Happy New year 2012

Whoa! I'm here after more than one month. That too last year. Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2012. The year that was ended with a bang and 2012 kicked off very well. What one can ask better than that. I woke up in Goa and without suffering from hangover. Yes! Indeed! The reasonable me decided that New Year can be celebrated without gulping alcohol down the throat and that too in Goa. My holidays were awesome as I was in maximum city, Mumbai for 4 days or so and went to my home town Pune where I was based and stayed in Goa from December 31 to Jan 3. I made the most of the holidays. I fully deserve it after slogging for one and a half years. Now, I'm back to reality and the famous deadlines at work. Decided to relocate back to either Pune or Mumbai, though Pune will be the first choice. But, that will take one and a half years to two to happen. If I don't include this year, it means that one more year and I shall embrace life in Pune/Mumbai. That's where my life and quotient of happiness lies.
Suffered a minor set back on Saturday..dunno whether one should call it minor but it was a major overhaul. I parted with one tooth since it went into the decayed state. The other one in the upper part of the mouth was saved but the second one..well..it was not meant to be. The dentist which happens to be my cousin tried to remove it the normal way but it broke inside..He was like..I injected anesthesia to relieve the pain but can't help it now and you have to bear the pain. Pain! Man! It was terrible.I just closed my eyes as the dentist struggled to remove the parts of the decayed tooth. It was terrible and was thinking of first day in college, my professor, friends and the first lecture. I was like when the madness is ever gonna get over.
At one moment, the dentist held my head tightly and tried to remove the tooth while my mouth has become the war zone. Hell! It's my mouth. Finally, it got over after one hour. Poor dentist was seating heavily while I bore the pain for one hour.  Tooth surgery can be very traumatic and it was. Later, he told me that the tooth had to be extracted the hard way as the root of a tree be removed.
I spent the whole day replacing the cotton paid since the upper and lower part of teeth are touching each other and it damn irritating. I'm still in the healing process and I've been able to cut on smoke. Still, shouldn't smoke at all but working towards. Been on pills for days and here it is. The damage is done and no cribbing bout it.
Lesson learned: There are some sensitive areas where the toothbrush doesn't forcibly go and we need to visit the dentist every 6 months for clean-up. Better, bear some minor pain rather facing the trauma of a surgery. I learned my lesson.
Now,let's move on to better things as I look forward to a great year ahead. It started well and shall be a great one. Watch out the post on Goa.
Have a great N awesome year 2012