Fill the empty jar of life! Happy New Year 2016

Compose the song of life,
weave awe inspiring lyrics, soulful prose and crystal hymns.
Start the day with a silent prayer and magnify your life with unadulterated joy.
It's the first day of the year.
Bury the past.
Anger, disappointment and failures hold no meaning.
Be a new born.
Chase your dreams and make them eventful, vibrant in your life.
You don't owe it to anyone.
Don't let their judgement come in the way of your roaring success for you are born to do the extraordinary.
You are the special one.
Fill the empty glass with love, happiness and dollops of goodness.
Fall in love, make mistakes and accumulate awesomeness.
Don't be scared to be adventurous and live life like a child, crave for attention and togetherness.
Indulge in sensual pleasure, taste the juice of life and dance like a mad person.
Fill the jar with free love.
Crave for pleasures and spread your wings for the sky is the limit.
Be extraordinary.

Happy New year 2016 to you & your loved ones.
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