Whipping a storm

I'm back or let's put it in a mild way! New kid sauntering it's way like the roller-coaster kinda flying pan whizzing it's a way after a hiatus of one month. Finally! I finished the novella on the block, 'Divorcing over Sushi.' The characters zoomed their way in my life for more than a month and, finally, I finished the book. You can check it on the blog, though, there are editing job that needs my attention.
I've been out for a month where this blog was forgotten as a result of buckling too much attention on the wordpress wala blog. Need to catch out with mates on blogspot and, guess, it will take much time. How does it feel to be back as the new kid, unplugged? I feel so new at it as I type my first post for the month of March.
Weathering or whipping a storm must be an apt blog title as I've been doing some freelancing for an upcoming website based in Delhi side. Features and quirky is a new style of writing and a challenge for me since I've been a news reporter, barring few feature interviews. To be honest, my writing been wavering since I haven't written professionally in a newspaper format for almost a year, excluding my two months stint at a magazine.
It shall take me some time to be back at what I do best, writing and time to hone up my skills to be on the top of the game. I miss full time journalism. I am at the crossroad of life where I gotta prioritize stuffs, be it people, career and life, in general. I had this conversation with a friend after I stumble on a You Tube video bout a train journey from Marine Lines to Churchgate. It's been my journey and I visualize the stuffs in exactly the same fashion, outside Marine Lines leading to shops, BEST Buses and theatres, the train view. As the video showed the train rattling its way at Churchgate and commuters alighting, I was like, it's my life. There are plans to be back in the city but in a rather selfish way. I am not coming back on purely emotional reason or for friends, love or for the sake of old memories. I wanna be back for my own personal growth as a person and it may take me a year or so, the planning stuffs and all.
There are some old memories that we left behind but it's time to carve new memories, make new friends and go thRough new tribulations. What better place to learn from in this ever-evolving journey? Mumbai. The muse can be a good friend but also a ruthless bitch.