Confession to Diary dearest

 Diary dearest
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I heard this fascination about you that you are bestowed with super natural power like Harry Potter of burying deep dark secrets. Someone somewhere may call it you a modern version of Hogwarts. Could I have stayed away from you? After all, you are the one who has been keeping my secrets and venting out for six years.

There are certain things that I don't have the guts to tell the world and you have been protecting the 'young kid in me.' It makes sense since not everything we can tell to the world. You know, right, the drift of being in permanent conflict with unreasonable species in the world. You've known my joys, frustration and crushes on souls who must not be named and my venting on the world I could have eaten raw if I had my way. The disappointment with the ways of the world. I know there are certain things that you are dying to know about me, the battle with the mind but I lack the courage to share with you. Perhaps, I am running away from myself and the inner conflicts plaguing me. Guilty of that!!

I know! I am your culprit since we discovered each other quite late and on top of that, I've been irregular when you are waiting to be filled with innate details every now and then. I keep neglecting you and give more prominence to the blog. On top of that, you don't have a name and perhaps, the time is ripe to do that. There are plenty to tell for you are waiting to be filled.

Just imagine last entry was made in October 2015. You have every right to be angry with me for you are the soul mate and best buddy who sit on the table, sometimes covered with piles, hitting at me for being so insensitive. You must be wondering at my lame excuse that there is no time to write, how much can one do in a day, tired with work and fuck ups in life..blah! blah!! You know what! Fucks ups and shitty stuffs must find a place in your comfort and space. I could have turned you into a controversial novel to rake the moolah. No! No! Don't be agitated. I will not use you for my selfish end for we will bury everything about my great confession. I ain't that kind of dude who use people and throw. Haven't reached this stage and hope not! See! I am still grounded.

You are the reason that I am still grounded and sane despite the upheaval for I know where to seek comfort. You are the best. Make no mistake about it. I hold you in high esteem for being the chosen and special one. It's a confession of sort for I know how loyal you've been, accompanying for those years and being my 2 a.m friend. Knock! Knock! You always open the door for me, right and never turn me down.

We shall get back together pretty much soon and unlike those seasonal friends, we are very much into each other. Sometimes, we may be at the other end and giving each other space, yet we can't stay faraway from each other for too long.

There are so much to tell you and can't wait to pour myself a peg before narrating, you chum. Now, I can see you smile, concealing your anger with me. Winks! Let's raise the toast for a super duper adventure. It's only you and me.

With Love


Wandering journey of love, lust and passion

Scent of spices and cardamon,
stealing the breath.
The heart is a thief plundering our feeling.
Our nights are robbed.
True passion lies in the tickling of our body senses,
foraying into un-chartered territories.
We call it love yet crave for lust.
The human body is everything but an illusion.
Like the soul, we wander faraway yet the journey is unknown.
We call the emotions love,
bringing depth to feeling and words.
We become emotional wrecks,
caught in the maelstrom of passion.
A silly passionate affair that leaves a smile as we hark back in future.
It's the only language we know,
existence and the heart.

With Love


Fill the empty jar of life! Happy New Year 2016

Compose the song of life,
weave awe inspiring lyrics, soulful prose and crystal hymns.
Start the day with a silent prayer and magnify your life with unadulterated joy.
It's the first day of the year.
Bury the past.
Anger, disappointment and failures hold no meaning.
Be a new born.
Chase your dreams and make them eventful, vibrant in your life.
You don't owe it to anyone.
Don't let their judgement come in the way of your roaring success for you are born to do the extraordinary.
You are the special one.
Fill the empty glass with love, happiness and dollops of goodness.
Fall in love, make mistakes and accumulate awesomeness.
Don't be scared to be adventurous and live life like a child, crave for attention and togetherness.
Indulge in sensual pleasure, taste the juice of life and dance like a mad person.
Fill the jar with free love.
Crave for pleasures and spread your wings for the sky is the limit.
Be extraordinary.

Happy New year 2016 to you & your loved ones.