Bubble of the heart burst

Numbed I was when we parted ways.
It hardened me like a rock that I swear of never falling in love again. 
Leaving everything for a new city, I was a changed person.
From selfless to ruthless.
Yet the very thought about you, melted my heart.
I asked myself, who were you? An enigma,
Why you came into my life?
Only to inject pain and bruises?
I languished, losing  my identity, cursing myself for falling in love where the language of the heart knows no reason.
The long walks, laugh and innocence all seemto be an illusion.
The days where I grew helpless and restless.
Time is a big healer,
Yet, I thought I'd never survive without you.
The bubble of the heart burst,
The pain is lost somewhere,
Perhaps it's needed to find the path of joy and self discovery.
Love can be the biggest teacher

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