Wild fragrance and sensual love

Scent of a voice,
imaginary face painting an image of flawless love,
it's rose,
or is it? 
fragrance of amorous intensity,
sex is,
the only real emotion and illusion in equal flurry,
caress my nerves with your scent,
for you are tempting like sinfully dark chocolate,
soft fur,
skinny velvety sensation,
run it deep as if it's a strong fragrance in the bud,
come on, tempt me with your charm,
shed every garment,
i can only be swayed by wild imagination,
sensuality cannot knock me off the perch,
i am selfish,
i am sex,
i am emotions.



Confessions of a wannabe writer

Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/8b/d7/2a/8bd72a5585ac0ee32649c561697cf5aa--writers-notebook-peanuts-gang.jpg

1. Coffee and smoke to fire the imagination wild.

2. Draft stuck and lay untouched for weeks, as if it’s a virginal bride.

3. Running away from writing and the fear of not doing justice due to lame ideas.

4. Speaking to writers' friends on Facebook to pep the self to action.

5. Laziness to flesh ideas before writing.

6. Emotionally attachment to characters and urge to protect them.

7. Not thinking of the book to distance the self.

8. Too much of movies and personal experience hangover blurring the vision of pouring ink.

9. Ideas, Ideas where art thou! You are not hashish.

10. Where is my pot of weed? Gotta smoke up to imagine caterpillars creeping on the wall to chase the block.  Now you know where the crazy ideas come from?  

11. Tearing the paper with ink flowing. It’s not worth scribbling rubbish counting as ideas.

12. My Scotch whisky is over and the spell it cast on me to make characters go bonkers, imagining having sex in a moving car. Nah! Really! The soul tells me I am off and crack.

13. Whining time on FB and writing mindless tweet. Yeah, sometimes it’s called writing...140 characters.

14. Gotta cleanse the mind to the tune of de-cluttering the room filled with useless paper chits, notepad scattered on the table to double as great ideas to save the wanna be writer. Told you, it’s also called writing.

15. Imagining myself to be in a relationship with the hottest woman on earth. Now, who stole my condom? It’s no Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and our own Sunny Leone. It’s the highway to sketch making out scenes that find expression in a badly drafted manuscript.

16. A shitty first draft and grammar nazi would hound me to death as if I am the long lost brother of Osama Bin Laden makes me reel in fear. Everything started all over again and it’s the same story. I feel like a rejected lover with the dreaded draft being Miss Pricey.

17. Come and break my heart, babe. Make me lose my mind over you to pen this best seller.

18. Why the fuck on earth this shit was sprinkled in the mind that I can be an aspiring writing doing rom-com a la Chetan Bhagat! I asked for it, after all. I could have been a gigolo, instead.

19. The shittiest post that you must be reading on this blog and cursing with mc or bc. Now, wait for my novel to hit the stands and you will troll me for reinventing the wheel for love, passion and break up doesn’t happen this way for me must be related to Rahul Gandhi politics or turning ghar wapsi upside down.

20. This thread is influenced and inspired by crazy writer Ritu Lalit.


Can we really love in Open Relationships?

The mind is a space. Marriage or relationships get so tricky nowadays, particularly when we are leading a stressful life that takes a toll on us. Fidelity or loyalty in a marriage can be personal in the way we look at things and the super successful wedlocks kinda made in a heaven can obscure so many things. Open the drawer and huge skeletons will pop out.

Image credit: Google/ http://libredating.com

The world is undergoing a sexual liberation with social media applications such as Tinder that gives the opportunity to swipe left, right and center. With the hum drum of life, it becomes extremely difficult to commit or invest in a long lasting relationship and the last thing that we want is emotional burden. Honestly speaking, I don't even know how tinder looks since there has been no urge to get myself an account. I have an impression that it's drab and routine much like pornography. Life is pretty much like the amorous relationships that we make and questioning the rules to make our own help to evolve and grow as human entities which move beyond bonding or attachment. Something that comes to the mind is the concept of open relationship which is relatively new in India but bares it open with uncertainty that marks each and every tie between a man and a woman, two men and two women.

The idea is not to indulge in promiscuity or have sex everyone you so desire who are willing to consent. The heart is fickle and it strays towards souls whom they love to fill the space as travelers in this incredible journey of passion. I think that the definition of love is subjective and much like morality or spirituality, it varies from person to person. The dichotomy lies in the feeling expressed that gives the nerve to be in love with different souls at various points or at the same time.

