Letter to my Love

Dear Love,

As I write this letter to you, it makes me wonder whether it's the best thing to pour my feeling to you. Ah! I can sense what going in your head. Confused!!! Why you are reading this letter? There are certain things that I cannot pour out or open my heart to tell in person. The letter helps me to be true to the self and tell how much I love you. True, things are far from rosy between us. We are going through a rough phase and I guess this happens with many relationships.
I want to save our relationship and, trust me, my optimist heart tells that we will reach our destination in this beautiful journey of love. There are so many things that I wanted to tell you, how I felt when you ignored my calls, sms-es and when you were chatting to your pals or the handsome guy as if I don't exist at all. I felt bad and your silence is killing me. It makes me hyper and awake throughout the night. After all, why I am doing that? Is it worth it?
 I believe in our relationship. Till, you don't say anything that bugging you, I won't be able to to take on the world. I need your support. Together, we are force and your existence competes me as a person. Fine, you want me to take on the world but alone, I don't think it's possible.
I am so confused at the turn our relationship is taken, your dreaded silence and mood swings. To be very blunt, it irks me to no end. Sometimes, I feel that we will make it and sometimes no. Why things has dramatically changed between us. Is it the weather or our tastes? After being with each other for long, have we discovered we are so different rather than similar? Such things are killing me slowly. You know that. I want to see the real you. At least for once, we can be truthful to each us, no matter how much it hurts our ego and feel that it may jeopardize our relationship.
We've spent priceless moments with each other, dancing in the monsoon, kissing at Marine Drive, holding hands, laughing like crazy, doing stuffs in full glare that people thought we run away from the asylum. We've carved Kodak moments live that will always stay with us. I am convinced about it and hope the feeling is mutual for both of us.
I still remember the first time we met when I asked to share the table at the sea-faced restaurant. You were my saving grace since I wanted to have a smoke with my coffee. We laughed and smoked together. How you made a straight face when I asked for your phone number. If only looks could kill, I would have been dead by now!! We sat together on the boulders where the waves crashed. You held up to me. I can still feel your fragrance when our eyes meet, our lips melted into each other's mouth. We held hands and became physically intimate without realizing how our hearts met. Perhaps, we kissed much before we fell in love with each other. The kiss sealed our fate. I knew on the day that we have a deep and soulful connection that only tragedy could tear us apart. I felt emotionally drawn to you. It was the best day of my life. It was magically divine.
We fought with each other. it turned ugly at times but we mollycoddle each other with sweet nothings. cute whispers and lots of laugh. I love the way you fling things in anger and the sheepish smile that makes me fall in love with you over and over again.
Perhaps, we need to break off from each other for a while, work out our priorities in life and relish our personal spaces. Sometimes, silence may after not be so bad if it works for you. I would like you to reach this expressive letter and take call on our relationship. I shall always love you.

PS: This letter is a fiction and bears no ressemblance to any person nor it's inspired by someone's love or break up story.

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