December 16: Darkness engulfs existence

December 16.
A grim reminder on darkness encapsulating a nation.
The light went off yet Nirbhaya, brought us together,
a powerful lesson that she remains eternal among us. 
She echoed the fight that shall never put to rest,
for she is the light that shall overpower darkness.
A symbol for women, perhaps,
to fight for respect and equality,
despite her soul was mutilated.
Her name, Jyoti Singh, whose parents are putting a brave fight every single day.
Three years has passed.
The daunting courage of her parents should be lauded for never letting her spirit die.
We owe it to her for pushing a nation to say NO to rape.
Moments of sadness and distress shrills our heart,
when her perpetrator walks free.
Justice is blind to the suffering of a soul, a family and countless women facing sexual harassment and children raped.
December 16!
Lest we forget!
Small and innocent children killed by mass murderers in a school.
Tender beings killed in the flower bud.
How can one destroy cradles of innocence!
Shame on us for shrieking voices doesn't move humans.
How can they be so inhuman that tenderness doesn't move them and the power of hatred wins over love and compassion?
Fellow humans!!
Have you no shame?
Where you came from and how you grow up from an innocent child to hate mongers?
Peace and love is eluding us like the dark cloud.
We shall take a plea to spread love and humanity around.
No! Hatred shall not win or the whole humanity will stand in decay.
A prayer to the memories of Jyoti Singh and innocent children killed.

Spread Love

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