Blessing from the sky

Drizzle of rain sprinkling the city,
as black umbrellas occupies space.
Standing in the busy streets to get a peek of the first shower seems like blessing from the sky.
It's heavenly bliss.
Breaking the surface of heat,
the God of rain is providing respite.
Prayers are answered,
as cool atmosphere seeps in.
Who says the force of nature is ruthless and kind?
It feels like blessing has come earlier this season.
Momentary joy as city dwellers indulge in moments of happiness.

With Love

Letter to my Love

Dear Love,

As I write this letter to you, it makes me wonder whether it's the best thing to pour my feeling to you. Ah! I can sense what going in your head. Confused!!! Why you are reading this letter? There are certain things that I cannot pour out or open my heart to tell in person. The letter helps me to be true to the self and tell how much I love you. True, things are far from rosy between us. We are going through a rough phase and I guess this happens with many relationships.
I want to save our relationship and, trust me, my optimist heart tells that we will reach our destination in this beautiful journey of love. There are so many things that I wanted to tell you, how I felt when you ignored my calls, sms-es and when you were chatting to your pals or the handsome guy as if I don't exist at all. I felt bad and your silence is killing me. It makes me hyper and awake throughout the night. After all, why I am doing that? Is it worth it?
 I believe in our relationship. Till, you don't say anything that bugging you, I won't be able to to take on the world. I need your support. Together, we are force and your existence competes me as a person. Fine, you want me to take on the world but alone, I don't think it's possible.
I am so confused at the turn our relationship is taken, your dreaded silence and mood swings. To be very blunt, it irks me to no end. Sometimes, I feel that we will make it and sometimes no. Why things has dramatically changed between us. Is it the weather or our tastes? After being with each other for long, have we discovered we are so different rather than similar? Such things are killing me slowly. You know that. I want to see the real you. At least for once, we can be truthful to each us, no matter how much it hurts our ego and feel that it may jeopardize our relationship.
We've spent priceless moments with each other, dancing in the monsoon, kissing at Marine Drive, holding hands, laughing like crazy, doing stuffs in full glare that people thought we run away from the asylum. We've carved Kodak moments live that will always stay with us. I am convinced about it and hope the feeling is mutual for both of us.
I still remember the first time we met when I asked to share the table at the sea-faced restaurant. You were my saving grace since I wanted to have a smoke with my coffee. We laughed and smoked together. How you made a straight face when I asked for your phone number. If only looks could kill, I would have been dead by now!! We sat together on the boulders where the waves crashed. You held up to me. I can still feel your fragrance when our eyes meet, our lips melted into each other's mouth. We held hands and became physically intimate without realizing how our hearts met. Perhaps, we kissed much before we fell in love with each other. The kiss sealed our fate. I knew on the day that we have a deep and soulful connection that only tragedy could tear us apart. I felt emotionally drawn to you. It was the best day of my life. It was magically divine.
We fought with each other. it turned ugly at times but we mollycoddle each other with sweet nothings. cute whispers and lots of laugh. I love the way you fling things in anger and the sheepish smile that makes me fall in love with you over and over again.
Perhaps, we need to break off from each other for a while, work out our priorities in life and relish our personal spaces. Sometimes, silence may after not be so bad if it works for you. I would like you to reach this expressive letter and take call on our relationship. I shall always love you.

PS: This letter is a fiction and bears no ressemblance to any person nor it's inspired by someone's love or break up story.


Small stride towards the greatest moments

Illusion bearing foot prints of a life relished,
every moment and seconds of fulfillment.
The heart never lies,
the mind plays havoc to the soul's quest for truth.
A clash of the mind and the soul,
at loggerheads with each other.
It's a pack of lies,
striving to reason the inner self,
reaching for the moon is within reach.
The inner truth eluding farther,
stars are just a manifestation of the mind.
Standing at the crossroad of life.
languishing at the miscue,
missed opportunities of life,
we go back to the book.
A new start, swimming against the tide,
riding on the storm,
a small stride towards human happiness and building the pillar of human growth.
Live in the moment,
it may be steps away towards the future we crave.
It may take a life time.

