Half empty glass and longing for the destination

Unrequited dreams,
half empty glass,
longing for the destination,
unsung battles,
carving new memories,
happiness slathered on the veins,
hope for one lost soul,
waging war within,
flutter of branches,
breaking the silence,
a miasma of cluttered thoughts,
feeling caught in the storm,
choking one's emotions,
craving for the release,
an inner voice shouted,
like the jilted lover.
ain't no magnificent child,
not destiny's favorite,
joined the army of alienated,
denied of love and pleasure,
 swimming among sharks,
no bruise can hurt my soul,
quenching the thirst in the vast sea,
unfulfilled prose.

With love




simply woven word,

right in the tapestry of thoughts,

encircling the universe,

fragmentation of feelings,

over abused,

faking it,

albeit reducing to nothingness,


is what we need,

spinning strength and emotional balance,

loving like there is no tomorrow,

plagued by uncertainty,

pain reflects the harbinger of hope,

too real,

forsake everything we have,

in its name,

be real,

they often tell,

narrating tales of angst and pain,

firm up in the chasm of real emotions,

 driving us to the path of belief,

feel it inside.



Lost in the crowd

Sinful coffee grains,

Mindless pleasure,

Segueing into illusory world,

Sensual love,

Silly bantering,

amorous escapades,


a phone call which never happened,

allegory to the days,

rebellious times,

love during partition,

colonizing the brain,

whacking it to death,

intensity is personal,

no pleasure worth dying,

trudge the endless hill,

tiring foot,

breath-taking adventure,

watching the vast ocean and expanse from the ridge,

too afraid to jump,

and conquer fears,

lost in the cloud,

demons are in the imagination,

so is electricity spurted in the blood,

longing for unlimited intimate feeling,

some call it sex,

for others, momentary pleasures belied in the cloud.



Of New Year resolutions!

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Meshed up in hangover mode, spicy kebab, chicken rolls, biryani and flavor of alcohol steam still rolling into the senses. The party is not over yet. The year ringleted into your senses like the worn out engagement ring and a new calendar replacing the decayed like the super expensive branded denim sitting straight on your un-toned body. Resolutions are made and curled fresh in the mind to achieve targets as if you woke up as superman or superwoman.

Like relationships and love, R for resolutions is made and broken in no time. Can you keep the fresh promises made? It's too early to break them for our over-optimistic minds are claiming victory. Right from breaking the belly to cutting smoke, clinching money deals, getting married or dating this sexy siren, or writing this book you've been striving for a decade, resolution starts high on the mind like the red bull to push into action that goes kaput in no time. You haven’t even noticed your listed objectives splintering into tiny pieces.
Blame it on hyper journalism bearing the imprint of Arnab Goswami shouting on Republic TV on the whys we must trust the 56-inch chest to bring Vikas into our lives. The R-word is so dreaded that I have stopped trusting my super duper positive instincts to make all dreams or objectives come true in the calendar year. It's better I sleep like minion and cover my head with a blanket. Time to stop going hoarse for the decade that flitted seeming like a year and an emotional chasm that I’d opt to bang my head on the wall instead of making deep, dark promises.

I shall wail like I always on the lack of money or that chick who broke my heart or groin in the hot summer. Trust me, gulp Bisleri water to calm down the spirit and soothe the nerves. You could still down an Old Monk. What a calendar change? For your kind information, I still haven't got a diary to pen my agenda for days and weeks. As it is, a long time for us to reach the graveyard end of December.

You see Sir, I am slowly mastering the art to prevaricate when some random motivational speaker asking me about listing targets. I feign ignorance and play dumb, at times donning SRK's avatar in Darr, 'Rrr...resolution...what's that'. The enthusiastic speaker lets me wallow in self-pity and now you see how I get away with crime.

The dreaded R is made to be broken and my common sense urges me on the whys of going into the mode of too much hard work to see all of them flying out of the window by the end of January. Just chill, let me plonk my body on the beach with a book, make stupid jokes on social media, turn into a troll and enjoy my scotch.

