Your day shall come! O' ghoul

Your time shall come one day, 

you having a dervish time, 

ripping apart a gentle soul, 

laugh all you want at her last voyage, 

destiny is wicked, 

your evil mind will rot in hell, 

When your innocent children shall helplessly watch at your plight, 

for you are not sparing her memory and soul, 

today her children are suffering, 

their tears and grief, 

you shall not be spared, 

doomsday will strike on you, 

whatever goes around come back,

 karma is your bitch that hurts, 

the same that you take pride in, 

when this day comes, 

we shall watch for you didn’t think a second,

you possessed soul,

face of a ghoul.  

Keep faith



Tenderness and lusty hearts


Sensual gaze, 

Flirting with a brush stroke of dust, 

longing for luscious lip, 

stroke play of earth meeting orbit,

tipping point,

slither of bosoms,

gentle hand stroking flawless surface, 

wild current rushing down the spine, 

Your easy gaze and abandon, 

knocked me off the perch,

Seductive laughter, 

intense eyes,

filling the empty soul,

flared intensity,

our gaze met,

barren souls,

 come and play,

delete the emptiness,

harvest my heart with love and lust,

ignite the tenderness of existence,

with human needs,

no foreplay,

plain individuality,

no sin is too big for men and women.


Dating and break up saga

Relationships are fickle. Some stay with us forever while the rest disappear like the dint of sand soaked in the sea waves. Break ups can tear us apart. In some uniquely fashioned cases or which is rather the norm nowadays, relationships survive for a couple of weeks and months which help us to sail through without going through the emotional trauma. It’s all about the vibes and no heavy duty burden or load. Depression sinks in when we find it tough to thrive and survive without the person who was our swan song or lil whispers cooing in the ears on the phone early morning.

 There is no point hitting the rock bottom of emptying the liquor bottle, crying in the company of mushy emotional songs or nursing wounds for the whole day.  Yes! I now see no point cursing the self about a short relationship going kaput for negative energy sucks to the core. The trick lies in getting up and hitting the latest party in town. Get sloshed if you may and start dating again. The pubs and parties are often a haven for singletons looking to hook up or having a scene. It doesn't matter if you are ending up with someone for a harmless fling or a Tandoori night. It helps to ward off emotional crisis. 

 It makes sense to be in a spree of affairs and I am not advocating two-timing kinda hit and bang but rather treading fearlessly to explore your inner side as a human being. It can be very therapeutic and strengthens the soul which grows in terms of carving out emotional balance in life. 

One of the worst things that can happen in a terrible break up or romance gone sour is that it can sap our emotional confidence and gloat into the growing distrust of human relationships. Avoid entering this pitfall which is detrimental to your growth and no point mulling over what went wrong for the past cannot come back. The most logical thing to do is to look ahead, meet new people, explore and be a wild stallion. Yes! I ain't kidding. 

As humans, we tend to go back too much to a haunting past and wear blinkers where the road ahead is seen as a bumpy road while a smooth sailing reality stares at us. It's a trait in many of us who have experienced heart breaks or hurt. We tend to run away from meeting people or even a hint of being interested from the other person is met with the scorn, often the defence mechanism employed to push people away.

Relationships are not updates or selfies that we need to put on Facebook or Instagram to seek out validations. Nor are heart breaks adultery or the biggest sins committed on earth. High time to take a chill pill and go easy on the self. So what? Screw ups happen in life. About time to stop being so obsessive about this thing called love or till death does us about apart kinda crap. It's the biggest misnomer which turns us into jilted lovers and prevent in exploring real relationships with an open mind.  

Post break up, remind yourself that there is no need to be stuck with this extra baggage and hang out with someone forever for there are relationships that come with an expiry date. It's plain stupid to hang on to someone. Just enjoy the times spent together and move on.



