God on hot seat-Part 3

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Letter to God:
Dear God, the table turned around and tilted in your favour. This time I am not reproaching anything to you but ASKING. Yeah! Right! I am asking for my wishes to come true. You are hearing it right. First thing first: I need my wish to come true. Agreed: You've granted me without asking for it. Boss granted me 20 days leave and she was gracious to give me the leave. I know, I know, you are smiling. You have an upper hand in it.
I badly needed a holiday for December end. I've slogged my ass like crazy and what better time to unwind myself in Goa, Mumbai and Chandchowk in Delhi. Rightly so! As I look forward to travel and enjoy life. I feel I deserve and wish that everything goes on smoothly. I am not prepared for a set back which will upset my plans. I know, Dear God that you will not let it happen to me this time. I've been waiting for this time for three damned years. I am doing everything possible to make it happen.
However, I suffered a little set back as far as my loan is concerned for my travel. The bank informed me that the demand for personal loan will be forwarded but if my company doesn't fall in the Top 100 companies, I may not get access to the loan. Though, there are chances. Dear God, I'm imploring you get the loan pass or else I'll be screwed. But, but I'm confident that I shall get through and that you will not let me down. It's just a minor obstacle which must be overcomed.I sure it will at the right time. I have waited for so long and the paper must be passed.I am hope and on December 20, I shall be sitting in the plane and thanking you for making me go through trials and finally blessing me with my wish.
Dear God, we keep fighting as I question your existence while you furiously makes me understand where my rightful place is and that I shouldn't question your existence. But, that the way I am God. I need to question everything so that I can make clear-cut decision in life. I need to see the facts in front of me and I do not really believe in hear say.
But tell me one thing: Does that make me a bad person? Are you gonna punish me for that? After all, you are not that undemocratic and totalitarian. C'mon put some good sense in me so that I can stop harking and blaberring like that. I really need to be more calm and composed so that I can take cool decision in life. Why am I always doubtful of things?
C'mon, extend my dear wish and and answer my question. That's the least you can do for me for my demands are simplistic in nature. See, I am not a very demanding person.
have a great day, God

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