Fiction: The impermanence of everything

The door yanked open. A ruffle of wind in burst almost pushed the skinny body jerking upward and backward, the balance tilted just in time by the semi brown classic shoes, hand glued to the wall. The legs became numb and a burning sensation rippled through the skin as cold wave seeped through. Mike lost his way and wandered aimlessly like the night's vagabond, emptying a bottle of Vodka quenching his thirst and warming the body in the frozen winter. Alcohol washed all the pains and troubles of a broken marriage.

A floor littered with fags end, crumpled papers, alcohol bottle whose stench wafted in the dimly lit room and thick dust which would make anyone ran away. He liked it that way, the obnoxious smell of everything, the tiny bed lying in a corner and black and white TV in this garbage called a room. No one to make love to after the wife of ten years slapped the door and a lawsuit on him for his alcoholic ways or the apple of his eyes, the only two-year-old daughter adopting a new father to disown her legitimately, natural one.

The saga continued uninterruptedly like the monsoon in the city for days, weeks and months, cheap alcohol, cigarette, drugs and a new girl every night. The doting father has turned into a pleasure seeker, destroying every moment of his life every moment till the monsoon washed the entire building that crumbled and collapsed. Like every resident of the old building, there was no sign of Mark who the world told swam in blood coalesced into the angry water to meet his end. He became history. The heavy rain washed his pain and trauma which no alcohol, fags or women could do.

On the banks of Vanarasi, sat a white man adorned with wooden amulets, flower garlands and ring as the conch blew for the evening arati lighting up the old city. An old friend could recognize the fresh face behind the unkempt beard and dressed in saffron robe who whispered into his ear, "Dead to the world, how can you fool me, Sadhu Mark?" The Sadhu remain unaffected and gently touched the shoulder of the stranger, "You may be the friend to a certain Mark who died six months ago in the heavy rain. Nothing is permanent, my son and belongings are just an illusion, sex, love, life, and property. Bondage is the biggest lie. Go ahead for the arati."

The Sadhu went into his world of trance and no protest from an old chum would perturb him from his task. He was a changed man with a new identity, sprinkling blessings on travelers and visitors. The saffron-clad religious man got up, trotted his naked feet and took a dip in the Ganga.


Shower of envy

A wedge in the soul and heart,
ever heard of an empty cup!
fill it with happiness,
whip a cake of passion,
standing alone,
that’s alright,
drench in the rain,
swirl the lip with water,
taste it,
a shower of envy,
wipe the worries and trouble,
the water of life,
soaking the sand carrying our burden,
to make it light,
design this heaven on earth,
water is lead,
rinse pessimism,
lead life and love.



The 'I' commandments of life

1. The 'I' residing in me shall sparkle with divinity and practice oneness with the cosmic energy.

2. I shall stop being so conscious and over think about my acts, letting loose and embracing body, mind and soul.

3. I am and only I matter and nothing else.

4. I shall never be afraid of failure and take risks while plunging inside the deep waters.

5. I shall harbor no prejudice for the human race, religion and ethnic, countries or lesser humans be it people with different sexual orientation, political and cultural beliefs.

6. I shall fight till the end to conquer, and no spoken words or defeatist purpose shall overpower or distract me towards my goals.

7. I shall be graceful and not hold anything in spreading love, happiness and light to the world.

8. I shall always take pride in being who I am and no society rules can ever fuck my mind or alter deeply seated beliefs, values or ideologies.

9. I shall dance to my tunes, compose music for my senses and act in the movie of a life designed by myself.

10. I shall take things easy, unburden myself from worldly pleasures and make free love to my soul spreading in the universe like virus.


Coffee and spilled secrets

Coffee mate,
Where art thou!
sexy conversation,
sensor to the brain,
moment of truth,
imaginary friend and coffee,
mug cusped to the face,
brain concocting countless stories,
painting expression,
 humans and their sordid tales,
slathering colors to the canvas,
ears wide open,
preening on secrets spilled out,
who says coffee is alone time?
Tale of a dog’s sniff,
morning raga,
nothingness and immense,
coffee date with me,
is the uncensored book,
of the strangers’ darkest secrets.


Intimate secret

Curly tresses slithering my face,
scent of her jet black hair,
a peck on her forehead, face and neck,
killing time,
it ain't love,
pink lip,
intense eyes,
tight hug,
our bosoms met,
adrenaline rushing,
electrifying spurt,
rich encounter with the fiesty woman,
wearing innocence,
naked finger,
i faked an orgasm,
the ring lost,
we drop everything,
for pleasure,
in anger,
reaching a limit only ghouls could dare,
mesmerizing beauty,
she captured my senses,
i am knocked down,
as my hands touch her flawless skin.


the mirror of thoughts!

The mirror,
my shadow,
painting colors to my shade,
the real,
and unfiltered me,
the only place I cannot hide,
hold the mirror,
i wear myself,
chuck out the cloak,
putting self doubts to bed,
naked soul comes alive,
no fear of being judged,
face the ugly,
go uninterrupted,
no censor of words or thoughts,
fancying this hot woman,
say it to the mirror,
a sin is no sin.


One liners and words! Come and play!

Words fascinate me endlessly.  I am in awe of creative folks who can come with the zaniest tags, smart poetry in the form of humor or concocting stories in one or two lines and get swayed by the liquor of thoughts. Of late, been trying my wordplay on Facebook to post as my status and shall try some quirky fun on this blog but unsure it would have the desired impact on super creative minds. Let's go:

1. Coffee was steered to perfection till I realize the grains were coalesced in the sink's water stream.

2. You told me to stop loving you because there was someone better than the best.

3. During the climax, we practised foreplay that fizzled and popped like the balloon bursting like gum.

4. The hapless goal keeper looked for the ball inside his pocket when it lay inside the net.

5. The time she took to smile at me, my love letter was already inside the bin.

6. I sweated and trudged to reach the top of the tree to pluck the last apple only to realize Adam and Eve wolfed it to bliss.

7. They were spared for loving passionately and now counting stars in the sky.

8. There was no one before and after you till I found your bestie.

9. A kiss melted the lips for there was no ice cream to quench the thirst.

10. I wasn't a virgin till I flew in Virgin Atlantic.

Shake it off

There is no time...

to fall in love,

start all over again,

chase away fears,

conquer dreams,

climb mountains.


it's NOW,

live in the moment,

never been kissed,

a lover pushing you to the wall,

making raw love,

just do it,

scream on the top of the voice,

move mountains,

shake off the rooted trees,

release the energy and hidden emotions,

flirt with danger,

tread on the scary boulders,

jump in the cold waters,

conquer and fly high,

tell the thoughts not to disturb,

for there is no whys!