With Love


India! India! Jashne Hai Jeet Ka

Image credit: Google India
Jashne hai Jeet Ka,
Stomped the rivals,
Men in Blue strike, hitting sixers and centuries.
It's the World Cup.
We go gaga over cricket, no matter how much we loathed some of our guys in the game.
Victory over Pakistan is always delirious and taste like we are already champs.
We die for victory.
When we make six outta six,
we finish pints of beer as if we already won the World Cup.
It's national hysteria.
India becomes one.
We become nationalistic and patriotic.
Work can wait, tasks can be screwed and sex can wait.
It's World Cup.
we are a nation of worriers, 
we wobble at threats from the adverse camp,
yet when we seal the win,
Image Credit: Google India
we go berserk and worship our heroes.
After all, we are a country of hero worship.
Our victims,
the head rolling as we take a dig,
First Pakistan and now South Africa!
This time not for Africa.
It arms us with belief, no matter how unreasonable that our rivals will fall like rotten mangoes.
De Ghumake!
Turn around and hit the ball with power,
let the force make the ball spin and travel.
Ooh! Aah! India!

It's cricket.
Come on, India and keep the winning streak,
Men in Blues.
Let's win it!


Bubble of the heart burst

Numbed I was when we parted ways.
It hardened me like a rock that I swear of never falling in love again. 
Leaving everything for a new city, I was a changed person.
From selfless to ruthless.
Yet the very thought about you, melted my heart.
I asked myself, who were you? An enigma,
Why you came into my life?
Only to inject pain and bruises?
I languished, losing  my identity, cursing myself for falling in love where the language of the heart knows no reason.
The long walks, laugh and innocence all seemto be an illusion.
The days where I grew helpless and restless.
Time is a big healer,
Yet, I thought I'd never survive without you.
The bubble of the heart burst,
The pain is lost somewhere,
Perhaps it's needed to find the path of joy and self discovery.
Love can be the biggest teacher


A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of love (4)

Fourth and Final Chapter:

Siddharth and Shefali married in Goa. The bride was dressed in a white skirt and her groom wore a simple red Kurta. They didn't want to give their marriage a religious meaning and no priest was called to perform the rites. It was their way to be one with each other inside the hotel room at Calangute. They playfully sprinkled Vodka on each other calling it 'holy spirit of love' and garlanded flowers on their necks.
Our witness and priest is 'Saint Valentine,' they kept telling each other.  We don't need religion to define our relationship to each other, Siddharth whispers in the ears of his wife. She took a bite of his ear. "Ouch, it hurts," he protested.
She walked barefoot on the sand towards the still water in the night to enjoy the silent flow. She asked, "You won't ask about my past before I married Anand? Siddharth smiled, "You know, Shefali. I don't belong to the types of men who question their wives about their past relationships, who they slept with and whom they are going to meet. Love needs trust. This Valentine, let's take a vow to always love each other and be there during the rough and tough times. We shall not doubt each other."
She pinched his cheek, "I love your chubby cheek. You are like a baby, Siddharth and I enjoy mothering you with love and affection. That's what I like about you. I had ex-es and we had sex a couple of times and I will never lie to you because then, our relationship would be built on a week foundation."
She moved her lips but the groom pressed his finger on her mouth. "Let's forget the past. It's of no use to us. This Valentine let's look at our present and future together."
They sat in silence together, admiring the stars and boats standing still in the water. A light breeze wafted and stroke their hair. Holding hands like teenagers and smiling to each other, they were locked into each other's eyes, finding happiness and deep passion. They didn't kiss each but their souls made love.
As they walked away from the beach, Shefali kissed his cheek and said, "Look at the stars in the sky. Aren't they beautiful?"
He nodded with a smile. She asked him, "Close your eyes and make a secret vow. They say that whatever you ask the stars is granted."
He gazed at the stars, "I've already asked which is mine."
They held each other's waist and walked inside their hotel room and made passionate love to each other that night. It was their best Valentine Day. Love can come in unexpected package when we least expect it. Never say No to the most beautiful feeling, their eyes conveyed to each other.

The end

PS: It's a fictitious story and doesn't to any person, living or dead, in faraway corner of the world.

