love, romance, lust...unplugging emotions

Seeking love in unlikeliest places,


 icy cold oceans, 

dark alleys, 


of sensuality and lust, 

shades of longing, 

vagaries of emotions, 

flesh and windy breeze, 

seekers that we are, 

never shy for adrenaline rush, 

good, bad and grey, 

flung by the storm of intensity, 

love is just a name, 

Darwinian in outlook, 

quench our thirst and needs, 

don’t unplug the emotions and sensual urges,

 a need is a need, 

pleasure cannot be denied, 

call it love, romance or lust, 

explore it like the mountain climb.


The dating checklist

Can't live with and without it? Dating. love and romance humanize us, unlike robots, to breath free air, kissing, lust and sex. Go beyond the realities of body and heart needs.  Revise your dating list. OK! Check! Groceries, condom, kinky sex and Tinder and kiss on the first date. Ain't just kidding and time to stop being like box office pundits' verdict on a movie every Friday. See, you are not going to spend the rest of your life with a date and why not be more flexible in getting to explore the person rather than discarding them on the first meeting. Here it goes:

1. He may just be admiring your gold pendent not your boobs hiding behind the white shirt unless he is behaving like a creepy despo. See, you got a valid reason and would be a sensible move to chuck him out of his eyes is staring.

2. He or she is on Tinder or Shaadi dot com. It's perfectly alright to be checking different and prospective profiles, not that this person sitting right in front of you over coffee, is already in a relationship with you. Stop pretending they are cheating on you.

3. Real life is not the mushy romance that Chetan Bhagat writes or candy floss romance where everything gotta be perfect with the knight in shining armor riding on a horse in the Swiss Alpes or the flawless beauty will flail her way like an angel dressed in white.

Image credit: Google/ https://thoughtcatalog.com/jennifer-meade/2018/02/heres-what-kind-of-boyfriend-you-are-based-on-your-birth-month/

4. Don't judge him or her by the movie or books genre they read. Honestly, that's daft and looks like you shooting for the moon. Be grounded and chill for it's an hour coffee date, where you can be at ease with each other, having a slow and calm conversation, like breezy sex. What matters is the comfort level your date brings on the table.

5. One thing about first date is that the person shouldn't monopolize the conversation but gives you a certain space to express your opinion, disagree respectfully be it politics, arts or sex. The person mustn't shunt or cut you short but calmly listen to what you have to say. It's a non-negotiable or else run as fast as you can and you may still poison them.

6. Appearances or clothes may just be an illusion to fool the eyes for it can be borrowed from a rich friend. Observe the hands of your prospective's date, eyes and gestures which may be a favorite activity to indulge on day two, day three and day four before you plunge ahead or run away. You may just treat it as time pass for remember there are lots of fish in the pond.

7. A non-compromising checklist is that my date should be well read, passionate about life, little bit crazy ever ready to experiment, harboring non-prejudices against humans of different races or nationalities. The main thing is to gel with the person even if it means a fling or non-commital kinda thing to chill together.

8. Keep your options open and look around for prospective dates since there is no sin in meeting different people with whom you can hit the ground. I am not advocating for multiple dating but it's always good to get to know different people before you can make a choice.

9. Take it slow and don't be too enthusiastic or over friendly with your date for there are many chances that they may run away. No one wants someone who is too friendly on the first meeting and play it slow, be a trusted friend and with whom the other person can feel at ease.

10. It's a date. You don't need to buy the latest gizmos or dress to impress for a tee on a blue denims will do for the dude and babe, just put this short skirt or funky denim or torn jeans or this white shirt you've been dying to. Just be yourself, wear casual comfort and daring at the same time for noone will fucking judge you.


No world for Introverts! Wanna bet!

Wanna bet on us. Introverts that we are and society have already decided that we are on a forever no talking, numb and dumb mode communicating only in sign language. Sorry to disappoint you. As an introvert, I don't feel the need to compete with the entire world to be cool, talkative and thrive on being an attention seeker to impress the universe. No! I don't feel the need to make an effort in monopolizing conversation or telling tales to the world for the interesting stuff are kept for close friends. It's not that as an introvert, I don't speak at all but believe in being choosy about the people to spend time with. As it is, there are way more important things to do rather than pushing myself as if it's a rat race in speaking to the world, being overtly friendly to strangers or striking over the top conversations.

There are some inherent traits and yes, it's about ME, MYSELF which I don't advertise to the world at Prime Time or between news break as if I am a TV channel but something many introverts would relate to.

1. Keep things personal

I like it that way to keep things very personal be it a birthday, crushes or personal friends since don't feel the need to paint the town red. My break up doesn't need to be told on social media like many do and it's something to be dissected among real close friends. As a person, I am very private when it comes to my buddies or relationships which the whole world don't need to know for being discreet gives me the much needed mental sanity.