Love should be non-coercive and doesn't come with a statutory warning to confine someone in a frame of mind or for that matter, fulfilling norms. There are couples who are in relationships with different people and who don't cheat on their partners that make the whole thing about choice as transparent. We are free will travelers. I have always been pro-choice where rules should not be imposed, unlike the one-to-one relationships where boundaries are drawn. In life, one should experiment with almost everything that seeks liberation or fulfillment.

I am not advocating open relationships or sleeping around but the fact remains that it can be therapeutic to removed aspects such as longing or jealousy. The lack of space in a relationship can stifle free individuals who believe in having their own set of established rules.  The main argument is what's wrong for someone to choose to be in relationships with different people as long as it doesn't harm or kill anyone which is beyond sex or intimacy but got everything to do with them. Such open relationships teach human so many things to be in touch with the inner self, loving oneself that matters the most rather than growing old with a single someone. Open relationships have the merit to flit easily in our social lives and remove mental blockage that holds us back.

Such relationships can get tricky where there is a dearth of open-minded people for it's all about exploring the soul and the friendship between two people who are together. The playfulness in this scheme of things, foreplay during the act and relying on each other's advice while being attracted to someone else deepen the bond that serves as a great lesson as well as wisdom before taking the plunge.

Of course, I am not advocating or endorsing open relationships but something that we can reflect on and how it can help us to grow ten fold while at the same time unclipping the wings to detach. Suffocation is the biggest bane. Learn to feel the free love and not get overworked when your partner is with someone else subjected to consent between both partners. It can empower the soul and open the heart to reach escalating heights and touch the wider horizon.



100 gun salute to Mumbaikars

Standing on its feet and spreading its might.

Mumbai is back on track,

it's not called Maximum City flimsily,

the deluge,

rains that brought life to a halt,

but, not Mumbai,

the people make its undying spirit,

where everyone becomes one whole,

like the cosmic energy,

standing together forming a human chain and one voice,

breaking shackles and obstacles,

to give shelter, food and saving lives,

unstoppable and unbreakable,


it feels no havoc was wrecked,

back on track like we always do,

beyond the ordinary,

pride to the people,

the city's life line.

deserve 100 gun salute,

resilience is thy name,

Amchi Mumbai

no flood or terror attack can break you.

Respect to Mumbaikars



memory drip, ruins and ashes

Heavenly kiss,

tiny drop of rain,

smothering the lip,

memory drip,

reminiscent of the times boxed in a treasure,

sprinkle of love,


thrills of wild days,

everything has an end,

youthful spring,

burden and joy of the past,

carried in the grey shade,



witnessing the fleeting times,

like the ship mooring away from the bank,

it was the days of wilderness,

snorting on the drug of life,

time is but a breeze that flits,

 what shall remain one day,

ruins and ashes




An echo of love and muse

Love is dearer than water, nowadays. So, are relationships carved in heaven. Longing for the special someone (s) and the search of the one has become more an ideology on social media where a rosy picture is painted.

Ever thought of making love with my soul and waltzing to the tune of love duet in the sky! I find love or relationships to be expensive commodities that are freely available like goodies on supermarket shelves. Everything is so so easy, casual and chilled out, love, sex and what's not! It makes one wonder on its existence or futility. I have always believed in the concept of free love. Ease out and chilled out for there should be no room for jealousy or longing. A relationship pocked with expectations. It makes quite a complicated definition. I love things, totally free and uncomplicated.

Image credit: Love/ http://images.loksatta.com//2017/04/love-1.jpg

 Free love for me is not about possessing the soul but a waft of breeze that touches every breath, fragrance, and spirit of a person as one whole entity. There are no two humans. Nor, there is room for ego. The love that you make or sexual encounter caresses the skin and soul to make it an out-of-this world experience that the most powerful molecules cannot touch. It’s free love. The joy, pain, and passion expressed by two love-lorn souls carrying each other in the path of self-growth and touching the spirit make love so real. It's not about one person that we love till eternity. The eternity side of things is such a flawed definition of love. It reeks of possessiveness, ego, and attachment that breaks the purity of love.

 The question, what is love or does it exist? I've been in a relationship where I longed and craved for someone. Trust me, this thing called expectation bruises the soul and can tear one apart. I have a friend, a muse.  She wrote a post on this theme of love. I strongly feel that she is love. I am love. We are all love. Why look for it somewhere else and in someone?

 Love is light. Feel it. It's around us. We find it in someone, who becomes a symbol of love that carries the torch of eternity to touch us like the light. It's the same for sex, intimacy, and passion. It's only us humans who have this habit of compartmentalizing everything like our room, kitchen or hall. We are humans, not some fucking files that we send for approval. I often long and crave for someone, to touch her hair, taste the lip, caress her soul and carry the invisible energy inside us. I feel it's very powerful.

