Truth or Dare

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know you are in for some good fun when you've downed half the bottle of beer and vodka and your crazy friends machiavellian ideas pop up for Truth or Dare. You've been caught on the wrong foot when the bottle rolls towards your legs when the gang sit cross legged on the mattress on the floor.
Think and act fast: Truth or Dare. Common sense tells that you should opt for Truth for you might just lie to be on the safe side of life. Or, you run the risk of being harassed for the rest of your life by your mad friends. It's not that we don't enjoy the game and we do when the sword hangs on the head of your friends. Nah! You ain't spilling the beans when you are grilled on the one who want to sleep with in college or the chick you smooched or got naughty in the fresher's party. You run the risk of being stared at in college and getting angry stared. If she knows you've spilled the beans or confession about your lust for her, God only save you from the boiling blood of the angry woman. Saat Khoon Maaf for you may the one missing to complete her list.
The fun has just started and as soon as the clock struck midnight, you are asked to perform dirty dancing, kissing the wall or declaring your flame to the girl in the room. Don't think too much for the smarty pants know that you are lying or making up things. Who knows you might be filmed secretly and your antics will go viral on the net. There are other ways to be famous and if the next-door-aunty sees your video, even cops won't save you from your parents. Be ready to be given a sermon, Na Laaj na Sharam, on bringing disrepute to the family.
It's the time to rack your brains and be creative at least, rather than asking the same old questions, 'How did you break up or where did you have sex or making up with a sex worker?' It can be so lame!! Honestly, I remember us playing Truth or Dare when someone asked something on the line of which actor you like the most among both of your favorites. It's a tale of not knowing what to ask. Make it sexy and hot!! I love being controversial and once asked my best friend in front of his girl friend whether he's game for some action with his ex. You can imagine the expression on the face of his girl friend.

Truth or Dare
Ok Truth!
Have you ever stripped?
When was the last time someone saw you naked?
When did you last tripped on the dance floor?
Did you propose to a stranger on the street?
Have you ever fallen for your best friend's partner or lusted about the aunty next door?

Dare with the question and ask the dude, known to be a prankster, to wear a sari and dance to the tune of 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' from Sholay or ask the random boy or girl to smooch for 5 seconds. Do it at your own risk! Or asking someone to run naked on the street. It's another thing that you might be thrown off the house and made to sleep like a homeless.

Such games are always fun when we get to know the dirty secrets of pals and it makes for a juicy encounter. Sometimes, I would spin the bottle with speed to ensure it doesn't go back to me or measure the distance in my mind to target my victim. I enjoyed playing Truth or Dare with friends during college days and it was the bestest part of life. How I miss playing it? Hope during the next reunion, will insist that we play for the sake of old days. What's your story of Truth or Dare. Spill the beans.
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