Happy Valentine Day

A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of love (3)

Chapter 3:

The door creaked open. Siddharth and Shefali were oblivious of the preening eyes, engulfed in a passionate kiss. Siddharth pulled off her white blouse and Shefali run her fingers on his hairy chest. Both of them were semi-naked, Shefali sat on the kitchen table and Siddharth was holding her naked waist.
A screeching female voice blew their ears and a violent fist banged on the table. It was Anand.
Both lovers were shaken and they were hit by fear paralysis. Before they could recollect themselves, they were aware of the sandstorm that is going to rock their lives. Anand and Siddharth parents nearly fainted and their mother was in tears. "What a shame," she cried. The father looked away, spoke loudly, "It's a shame and I cannot even dare to look at both of you. Anand slapped Shefali hard, "You woman of loose character, bloody slut, getting fucked by your brother-in-law." The slap resonated so loud in the kitchen and as Anand tried to raise his hands a second time, he was stopped by his younger brother.
"Bhaiya, I respect you. The next time, you try to hit her, I won't hesitate a second to forget that you are my blood," the younger one said, clenching Anand's fist.
Anand was too shocked to react and nearly collapsed. Their mother gasped, "Siddharth." She indulged in drama which she borrowed from serials, "What spell this whore has cast on you? Both of you have violated all social limits, a sister-in-law sleeping with brother-in-law. Both of you should be ashamed."
Siddharth held Shefali hands and before walking away, he turned towards his parents and brother, "It is a fact that we love each other. Shefali has gone through a lot in life and she has always sacrificed her happiness for her parents and Anand. Anand walked towards them and grabbed Shefali's hands, "I am not going to let her leave this house."
Siddharth menacingly pointed his hand towards Anand, "Bhaiya!! I am warning of you. Let go of her."
Anand grew violent and shouted in frustration, "Siddharth, you are just a kid. Get off me and don't interfere between husband and wife." Anand was hurting Shefali and Siddharth calmly walked towards his elder brother and punched him hard on his face. Anand yelled in pain and collapsed on the floor.
Both lovers walked away from the house. Anand parents were too stunned to react.

Shefali fought her parents on phone, yelled her lungs out and placated them not to interfere in her life. The drama reminded Shefali of soap opera and she blew her top on her parents, "There is no point for any family reunion with Anand's family, you guys and us. Maa!! Do me a favor and stop speaking about being dutiful or loose morals. Don't get me started on the whole thing. Both Dad and you are the biggest hypocrites. You are telling me how I've failed you and I have loose morals. Let me tell you that I have sacrificed my happiness for your so-called family honor when Nita eloped."
Her mother was at a loss of words and any attempt to make her daughter see reason failed. Her Dad grabbed the phone, "Shefali!! I am warning you for the last time. If you don't go back to Anand and your in-laws, you are dead for us."
Shefali retorted, "At least, it's better to be in a dead relationship than living a life filled with filth and lies. Thank you for reminding me that your pride, ego and society's hypocrisy matters most to you than your daughter's happiness. You always wanted a hypocrite like Anand, a dutiful son, a Mama's boy and Oh! the great sacrifice, taking the moral high ground."
She yelled, "Why can't you guys understand that I never had any relationship with Anand? It's a dead life and full of lies we've lived for all these years. After all, I will not sacrifice my happiness for anything in this world. To hell with your traditions. Fine, if I am dead for you guys. I am not going to go back to the house where I have to speak to the wall and be non-existent to the man who see nothing in me. I was an object, his arm candy to show the world."
She banged the phone. Siddharth walked in, "I spoke to Mom and Dad. They are not seeing reason and what matters to them is their ego. By the way, I overheard your conversation with your parents. There is no point, going to meet them since they are blinded by their beliefs."
Shefali faked anger, "How can you overhear someone's conversation?"
He teased her, "Not someone, my better half and soul mate."
Shefali broke in a laughter and Siddharh bend on his knees, held a turquoise ring, "Shefali!! Will you be mine forever?"
She was in tears, "I am and will always be yours."
Siddharth threw two air tickets on her face and she stammered, "Oh! My God!! G-o-a!! When!!"
He smiled, "Now! In two hours, we are taking the flight. We got no time coz tomorrow is Valentine and we gonna get married on our own, minus a priest."
They kissed, tasted every inch of each other's lips, the mouths stuck like glue. They couldn't believe what was happening and closed their eyes.