Lightning's spell

Thunderous night,

 owls scratching earth's mound,

sheltering wings and feathers',

lovers’ snuggling in fear,

enmeshed flesh,

forced intimacy,

darkness casting a spell,

ransomed romance,

stirred apart,

shrieking of birds,

candle's timid flame,

road to hell,

spoilt sex,

blame it on lovers,



it comes uninvited,

the enemy within, 

crashed party,

lips missing the cue out of fear,

lightning strikes again,

devil's force to wriggle them apart,

a child wailing in fear,

rough hands cajoling,

tender touch,


mighty thunder bows out,

melting inside the cloud.



A cosmic's creation

I am a cosmic creation,
I am you,
You are me,
flesh is the universe's creation,
only the soul is real,
no right or wrong,
knotted strings,
carved by fellow travelers,
a journey crafted with excitement, happiness and tears,
we belong to each other,
in the illusory world,
time is not ours to decode,
sway to the tune,
someone's else creation,
who is the creator?
a nameless benefactor,
giving us name and form,
O! Seeker,
the road is complex,
so are you!
a puppet,
or may be not!

With love 


Flash Fiction: Frozen tale of love

 The eyes met fleetingly as she silently followed her lover inside the suite. He exuded a timid grin and lit a cigarette watching the curled ringed smoke billowing past the huge window to disappear in the starry sky. The hotel lobby was deserted in the night. He nibbled his fingers as the eyes cocked on the freshly painted blue ceiling, huge chandelier and the speckle clean white marble.

The window slid open and the strong breeze fluttered his disheveled hair in aimless direction. It was past midnight and he admired the dotted light on the busy road in the city when the feminine hands pressed his bare chest and ran down his navel.  The voice whispered something inside his ear, bite his neck as a strange force engulfed him. He followed her inside the room and the wooden door flipped close. 

 She wore a sensual smile and the eyes spouted a flared up intensity like mothball of fire as the sensual, silky body splayed on the huge bed. He asked, "Your husband?" She winked at him, "Why worry? I am the Queen. Two souls becoming one tonight. Only me and you." There was a certain evil streak in her eyes and it almost gave him a heart attack. They caressed each other. She untied her bra and slid down her pants, inching slowing to press his chest. He couldn't control his mind and body. They were wrapped like sliding balls melting into each other before falling asleep. He felt a jarring sensation piercing his chest in the morning and his head splitting in pain, spinning around the rooftop and the floor.

 He felt nauseatic and in no time, pulled his clothes and shoes to push his body out, running to his room. It felt like a hurricane and he slept for the whole day. In the evening, he felt light and took his usual walk in the hotel lobby when he saw her husband who shook his hand asking, “Alone?” He made a hesitant conversation and his eyes bobbed towards the couple suite, casually asking about the family. "No! I came here alone and spend every year at this time in this hotel. My wife died in this hotel at midnight a couple of years back."

A voice suddenly whispered in his ear, "A scintillating night it was! He is a liar and killed me in the same room.” He froze to death.

The end


100 Words: Don't lose your movie ticket

The car’s door yanked open. He ran towards the theater but was abruptly stopped by the security insisting for movie ticket. Still panting, he emptied his purse and shuffled through his jeans pocket but it has mysteriously disappeared.  He scurried back towards the car and rummaged through everything, the seat and roof but in vain. Finally, he accepted defeat but suddenly felt an arrow like sensation piercing on his chest. The movie ticket was smiling at him on his tee pocket. Dashing past the security he barged past the door as the dark screen showed, 'Don't lose your movie ticket'. 

The end.


Coffee shops and the spice of life

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Kiss in the coffee shop,
some find love and intimacy,
coffee shops soothes the nerve,
I write poetry,
words and coffee are life-long partners,
business deals aced,
makes for a spicy date,
admiring beauties,
coffee shops concocts a new story,
every single day,
create writers out of nowhere,
no luxury,
a way of life,
coffee hubs,
make great lovers,
a sensual affair,
who created coffee shops?
a genius perhaps,
to whine time,
whipping dreams,
no life without coffee shops.