India! India! Jashne Hai Jeet Ka

Image credit: Google India
Jashne hai Jeet Ka,
Stomped the rivals,
Men in Blue strike, hitting sixers and centuries.
It's the World Cup.
We go gaga over cricket, no matter how much we loathed some of our guys in the game.
Victory over Pakistan is always delirious and taste like we are already champs.
We die for victory.
When we make six outta six,
we finish pints of beer as if we already won the World Cup.
It's national hysteria.
India becomes one.
We become nationalistic and patriotic.
Work can wait, tasks can be screwed and sex can wait.
It's World Cup.
we are a nation of worriers, 
we wobble at threats from the adverse camp,
yet when we seal the win,
Image Credit: Google India
we go berserk and worship our heroes.
After all, we are a country of hero worship.
Our victims,
the head rolling as we take a dig,
First Pakistan and now South Africa!
This time not for Africa.
It arms us with belief, no matter how unreasonable that our rivals will fall like rotten mangoes.
De Ghumake!
Turn around and hit the ball with power,
let the force make the ball spin and travel.
Ooh! Aah! India!

It's cricket.
Come on, India and keep the winning streak,
Men in Blues.
Let's win it!
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