A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of love (2)

Chapter 2

My sister Nita threatened to elope with her lover which my parents dismissed as empty threats. It was the day of her marriage, I came home on the scooty after doing my hair for the wedding at the parlor. Our bungalow was sparkling with lights and decoration for the wedding where everyone got busy, attending to various tasks of supervising food, decorations, welcoming guests, sweets arrangement and new clothes. 
The groom arrived, riding mounting on the white horse and, trumpets were blown, Shennai blew our ear drums. We were so happy. After our parents welcomed the groom's family, the priest stepped in the mandap and called the groom who sat, impatiently waiting for his bride. I walked upstairs to call Nita who was getting ready in her room. The door was left open and I called for her. The room was empty. I kept calling for her but the room seems empty. I started getting jittery and called Mom.
She looked around but Nita was nowhere to be seen. Then, I stumbled upon a letter, in Nita's hand writing. I couldn't believe my eyes and was crest fallen. I showed the letter to Mom and she nearly collapsed. Mom was in tears. Nita eloped with her boy-friend.
The house turned upside down and the doctor was called since Dad got some fits and his BP shot up. s We didn't know what to do. What happened was going to turn my life upside down. Looking at Dad's state, I was ready to do anything so that nothing ever happen to him. The priest spoke calmly to me as my cousins escorted me inside Nita's room, "Shefali, my daughter. The honor of the family lies in your hands today. Your father can never bear this pain of humiliation. It's up-to-you."
I couldn't make out what the priest was hinting at. Finally, he spoke, "You will have to marry Anand to save the family honor."
My world crashed. I wanted to protest and yell but was too shocked to react. I froze, my energy level dripped and started feeling dizzy. Couldn't believe what was happening to me, I secretly hoped that it was nightmare and would soon wake up, relieved that it was was a product of my thoughts. But, it wasn't. It was a reality that I was living. I complied when I saw the face of my Dad, defeated, bruised and humiliated. Tears dropped from my eyes. I couldn't comprehend what was happening to my life.
I wanted to say so many things. What was my fault? How can I be blamed for the mistakes of someone else. After all, why should a girl always pay for a crime she never committed. I hated this life, this society and prejudice where a girl has to sacrifice her happiness, having no right to make an independent decision. It's sickening how we have to pay such a huge price for something. I mean, it's so ridiculous where reason has no place in our society and elders decide what is right or wrong.   What's the point of being educated and earning degrees when you are not treated or respected as an adult, mature enough to make choices.
I slowly walked inside the mandap, like a piece of furniture good replacing a defect one inside the house.  On that day, my parents wanted to pack me off as swiftly as possible as if I am some decayed item, an amputated limb and an out caste. I hated Nita that day. There are so many things I wanted to tell her.
That night, Anand didn't make love to me. May be, he fulfilled his rights over me as a husband and it was forced sex when he entered me, a grim reminder that I am his legitimate fuck, an object he will use when needed and discard like a pack of condom. I sat throughout the night and wept. How I wished the wall could speak to me! He would ignore me for all the years.
Shefali's coffee became cold and she wept on Siddharth's shoulders. He just held her hand and didn't utter a word. The young lover realized that she needed a friend to listen and give a sympathetic ear to. He hugged and kissed her forehead. She felt peaceful that there is someone who is offering her comfort and an inner strength that flew inside her body. Shefali knew now that she was ready to fight any power that shall come on the way of their love. Nothing would stop Shefali and Siddharth to become one, be it Anand, their parents or society.


A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of Love (1)

Valentine Day is round the corner. I am coming up with a novella and today I write the first chapter exclusively for V Day. Read on:

A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of Love (1)

The coy bride, slowly walked inside the room, decorated with flowers and spread her body on the bed facing the door. OM was sprinkled with red roses and genda on the door. She silently lay on the nuptial bed where her world turned upside down in 24 hours, sacrificing her happiness for the stranger, with whom she took the vows of marriage.
Dry tears rolled on her cheek. She is persuaded that love is an alien feeling that has run away from her existence. How she wished the light were turned off? She longed for darkness and silence where she will be one with her identity which no man can dare touch.
The groom, decked in crimson Sherwani, wearing gold bangles walked to her. He gave her a sympathetic look, his eyes and lips, conveyed gratitude and thank you. After all, she saved his honor. He gentle touched her face with make up, caressed her lips and his teeth moved up the string on her Jodhpuri red saree, untied her blouse. Slowly, he removed the gold bangles and necklace. The groom hesitantly kissed her on the lips, ran his hand down from top to bottom, caressed her belly and moved his mouth on her nipple.She didn't react but breathed in pain and agony.
He opened her tiny legs, before he entered her. She yelled in pain and not one tear dropped from her eyes. He pulled his trousers and dropped dead on the bed. She moved out of the bed and sat throughout the night on the sofa.She felt the huge body entering not only inside her but pushed through her soul, without permission.