Love is selfish. It should be. The idea of sacrifice in love snatches our individuality and spirituality. Someone who would heal our wound, wipe the tears, caress the forehead, steal a kiss and hold each other, unfazed by the ways of the world. It's love. Selfish and free at the same time. The multi-dimension and facets of love to quench the thirst, make us trip and get up again.

 Someone somewhere is made for us is an over abused idea and made glamorous by Yashraj films that propel us believe to in it like some blind fold where someone is guiding our life. There is nothing wrong with a harmless flings or string of short-term relationships. Can you fall in love with someone during a one-night stand? I'd say debatable. Why not? How about the person touching the inner core but the moment, you decide to get into hot pursuit the whole idea goes for a toss.

Love can be one-sided. It’s an interesting facet of relationships that gets very tiring and drains the soul for there are expectations that we tend to carry on this route.  There are many who lost the faith for loving and being ignored wilfully. It can kill and haunt the souls but we should always strive to flush out this negativity surrounding love in the drain.  

Be a new person. Never shy not to fall but rise in love. It will sparkle the soul and spirit that will grow in every direction and dimension. Mushy, mushy things are cool and make one energetic. But, I do have an issue with this thing called attachment which is the side effect of love. Yes, love is waiting for the soul pretty much like the people who seep into our lives for a reason. Don't cry over spilt milk but feel the impact it bears on the soul, good or bad.

Never hold anything destined to go somewhere else. Regret is such a wrong way to view things. It's an experience and lesson that empower. Don't feel shy to embrace relationships, get set to swirl and roil in them. Love exists. It is gentle and violent like the storm or just plain love.

Dedicated to a friend and a muse for this pose. She is love and a giver with a seamless heart capable of understanding love in all her forms.

Keep the faith


Sunday reflection: Upclose and personal

I am going nuts with work. It's crazy. The time where you feel like hanging the head in a gun sack to hide. The corporate's client magazine is coming and still waiting for the interviews that are taking its sweet time to reach your mailbox. It seems that the contacts have forgotten that you exist and that you are some UFO looming large in their lives. The waiting time is ongoing and the deadline is fast approaching.

There are so many things to manage and yet there is less time on one's side. The downside of being a PR consultant and of course, as Monday kicks off, the blues will seep in with a pending article that I need to buckle the mind to write for the website that I work for, the weekly news stuff that I do for one of our clients and, of course, another patron's event which is slated to happen on Wednesday. Time to prioritize things.

After one month break and getting back to the grind of doing the novel, it dawns upon me that the chapter that I wrapped is not really exciting. I have put it in bold and the whole chapter has to be reworked all over again when the idea struck. Grateful for the small wonders and the online world where writers' friends have come in full support. The reason that I took an extra week break from the novel is that I need to cut myself off from the characters. I was becoming too emotionally close and protecting my characters. Tuning off helps big time.

The small wonders of this world and friends who matter to one's life make everything beautiful. I am thankful for them. I remember that last week, an FB status update was posted and lamenting how I kept one day for creative work but it wasn't happening. The beauty of things unfolded when an online friend pinged me and helped to surmount the mental block. I was hard pressed by her and advised to flush every negative thought down the drain and it worked like miracle where I was able to devote four hours in covering ground and this week, the whole thing was wrapped. It's a rough review of a book. There are loads of cutting and editing that needs to be done. Sometimes, our mind behaves in a weird way where we go into a self-destructive mode by putting blocks.

It's Sunday. A friend has put a status asking if anyone wants to get a tarot card reading for free to PM. I did and in no time, she sent the read that works awesomely for the soul. It just made the day beautiful. I leaped with joy. It's such small blessings that keeps me going from strength-to-strength. It struck me how important to count every positive thing that should far outweigh the negatives in life. Reason to be more optimist.

Finally, I was able to get some pictures of my childhood scanned and saved them on the laptop before sharing some on Facebook. The memory trove that we left behind is powerful and equips one's soul with strength. There are more to scan, the college days ka pictures where I spent the flawless moments that must be saved and treasured. It's such a reminder how time flits and it feels like yesterday only that we were spending the best of times. I feel that I am forever caught in an emotional trip and time warp sort of.

August will soon come to an end and so far, it's looking good. India's Independence Day was celebrated with fervor among the expats and happy that I attended the flag raising ceremony. August 15 has always been my lucky charm and the day where I got some good news. I did this time with some extra work landing on my lap. Mother India always know how to bless her children. I shall leave you on that and post editing this post, I sit in front of Star Gold to watch Anarkali of Arah.

Much love