There is logic in it. Every day, I fucking stare at the empty draft of my book to be published this year, that year, yes this year pakka, forever traveling in my mind to Dharamshala, Paris, Egypt, Istanbul, New York and everywhere. You name it, you get. Every nanosecond, I am making crores stashed in the bank of my grey cell.

Just chuck out the silly R and drown all of them in the Arabian sea and make paper boats with your list which you can play in the monsoon. Now, let me eat and enjoy my drink for I am already high with your boring resolutions.

Happy resolutions


Cocktail on blank pages

Bundle of blank papers,

inked with joy, heart break, love, disappointment,and excitement,

Some call it a book,

open diary expressing inner thoughts,

salacious confessions,

chain of words,

an encounter with the world,



what the papers hold,

a future foretold,

buried past,

one can never know,

it shall be shrouded in mystery,

forever and never,

my reflection,

a cocktail i serve,

sensually hot,


pocked with glamour,


i give tons of them,

a matter of belief,

now make me a sensational writer.




Happy and jolly New Year 2018

Tinkling bells,

the time to fulfil vows,

as we look back at unfulfilled promises,

worry not,

for delicacies and yummy food,

alcohol flowing,

will wipe off worries,

drenched to liquor,

hitting an emotional pang,

new vows for the season,

excitment, thrill and hope,

turn the page,

we shall,

but also past laurels and not just worries,

wink at the light,

loosen up,

the stage is no batte ground,

just fill the blank pages,

no compulsion,

laze around,

dance wildly,

remove the fear,

perhaps the only resolution,

unfetter yourself,

stop making the heavy promises,

as the clock struck midnight,

just be,

happy and jolly,

Happy New Year 2018



Spotting an ex: How to stay cool and ease out!

Running for cover to hide behind dense foliage as if the enemy camp has burst your bubble in real time war zone. Relax! You've just spotted your ex in a party or friends' reunion post the break-up period. Awkwardness can and will creep in. Wrack your brains. Woah!

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First thing first, there is no choice left and you cannot possibly flee the spot as if you are the Kohinoor thief. Breathe in and out. Just say a formal hello and flit through the group, asking her well-being and move to other people. Don't give the impression that he or she is making you awkward. It's fine. People get into relationships and break up. As it is, you were not planning to spend the entire existence with them. Just loosen up and enjoy your drink.

Secondly, take a friend into confidence. Such an emergency situation calls for a friend and screw up all ego trip, just tell them there is a certain awkwardness and no lame joke on both of you for onlookers will be watching. Who knows? This friend may just wrestle you to the bar to enjoy drinks introduce you to singles-in case you are interested, and dancing madly to distract your focus from the past man or women.  You can hit on hot singles at the bar. The close buddies are often the saving grace to make this thing call awkwardness disappear.

Thirdly, don't drink too much. Alcohol can work wonders on the mind like fuse where you may end up as a fool in front of the ex by indulging in silly antics or raking up old demons. Remember the ex is now Uncle Sam or Agony aunt who is watching to take sadistic pleasure in making you an asshole in front of people. Mind you, if it's a terrible break up, he or she would never miss an opportunity to get even with you by spreading news that a sloshed ex turned lover again turned fool wanna wear her stilettos.

Fourth, don't try to be over-friendly. Old flames are like the raging fire in the forest. It doesn't take time to ignite a spark. Be civil and charming. Don't try to be overfriendly with each other for it's such a horrible idea to have a fling with an ex or getting back since such things doesn't really work post that stage. Just ask about each other and move to greener pasture.

Finally, let your hair down and dance as if there is no tomorrow. You are not making a point to anyone and certainly not to the ex but treating yourself with booze and dance for don't they say, 'Dance till you drop'. Dancing is therapeutic and helps to flush out any emotional pang, anger, anxiety or strange feeling at his or her sight. That way, the ex-lover will see that you are neither missing them nor holding to ill feelings.