Three Years Later:

Shefali led a dark existence, often speaking to the wall in the house when Anand would leave for work. Her husband never communicated to her and sharing few light moments was a luxury that she couldn't afford. The silence killed her. How she longed for him to make love to her, surprising with flower and looking intensely at her face. The only time that Anand and Shefali would converge was during the night when the latter would occasionally hold her, entering inside her body. She thought, 'Though Anand never forced himself on me nor ill treats me, he never asked my permission for sex. I was his legitimate fuck.' There were times when she wanted to kill herself but that would be the easiest route to escape life.
She felt a gush of freedom when Anand told her that he is being transferred to United States for work. Her parents-in-law who are still traditional, living in a different city, pressed on their younger son, Siddharth studying in the same city like Shefali to survey his 'Bhabhi' moves and inform of any wrong doing. Siddharth would pop on and off every week, striking innocent conversation with Shefali Bhabhi. Soon, they became friends. Shefali found him to be sensitive, miles apart from his elder brother. The five-year-gap between Shefali and Siddharth didn't deter their friendship from blooming. They discussed Siddharth's ex-girl friends, studies, naughty childhood days and Shefali opened about her past life. Laughing together about life.
"Do you need to call me 'Bhabhi' always?" Shefali asks.
"Honestly, I feel like calling you Shefali only. We are friends and would be lying if I say that there should be any formality between us. Shefali, you are the friend that I never had. His finger approached hers' and at first, she moved her hands away, before leaning closer to him. She held his hands. They were not in control of their feeling and no power could stop the attraction between them, breaking all convention-cum-moral barriers.
"You never told me about life in college. Any special guy that was part of your life?"
She smiles coyly, "Of course, there were before I got married. I wanted to become a model and still have the sexy black skirt I bought for the fashion show. It was stupid of me to buy the dress. I never had the guts to participate in the show because I was scared."
He naughtily asks, "I want to see you in the dress."
Shefali resists but after the insistence of Siddharth, she relents. "On one condition, you will never tell anyone about it."
He promises not to let anyone know. Minutes later, Shefali walks out of the room to dazzle in the short skirt. Siddharth intensely looks into her eyes, as she approaches towards him. She longs for love as she caressed his cheek, seductively raising her leg towards his face. Shefali walks towards the sofa as Siddharth gently kiss her lips, removing the skirt, caressing her hand and legs, kissing her belly. She wilfully opens her legs and he enters her. Shefali moans in pleasure and felt for the first time that her crave for love and pleasure is being fulfilled. Her heart was singing the song of love and thought, "So, what he is the brother of Anand? I sacrificed my life for him and what I've got out of it. I screwed my life. To hell with society."
As they lay on bed, Shefali asks, "Do you love me, Siddharth?"
He turns towards him, "You are the one that matters the most to me. I will pull all strings to give you love and don't want to see a tear in your eyes. I know, it's the most difficult journey for us. But, we shall arrive, even if it means fighting my parents. I wanted to ask: How did you agree to marry 'Bhaiya and I mean couldn't you say no if you never loved him."
Shefali angrily jumps out of the bed, "We promised not to talk about it."
He held her hands, "If we never speak about it, I would never know. Shefali! I need you support and without you, we can never fight society. Let's be truthful to self and rather than living a life of lie.
They sat in the kitchen as Siddharth made two cups of steaming hot coffee. She narrates the story that changed her life.
I saw Anand for the first time when he came home to meet Dad who was his teacher. Dad always wanted Anand as his son-in-law, morally right and religious. He saw in him the ideal son he never had. I was dating someone in college. There was nothing serious just the thrill of adventure, kissing, making out and running away to Goa. We lived in the moment. One day, Dad came home with ladoos to announce the wedding of my elder sister, Nita, who resisted the marriage at first since there was someone in her life. Finally, after threats from parents, Nita agreed for the marriage. It was the day when my life changed.



