Happiness at its peak

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A joyful Friday where things unexpectedly turn your way.
It is the law of the least expectation.
They truly said, Don't expect anything and when balance tide in your favour, it gives you a high in life.
From the day, the mood was off where you wanna curse everyone.
Today is a day where you learn to count your blessing and not your sorrows.
It makes the balance of life beautiful.
It gives you a new high.
Tis nothing less than ecstasy.
A passport where all your wish list will turn out to be true.
Can't get better than this.
I wanna give a jadoo ki jhappi to neone who wanna.
My ruthless foes, be good, be happy coz the atmosphere is full of good vibes.
I forgive you for all misgivings, ploys and harm.
I'm too happy a dude today to let you screw my mood.
I know you can't make me ynhappy coz God has sent its blessings from the sky.
Finally after aeons, I gonna make it happen.
I know it will happen.
I found my magic wand from the school of wizard.
The school is gonna welcome em again to have the time of my life.
I gonna be in the city of magic and marvel.
Life z fun and,
What's fun without my share of happiness.
Happiness is back with a bang.
I'm back with a revenge.
What a revenge?
Sweet and Happy Revenge.
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