunday to perform some rites for our ancestors who died. He gave us an invitation card for the wedding of his Sapoot, Gaurav.During the conversation, he said something that could have made me spark a fire within. I was incensed. But, I simply ignored it as it is he was already having a hard time at my hands. Hua kya! i was quizzing him on the religious matters and aram se he departed from my wise questions and skipped it to give some half-baked answers. His to-be Bahu Rani will be made to leave her education post-shaadi. reason: In our family, the bahu never goes to work and must stay at home as if very domesticated. Well, it suit them. My Gaurav is very traditional, he uttered with utmost pride.
Hello, dude! In which world you are living in? Are you sure that you are in 2011? Make sure that you narrate your story to Vipul Shah and Akshay Kumar, they can make Action Replay 2. I mean it's so shocking. Just look at the double standard. Our Dear man you perform prayers in several households and narrate the essence of moral duty, ethics and being a good human being how can you be such a proud hypocrite. In a time where girls are on a equal footing as man, you are clamouring for discrimination in such a fashion. Hell! Where are the parents? And the girl she agreed to such a match? And she lives in the real world? It's not that she will not get any guy and I'm quite surprised that she decided to stop her education. Education is our passport to life and achievements. Or is it that she is so obsessed with marriage..like Kareena in Jab we Met..Bachpan se na mujhe shaadi Karne ki Bahut Shaukh hai..Must be!
Thanx God! Momma said that she could not agree to such a match had she been in the place of the girl. Frankly, I pity the girl. These people belong to the maschism of our present century who believes that a woman place is in the kitchen and is way inferior to man.I mean it's so fucking weird how some people blinded by religion and faith can behave sometimes. It's a sin to make someone leave his or her education and I think the Government must bring a law and impose fine on such weirdos. On top of that, the girl is better educated than the boy. Such kinda things never cease to amaze me.
Coming back to the Pandit, he was trying to coax me that I should get married. But, I told him that I don't believe in Shaadi and believe in living together. He sported a horrified smile. Arre! Bhagwan! Kaisa Zamaana aaya..I was insolent. I know but it's my way of protesting. Like a maniac he persists and told me one day you are going to come and tell me to officiate your marriage. My ass!
His character reminds me of Ranvir Shorey who staged the wife swapping thing, Whn he didn't fuck Rajat wife and his Konkona got laid in the movie, he got furious. Hello! Dude! Whose idea it was? How can we be such bloody hypocrites? On one hand, we teach moral values but when it comes to our own life, we go the traditional and 50s way. Well, to each it's own.