Dear Barack (Sirrr)!!! Yes We Can

Dear Barack (Sirrr!!!)
I know what you are thinking about your India visit, gushing at Lal Qila and India Gate. You must be biting your nails and curse yourself, wishing that you could have learned dancing to match steps with a Malaika Arora Khan type figure. Heard last last visit, young chillars' gave you a run for your money.
Aha! Speaking of money. Did you brought  a gunny sack of money, doling out kindness to India!!!! I know, there is nothing called a free meal in the world, certainly with the likes of Uncle Sam. It's a deal with Modi-Ji, your new chaddi Buddy aur Langotya Yaar. Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenga. Barack (Sirr!!!) I am talking bout the nuke deal aur Chai pe Charcha with Narendra, the renewed friendship. See!! Modi-ji called you by the first name that I thought for a while that you were twins, separated at birth. You know the story, right! Pardon my indulgence, for addressing you as Barack, adding a Sir. Protocol held. Two brothers separated by the railway track to find each other in the anti-climax. You fight, deny him visa and then kiss and make up. After all, Bade bade deshon mein, Aise choti choti Baatein Hoti Rehte Hain, Senorita. Right, Barack (Sir). You've melted the heart of our desi, Raj. Shah Rukh Khan is like that only, he woos hearts in true King Khan Size.
Image credit: Google
Confused over lost brothers tale. Koi Baat Nahin! You can rent out our 70s Hindi movies DvD's, Lamboo-ji double roles will do the trick for you. You must be missing India, big time, Barack (Sirrrr!!!!) I know, I know. In India, we do Mehmaan Nawaazi perfectly. Barack Devo Bhava. See, you are our new God, adding you to the zillion Gods we worship. One more!! No tension, Barack Sirjee. Our country love everything AmriCan, the politicians, goodies, accents and green cards. Who doesn't want them all in the bag of goodies. Of course, your dollars to pay for our king-sized burgers and Pizzas.
You are a true blue Amreecan, Barack Yes We Can!!!. Before saying Alvida to us, you didn't forget to play a pound fist by gently chiding India over Ghar Waapsi campaign. A respect for all religions and ethnicity is what we need. Sad na that it's always a foreigner who will teach us the basics. A true Ghar Waapsi on your part. Like they say, Haas Haas ke Majaa Lete hain.
Speaking of Dosti and new found Yaarana, Barack (Sir!!) and your new found Kabbadi dost, our dear PM, Narendra Modi must be in for a sequel. See! You know our KJO, Karan Johar who doesn't have anything to do right now. What!! You didn't have Koffee with Karan or met him to discuss his fixation with K....Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna, Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham. See, the poor guy is outta work. He sit through All India Bakchod to roast celebs. Sad that KJO couldn't roast you. Chale Saath Saath with Modi-ji for climate change. I'm telling you it's heating up: How about giving fodder to the unemployed Karan of Dharma Productions for a new version of Bromance between you and Modi-Ji.
I am just thinking of a third version of Dostana, starring Narendra Modi and his brother Barack. Worry not, KJO will do all the scripting and your penchant for your fashion icon, NAMO. After all, you can give him some work to do, poor boy, roaming aimlessly, on the street of Mumbai doing the Salsa, roasting celebs.
You wanna an anti-climax, no problem!! Our neighbor is just up our arses, like you pronounce in Amreeka. KJO will make them the villain. Remember your goodies worth million for guns to combat terrorism. Your pact with India for payback. How cool an idea?
As it is, Pakistan is already fuming on your visit, Barack Sirr!!! India UN Security council Permanent seat, you are already gunning for your new found dostana with Indian PM.Bechara Pakistan Government is fuming over our growing clout in the region, courtesy Barack (Sir!!) bada Dil aur Dosti. What a 500-crores story idea, this would be, Barack Sir!!!! New found love, bromance and a common enemy over Nuke deal and UN permanent seat. I tell you, a blockbuster from Neta to Abhineta.
Toh Baat Pahki Samaj le over Bromance, N-Deal and dollars!!! Did you click the selfie with your Yaar to show the daughters? Dekh Betiyon Dekh...my selfie with your new found uncle. Do they refer to Namo Chachu at the White House?
Dear Barack (Sir!!!!!) Till we meet again in Dilli for some Dilwallahs moments, Namaskar Pyar Bhara Namaskar.

Barack Devo Bhava