A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of love (4)

Fourth and Final Chapter:

Siddharth and Shefali married in Goa. The bride was dressed in a white skirt and her groom wore a simple red Kurta. They didn't want to give their marriage a religious meaning and no priest was called to perform the rites. It was their way to be one with each other inside the hotel room at Calangute. They playfully sprinkled Vodka on each other calling it 'holy spirit of love' and garlanded flowers on their necks.
Our witness and priest is 'Saint Valentine,' they kept telling each other.  We don't need religion to define our relationship to each other, Siddharth whispers in the ears of his wife. She took a bite of his ear. "Ouch, it hurts," he protested.
She walked barefoot on the sand towards the still water in the night to enjoy the silent flow. She asked, "You won't ask about my past before I married Anand? Siddharth smiled, "You know, Shefali. I don't belong to the types of men who question their wives about their past relationships, who they slept with and whom they are going to meet. Love needs trust. This Valentine, let's take a vow to always love each other and be there during the rough and tough times. We shall not doubt each other."
She pinched his cheek, "I love your chubby cheek. You are like a baby, Siddharth and I enjoy mothering you with love and affection. That's what I like about you. I had ex-es and we had sex a couple of times and I will never lie to you because then, our relationship would be built on a week foundation."
She moved her lips but the groom pressed his finger on her mouth. "Let's forget the past. It's of no use to us. This Valentine let's look at our present and future together."
They sat in silence together, admiring the stars and boats standing still in the water. A light breeze wafted and stroke their hair. Holding hands like teenagers and smiling to each other, they were locked into each other's eyes, finding happiness and deep passion. They didn't kiss each but their souls made love.
As they walked away from the beach, Shefali kissed his cheek and said, "Look at the stars in the sky. Aren't they beautiful?"
He nodded with a smile. She asked him, "Close your eyes and make a secret vow. They say that whatever you ask the stars is granted."
He gazed at the stars, "I've already asked which is mine."
They held each other's waist and walked inside their hotel room and made passionate love to each other that night. It was their best Valentine Day. Love can come in unexpected package when we least expect it. Never say No to the most beautiful feeling, their eyes conveyed to each other.

The end

PS: It's a fictitious story and doesn't to any person, living or dead, in faraway corner of the world.

Happy Valentine Day

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