From the Time Traveller's Desk

Time flies! It's already the last date of the fifth month of 2013 and as I look back, I couldn't hold on time unlike The Time Traveller's as the clock of Time walked past my nose. In the nick of time, so many things happened as I couldn't sit back and mull over things..well, 1st January is the thing of the past and sometimes back I was a journalist as I left two jobs back-to-back.
As I sit down, trying to jot this post, I am reminded by Megs that today is World No Smoking Day as I try to live and breath free without smoking. Let's see for how long I can survive for smoking and will try to minimize fags if I can't survive for long. Right now, lying on the couch, chatting with a friend and blogging, I've been having lotsa cuppa coffee and tea since I am lazing at home, minus a job and blogging extensive as I keep hopping from wordpress.com to blogspot.com. Writing is an activity that gives me fulfilment and where any form of tiredness I may face is miraculously cured. I wonder whether I will be able to do another job devoid of writing. As they say, once a writer always a writer.
Lotsa things been happening this month as I decided to break free from Facebook which was such a bane in my life. I felt that I am being imprisoned by the social networking site that offers nothing new and one day I woke up, saying, okie no Facebook for a month and de-activated my account. I may be back after a month and enjoying every moment of being free of this social networking site. I feel at peace and full of life, minus the activities of people and their status updates. Honestly, it's a relief being out of touch for a while. I am enjoying the solitary life I have confined myself to.
At times, one need the solitary confinement free of people's status updates, their relationship status an what they are up-to with pictures of pets and all. I am toying with the idea of penning an e-book of poem, in addition to my rom-com that I am writing since the e-book hardly cost a dime, except for the design and lay out on the cover. Hopefully, I should be able to pen the 80 to 100 pages books in three months at least. Will try to write a nice poem, aaj as the starting point.
It's been days since I haven't watched a movie on DvD and think today, will catch some movie plus reading a book. I took almost two months to wrap up Vikram Seth's family history 2 Lives. I got another book BPO Sutra on life in a call centre to finish, will read some feature and lifestyle articles plus work out on my novel. Guess, this is how Friday will end and hope things will culminate on a beautiful note.
Till then, take care, ciao and we will meet in June only.
With Lotsa Love and Hugs.
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