2. Mystery

There is something very intriguing, complex and mysterious about us. Get to know us better and give me the time to warm up slowly to you, you won't find a more talkative or prankster like me. The mysterious side or if you want split personality makes me an out-of-the-world person that would not only make you go mad and lose your sleep, the moment you know me better. You can also fall in love with me.

3. Giver

Being an introvert, I believe in giving a lot to people to people, even strangers for that matter, going  out of the way to shower love without expecting anything in return. Yes, I have lost a lot in my personal equation with people or relationships where people don't return the love. It hurts and gives huge pain but learned to love and give to people without expectations. Over the years, it has become a personal trait that I can't go against. Be with an introvert and the person will sprinkle your universe by giving immense free love. As it is, don't we celebrate the joy of giving.

4. No shy observer

There is one quality about introverts is that we observe people and situation a lot that makes us score high with emotional intelligence. You will get the best advice from us introverts who are often over-thinkers, not necessarily a bright human trait but we love to assess the situation, exploring every corner to come with the best advice.

5. Weirdos

Yes, we are weirdos who find it tough to fit in a group or society for we passionately go against established norms. Rules are not for us and we hate to fit in a box on what is right or wrong, established by society. We are a bizarre lot who goes against the crowd to make our own nest, to live in, far removed from the world.

6. A rockstar world

The last scene in Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar is perhaps the most sensitive understanding of introverts where the two characters create their own world with self-defined rules that has no place for outsiders. One of the best ode to introverts, Rockstar mirror this psyche of living in dreams and one's imagination of a perfect world, alien to the conservative ways of normal. We daydream 99 percent of the time of how the world and its populace should behave like, designing conflict beautifully that makes us sensitive and hyper-creative souls.


My Gratitude List

Trying to learn new things to always be happy and unlearn how to remove the negativity inside the soul and mind, pretty much like throwing out junk food out of the system is an art many have perfected over the years. Being grateful for the smallest and extraordinary are the small wonders to nurture and treasure over time, stop whining about what we lack, cherishing the beauty, relationships or most infinite luxuries. Here sharing a gratitude list.

1. The ability to find more inner peace every single day and performing regular yoga that has made me more stable as a person.

2. A constant search for happiness and finding it in the unlikeliest place through the kindness of strangers, random joy that never cease to surprise me time and again.

3. The friends who means the world to me and connected again through WhatsApp that makes it feel like we never left each other and no matter how far away, separated by the ocean.

4. I am alive and kicking, loved and cherished meaning that Mom, no matter how much she may shout, but painstakingly make food for me every day and her words of wisdom. She never stops surprising me with the bun that I love eating. Or, this random call from a friend sensing nothing is wrong and keep pushing me to take the next big step.

5. The scotch whiskey or the constant trip to the coffee shop that I can afford in comparison to a few years ago with no job and being broke.

6.  I am youthful in heart, mind and soul, not ailing from maladies that make me indulge in healthy flirting from time to time with girls. Keep getting the compliment about being in my late 20s which I am not and haven't changed at all. I look the same, everyone keeps telling me.

7. The ability to make silly jokes or one-liners that works wonderfully on the blog or social media.

8. I am able to write and churn creative stuff which means the fire to weave words hasn't been lost, though the writing is lagging since a while. The only thing is the need to pull my socks to be more regular with fiction and creative stuff.

9. The never dying childlike enthusiasm, wildest imagination and my killer memory that has the ability to remember every single detail lost in translation over the past 10 or 15 years.

10.  An ability to keep pushing myself and standing on the edge's cliff to make things happen as long as good health wears strong on me.

Keep the faith


A new jazz!

Empty the mind,
remove the burden,
belonging to the past,
the yesterday,
declutter the debris accumulating in the mind,
go blank,
stare at a directionless future,
explore like a new born,
sit in silence,
free from the crowd,
liberate the mind from everything,
just remove all of it,
the garbage,
tiny thoughts,
just cut the chord,
flush it out,
don't spare anything,
dance slowly,
let the body find the new balance,
a mind absorbing new thoughts,
get into the new jazz.



Zero Fucks to the world

Don't judge a book by its cover, in case you are this cover on whom aspersion is cast by eyes scanning every move taken which gives them an adrenaline high. I say cut the crap and stop giving a serum to the world to alter our thinking, actions, behavior or mindset. There is no shortage of assholery in this world. From now, make Zero Fucks your mantra of life that gives mental sanity and inner peace. Repeat, Zero fuck to the world and now gulp a glass of water for better health.

1. Stop looking for approval

You are not an official Government document or passport that needs a stamp by dim wit for you to venture out on your own or do things that makes you happy. Just follow the heart to heavenly bliss without a care to the world for you know people would always have things to say or throw their own yardstick of what is right or not. It's your life after all, whether the decision to marry, academic field to pursue, living independently, dating or just doing nothing.

