Tragic life, Berserk world and horrifying tale

What's the world we are living turning into? This question often popped to my mind and it got validated when I heard the 'alleged suicide' of the wonderful, cute, sweet and talented Jiah Khan of the 'Nishabd' fame. If that was not enough fodder for thought, all major TV channels in India carried the horrifying reports of parents who confined their own beautiful daughter in a room for four years. I mean, what kind of parents does that to their own daughter? Are they really humans or deserve to be called human beings in the first place?
We are living in a crazy world, driven by neck-breaking competition where we set sky-rocketed ambitions, objectives and expectations. There is nothing wrong with that and it's legitimate to nurture big dreams to seek fulfillment. It is tragic when somebody as beautiful and talented as Jiah Khan who impressed everyone with her dream debut and charged up performance opposite Amitabh Bachchan had to end in this way. It makes the heart sad when dreams die so young and in the embryo. It is natural ask whether our generation cannot cope with stress and battling life as well as complex love relationship. Why is it that we crack up so easily in life? Is there a beautiful life after death? What goes into our mind and how we fail to face the grim realities of life?
How come someone who had everything going for her, fueled with a dream debut opposite Amitabh Bachchan and acting with superstars like Amir Khan and Akshay Kumar took such extreme and drastic steps? It is very rare for a young girl to bag a huge project opposite Amitabh Bachchan and holding her might by matching the histrionics of the superstar step-by-step in a movie classified as meaningful cinema is no child play. Then, why?  Have we become so exposed to emotional vulnerability as human beings?

These are questions that I may not get a clear and concise answer to. They may remain completely shrouded in mystery. Life in itself is complex and can be described as a smoke screen. However, we should not judge the likes of Jiah Khan who may have undergone emotional, personal and professional trauma. The human mind is fickle and it is so easy to judge somebody. But, it is also a fact that we are not Jiah Khan, Viveka Babajee, Nafisa Joseph, Divya Bharti, Manmohan Desai, Kunal Singh, or, for that matter, Guru Dutt and we don't know what they faced in life or what they went through. It is sad when I see so many people condemning Jiah and it sucks coz they don't know what she has gone through and certainly, they are not living her life. It is sad to say that a trend has been observed in the film or modelling industry where quite a few suicides took place. It is a worrying trend because it doesn't happen just in the film or fashion industry. In every single profession, such kind of tragedy happen and perhaps, the youth should have a stronger in-built support system in terms of family and friends. The strong support network should be able to note the signs and pouts of depression in a person. What about a film industry launching a support system to counsel members of the fraternity and young, talented people who are struggling to gain a presence in the world of films or fashion? It's not just the red carpet or glamor that matters but talent and human lives. May Jiah Khan find peace in her last and final journey of life and she will be remembered.
I was horrified in the morning when I switched on Headlines Today where a young,educated and pretty girl was jailed in her own house in Bangalore for four years by her own parents in the most abject and inhuman conditions. What is worse is that the parents have kept her naked and only a white sheet was draped on her body. It was not just shocking, horrified but simply unacceptable. What have we turned into? Even, the aggressive tiger sacrifices its own life to protect its cubs! I mean, what right do these parents have to do such a heinous act to their own child? Does the mother who carried the young daughter in the womb has no heart? I mean, this world is so fucked up and I am horrified to see such tales of violence. We had the Arushi Talwar case and the young Preeti Rathi who died yesterday after somebody threw acid on her at Bandra station. The guy is still absconding and what make matters worse is that the railway police did not really helped the victim.
Do we have the right to call ourselves human beings and animals are far better than us. We are living in crazy times where stress is taking its toll on us where we do not feign to kill the 'self' and we are subjected to violence by human beings like us. What has the world has got itself into? These are questions and can anybody provide an answer to the life we've gotten ourselves into.

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