2. Move Ahead

There is no such thing as regret and if there is, nothing you can do about it for there is more not just to life but to you as a person. The past is buried in the past and shall not be resurrected for all the money in the world. Coming to terms is an expression that should be deleted from your dictionary. Rather, make the most about everything, beat the shyness, be daring and do not hesitate at anything that makes you a rocking dude or babe.

3. Remove the fear

It's not cancer but fear is the silent killer that always harms your soul and heart every single moment. Getting some pain in the body, head straight to the doctor and don't reel in fear. Pay compliment to this beautiful girl, foray into the exams without thinking twice, sit with confidence in the toughest job interview for whatever gonna happen is bound to be.  Be a risk-taker and being adventurous makes strong men and women that no academic institutions can teach or train to become You don't need to worry about consequence since not everything lies in your hand.

 4. Failure is cool

They tell us failure is shameful and echoes a bleak future. I say failure is cool.  Trust me, on an average day, there are many people whom we hold in awe fail more times than we could ever imagine, in office, everyday life or personal relations and that's the best thing about them. Failure has defined their success which is the envy of everyone. The only thing is that humans are afraid of telling it since the ego clouds our beliefs or the reluctance to show weakness which makes us the person that we are or become. F for Failure is an intrinsic part of our existence and this vulnerability make us real and failure must be a cool thing for it sets the steam engine in motion as we learn on the way, knocked down and keep leaping ahead. Let not the world tell us that failure is a wrong thing.

5.Work & Party hard, Be a Wild Animal

Be wild. Age should not dampen the spirit. There is no substitute to hard work but also partying like a wild animal and enjoy the many layers of sex. It's pure bliss to explore not just our intellect but our body as a human being. No socially constructed mores or moral law should prevent us from leading the life we always wanted in our quest for self-growth.  Zero fuck to the world is always a good fuck. Stop this nonsense that sex is bad, partying not for good people and working hard doesn't always bring result. Booze, if you may and let not the world tell that it's immoral or against culture.

6. Don't be an overthinker

We have only one life to live and stop being an overthinker before doing things to enjoy life to a maximum. Be a risk taker and without thinking too much about it. As corny as it may get, life is indeed an icecream and enjoy it before it melts pretty much like a kiss. I am not born to fix global warming, war or protect morality and why buckle under pressure of striving to meet society's expectations of what is good or bad and morally right or wrong. Living life on my own terms is what I try. In the past, I've been an over thinker and weighing pros and cons that saw so many things slipping out of my hand or time flitting like the breeze. Enough of that and zero fuck to the world.




Fiction: The impermanence of everything

The door yanked open. A ruffle of wind in burst almost pushed the skinny body jerking upward and backward, the balance tilted just in time by the semi brown classic shoes, hand glued to the wall. The legs became numb and a burning sensation rippled through the skin as cold wave seeped through. Mike lost his way and wandered aimlessly like the night's vagabond, emptying a bottle of Vodka quenching his thirst and warming the body in the frozen winter. Alcohol washed all the pains and troubles of a broken marriage.

A floor littered with fags end, crumpled papers, alcohol bottle whose stench wafted in the dimly lit room and thick dust which would make anyone ran away. He liked it that way, the obnoxious smell of everything, the tiny bed lying in a corner and black and white TV in this garbage called a room. No one to make love to after the wife of ten years slapped the door and a lawsuit on him for his alcoholic ways or the apple of his eyes, the only two-year-old daughter adopting a new father to disown her legitimately, natural one.

The saga continued uninterruptedly like the monsoon in the city for days, weeks and months, cheap alcohol, cigarette, drugs and a new girl every night. The doting father has turned into a pleasure seeker, destroying every moment of his life every moment till the monsoon washed the entire building that crumbled and collapsed. Like every resident of the old building, there was no sign of Mark who the world told swam in blood coalesced into the angry water to meet his end. He became history. The heavy rain washed his pain and trauma which no alcohol, fags or women could do.

On the banks of Vanarasi, sat a white man adorned with wooden amulets, flower garlands and ring as the conch blew for the evening arati lighting up the old city. An old friend could recognize the fresh face behind the unkempt beard and dressed in saffron robe who whispered into his ear, "Dead to the world, how can you fool me, Sadhu Mark?" The Sadhu remain unaffected and gently touched the shoulder of the stranger, "You may be the friend to a certain Mark who died six months ago in the heavy rain. Nothing is permanent, my son and belongings are just an illusion, sex, love, life, and property. Bondage is the biggest lie. Go ahead for the arati."

The Sadhu went into his world of trance and no protest from an old chum would perturb him from his task. He was a changed man with a new identity, sprinkling blessings on travelers and visitors. The saffron-clad religious man got up, trotted his naked feet and took a dip in the Ganga.